In our job (writing pop songs), Theo and I work with an almost unspoken acceptance of the roles we have slipped into over the years. (…) the strengths of one person compensating for the weakness of the other, to form something balanced.
Like most relationships, I realised we have a quite odd but nonetheless fortunate chemistry between us that extends beyond chords and the pursuit of hooks.
Hurts is a perfectly equal fruition of two personalities and skillsets that alone would be aimless and raw but that when put together forge something potent and unique. There’s never been a power struggle because the band could not exist without one another. We rely on each other and need each other in order to succeed.” - Adam Anderson [+]



Adam Anderson:  “Being on this rollercoaster journey alone would definitely drive anyone quickly to insanity. To be frank, there is no one else I would rather be sharing this success with.“
Theo Hutchcraft:  “We work well together and we even lived together for many years. We know what we like in the music we create. We have grown to need each other. Today with all the travel and success, it really helps to have a friend you can trust to share it all!”


🎉Adam Richard Wiles - 32 Today🎉

Happy birthday to the Dj God, Calvin Harris! We love you so much and I wanna say thank you for being inspirational and hella cute! You are exceptionally talented and put on mind blowing shows.

Your success inspires people all over the world and you are so loving - as a fan of yours I am totally in love with you and Taylor as a couple! Well done for blocking out all of the negative people who want to try and ruin what you have because it is purely amazing 💕

Lots of love Vicki and the fandom(s)