Then I'll say something about OTPs


The slight difference in Gideon’s face after the two very contradicting statements Jude threw at him, made me a little giddy.

Ever start saying something and then pause because u forgot the last word but what you were saying still makes sense w/o it? For example:
My babies (I don’t mean literal babies I mean like ya know characters) are fucking…
I meant to say ‘fucking precious’ but I paused because I’m an idiot and I forgot the word precious for a sec but I mean it makes sense w/o the precious anyway

Hater: I have something to say about your ships.

Me: Hold that thought.


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Me: Okay, go ahead.

  • me: *suddenly ships (otp)*
  • me: You know what? I should search for cute pictures/headcanons of them! To brighten up my day! :)
  • me: *scrolls through the otp tag*
  • hater post: *exists*
  • me: Yeah, I'll just skip that.
  • more hater posts: *still exists*
  • me: :) Anytime now. :):)
  • hater posts: *aren't stopping*
  • me:
  • me: I should say something to prevent rude comments about my otp.
  • me: *posts a post*
  • hater reblog: lmao no
  • me: :) ? (: ¿ (: ? :) ¿ ? ¿

i feel like the zhurick scene last episode was a really good example of a character saying “i love you” without ever actually saying “i love you”

and i can’t stop thinking about how much i need korra and asami to get something like that, just a little moment of “you are the most important thing in my life”