Theo Hilton

Theo Hilton, Toby Foster, and Ryan Woods

Toby Foster - Tennessee (Acoustic)

And you said you didn’t have it all that bad, and I said I didn’t have it all that bad

But I snuck off to parking lots, and playgrounds after dark, my parents’ basement while they were asleep. 

I didn’t talk with a lisp. I dressed like all the straight boys did. I didn’t talk about who I had kissed


Ryan Woods, Theo Hilton, Toby Foster


“It should be unlawful to live where you can’t see the stars”

Attraction/Theo Hilton, Toby Foster and Ryan Woods

the first few times i kissed you
we were on playgrounds after dark
i was too afraid to walk with you to class
the next day

the first time that i told someone
i was nearly blackout drunk
at some party in missouri
i never should have gone to
in the first place

i was ashamed
lying naked in my basement with the lights off
and some stupid record on

i was afraid
for some stupid reason
of what people would say

but now i know that

there’s more to a person than a body part
there’s more to pink and blue than what we’ve grown accustomed to

my heart
than just pump blood
and attraction isn’t anything
to be ashamed of

yeah, attraction isn’t anything
to be ashamed of

Broken Cityscapes
Nana Grizol
Broken Cityscapes

Nana Grizol - Broken Cityscapes

And sure we all get hurt sometimes
And sure we all feel ashamed
But if our friends can’t help us through these things
I don’t know what friendship means
And I don’t know just what it is I’m trying to say


Rosanonymous - The Figurehead (“Hunter, Stop Being An Asshole”)

This song is about coming to terms with my body as a trans woman. While performing it Sunday night, I unfortunately had to interrupt the song to call out this asshole named Hunter who was harassing my friend.

Nana Grizol

we were born on a moving train, 
we took form in the pouring rain, 
we try hard, but come short of explaining 
that lives are for living and hearts are for changing. 

Forget, an instant, to stay the same! 
Not us nor mountains go as they came! 
All the things we’ll refuse to be framed in 
From what we’ve been given to what’s rearranging.