Then I ate a donut

the first time my boyfriend and I had sex we bought half a dozen donuts beforehand and ate them all before doing anything sexual and our relationship is perfect basically

anonymous asked:

confession: one time i ate five donuts in one morning because i didn't want the rest of my family to have them

that’s amazing and I salute you

Day 1: At Boxing Workout Place

Woooo!  I know, I know, not lgbt/feminism/other stuff I post BUT I went to this boxing workout place and I feel amazing.  The people working there would do a warm up, hardcore boxing, then a cool down and THEY WERE SO COOL.  They were so helpful and OMFG some of them are straight-up BADASS AS HELL.  I’m just super happy lmao, I’m lame.  

Ah!  But the instructor, while we were warming up with stretches, said, “I know for the taller guys it’s a bit harder, but for shorter guys, like me, it’s not too bad” AND HE LOOKED STRAIGHT AT ME LIKE WHAT THANK YOU FOR RECOGNIZING MY EXISTENCE AND MY GENDER YES YES YES

I’ve just had a wonderful day haha