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Horizon Lines, Volume and Infinity
  • Horizon Lines, Volume and Infinity
  • Defiance, Ohio

Defiance, Ohio - “Horizon Lines, Volume and Infinity”

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Midwest folk punk mainstays Defiance, Ohio dropped their first new music since 2010’s Midwestern Minutes this week, in the form of two new tracks on their bandcamp page. “Horizon Lines, Volume and Infinity” is the highlight of the two – a breezily chugging folk rock number that seems to take a very large influence from band member Theo Hilton’s other project Nana Grizol

Very little of their punk roots comes through on this track, but that’s probably for the better. Hilton’s songwriting contributions have always been on the gentler side of Defiance’s output, and this track is quickly standing out to me as one of his best yet. In both Defiance, Ohio and Nana Grizol, Hilton’s lyrics consistently manage to conjure up wonderful dream-like thoughts in my head. Even the title of this song alone makes me think of a beautiful, perfect summer day. The rest of the lyrics, along with the perfectly mixed acoustic and electric guitars, only serve to clarify that image.

“Horizon Lines…” and the other new song, “Bad Ideas,” comprise the first pair of new tracks to be released in honor of Defiance, Ohio’s 10th anniversary as a band. The band will release two more pairs of songs (making for 6 new songs total) on the next two Fridays.

EDIT: This just reminded me that The Great Depression is one of my favorite albums ever. I’m going to listen to that now and get nostalgic for two years ago.


Stream “Horizon Lines, Volume and Infinity” above, and download it at their bandcamp page. “Bad Ideas” is also available for download HERE.


Rosanonymous - The Figurehead (“Hunter, Stop Being An Asshole”)

This song is about coming to terms with my body as a trans woman. While performing it Sunday night, I unfortunately had to interrupt the song to call out this asshole named Hunter who was harassing my friend.

Broken Cityscapes
  • Broken Cityscapes
  • Nana Grizol
  • -2008- Love It! Love It!

Nana Grizol - Broken Cityscapes

And sure we all get hurt sometimes
And sure we all feel ashamed
But if our friends can’t help us through these things
I don’t know what friendship means
And I don’t know just what it is I’m trying to say

  • Nana Grizol

we were born on a moving train, 
we took form in the pouring rain, 
we try hard, but come short of explaining 
that lives are for living and hearts are for changing. 

Forget, an instant, to stay the same! 
Not us nor mountains go as they came! 
All the things we’ll refuse to be framed in 
From what we’ve been given to what’s rearranging.

  • Attraction
  • Theo Hilton, Toby Foster, and Ryan Woods
  • Theo Hilton, Toby Foster, and Ryan Woods

Attraction- Theo Hilton, Toby Foster, and Ryan Woods

the first time that I told someone i was nearly blacked out drunk
at some party in Missouri I never should’ve gone to in the first place

  • Tennessee
  • Theo Hilton, Toby Foster, and Ryan Woods
  • Theo Hilton, Toby Foster, and Ryan Woods

theo hilton, toby foster, ryan woods  - tennessee

i wish i could explain to all of you feeling of watching these three amazing artists talk about the issues behind this song, and then perform their hearts out.

  • Blackbox
  • Nana Grizol
  • "Ruth"

Song Of The Day:

Nana Grizol - “Blackbox”

This song means a LOT to me, these are some of my favorite lyrics from it.

“You fell in love with the sunshine, you took a walk with a boy, you spent half a year on the verge of tears just cause nothing ever feels like it did before. So now I understand if you’re bitter; frankly sometimes I do feel the same.It’s amazing how in your own hometown the comfort and the pain well, they just grow.”

“You got caught up in some crazy current, now it seems we speak completely different languages but you’ll always be as beautiful as the moment that we met”

“Don’t feel so alone, love yourself and you shall do no wrong.”

  • Tennessee
  • Theo Hilton, Toby Foster, & Ryan Woods
  • Theo Hilton, Toby Foster, & Ryan Woods

Theo Hilton, Toby Foster, & Ryan Woods - Tennessee

This is a Toby Foster song from a collaborative albumTheo Hilton (Nana Grizol, Defiance, Ohio), Toby Foster, and Ryan Woods (Defiance, Ohio, Pink Houses) team up to record new, acoustic versions of Nana Grizol, Defiance, Ohio, and Toby Foster songs, as well as a few entirely new ones.

Listen! Download! I like all of the people involved in this.