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Luke dating a girl with long hair ( requested)

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anonymous said :  Luke dating a girl with long hair

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Having long hair was a absolute nightmare. As much as you loved having them left along until your waist, washing it and combing it until it was smooth enough bothered you every day, especially when it was hot and everyone was sweating bullets. The only thing that stopped you from chopping a solid 12 inches off for charity was Luke loving your hair. Whenever you guys were cuddling, he’d play around with your hair or tie it up into a bun for you so he could massage your back. Despite him disagreeing with Michael who constantly suggested wild colors that would suit your long hair, deep down he secretly thought that every color would suit you. He’d make sure your hair wasn’t tangled as well and if there was a tangled knot that you couldn’t drag or reach the hair brush to, he’d brush it open for you. Luke often suggested that he’d condition your hair with the massive bag of hair products he owns, making your hair silky and putting all these expensive oils in your hair and blow drying it and by the end of the day, he would be naming himself your personal hair stylist. 


You had been reading this book all week, ever since Isabelle had recommended it to you. It proposed all kinds of fun and exciting things to do in the bedroom with your partner, and while you blushed your way through a few sections and outright skipped other sections, you weren’t completely opposed to trying out a few things with (or on) Simon. 

“How would you feel about tying me up in bed sometime?” You said one night as you were cleaning up your dinner dishes. 

Simon, who had been casually washing a cup before your sudden admission, dropped the glass and spun around to face you. 

“I wh-what?!” he stuttered.

“Or I could tie you up,” you said casually, “I’m not opposed to either honestly.” 

He stuttered and choked for a few seconds before he settled on a furious blush and wide eyes. 

“Is that something you want?” He said calmly, despite his heated cheeks.

You smiled cheekily, “Yeah.” 

“Alright then.” he said, and began stripping in the middle of the kitchen, “First time for everything, huh?”

“Woah woah put your clothes back on!” you said, “I didn’t mean right now!”

He ignored you and took off shirt and moved toward you, picking you up bridal style and carrying you towards your shared bedroom. Curse his vampire strength.

“Simon!” you yelled, but you were laughing. 

He gave you a shit eating grin, “Are you saying you don’t want to have sex right now?”

“Well I certainly didn’t say that.” 

“Thought so.” he said and proceeded to drop you on the bed. He pushed you onto your back and moved to hover over you, dropping kisses on your neck and shoulder.

“I’ve seen that book you’ve been reading, “he said huskily, “And if I’m gonna let you tie me up, I wanna try a few things out myself.” 

You gasped lightly and he captured your lips in a heated kiss. 

The following week you couldn’t thank Isabelle enough for the recommendation and asked where you could find some comfortable hand cuffs.