Then I ate a donut

I ate 2 Boston Kreme donuts instead of a protein smoothie and yogurt and tbh now I feel sad. what you put into your body really does affect your mood

If you have spent any time around males you have noticed they need to be supervised at all times like little fucking kids. i would trust my 4 year old sister to supervise my dad rather then the other way around. Like leave him alone in target and its like ‘oops all our money is gone haw haw but the new video game is so awesome haha’ or leave him alone in the donut shop and its like 'oops i ate a dozen haha why cant i lose any weight hahaha’

anonymous asked:

Haber vs tener in any of the past or future tenses. I get confused because they almost seem interchangeable especially in the past tense. Thank you, love your blog

Remember that “haber” is used to support a participle to form the perfect tense. For example: he ido (I have gone), he comido (I have eaten). When you conjugate “haber” to the past tense, you get “hube” or “I had.” 

To say “I had eaten three donuts” in Spanish, it would sound like this, “Yo hube comido tres donas.” You would not say, “Yo tuve comido tres donas.” So I’m not sure how they might be interchangeable in the past tense. 

Honestly, nobody speaks this way in either English nor Spanish. We might say, “I ate three donuts” in the US; “Me comí tres donas” in Latin America; or “He comido tres donas” in Spain.

“Tener” is used to show possession. “I had three donuts this morning” would translate to “Tuve tres donas esta mañana.” Notice how “tuve” is followed directly by the object being had and not by another verb.

Read my Stop Trying to Figure It All Out article. This is a perfect example of how to drive yourself crazy trying to figure it all out. I went a little crazy myself trying to figure out how to best answer this question. 

Your Spanish studies will be more enjoyable and effective with this approach. Thank you for your question and for following the blog. 


Today was so cool:

- got these tote bags in, am stupid happy with how they turned out
- finalized some other cool (currently secret) product stuff
- hand-printed a little under half of the 2nd press reverie grey insert sheets
- finished another 6" embroidery
- packed and shipped orders
- went into the shop for a few hours
- tattooed a black rose on my leg that I’m really stoked on
- ate a voodoo donut at midnight
- am curling into bed an hour early with wine and comics and my family

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scoops him up before he can even blink, sets him on the kitchen counter and steps between his legs, arms braced on either side of him. leans real close, eyes half-lidded with a dopey sort of smile on his face while brushing their noses together. "You're home early."

    he quirks an amused eyebrow at barry literally lifting him up and setting him down on the kitchen counter– but he immediately grins against barry’s smile, an easy and practiced expression, almost lazy in its slow emergence. 

    ❛ that’s ‘cause i’m absolutely crazy for you and i can’t stay away for long. ❜ he presses a hand to his chest with a thespian flourish, corners of his mouth getting sharper as his grin unfurls even more. barry rubs his nose against his and hal almost lets out a stupidly delighted chuckle, but he holds it in before he can ruin his reputation of a tough space cop– though, barry somehow manages to ruin it daily and hal doesn’t even mind. he closes his eyes when barry’s hand brushes against his cheekbone with fondness and hal wraps legs around his waist, tugging him closer and bumping their foreheads together. long eyelashes shiver with glee before hal opens eyes again, brown gaze connecting with the blue one, and cranes his neck to press a light kiss against barry’s jawline. his face almost hurts from grinning so much, but hal can tell that he will never get tired of having someone be so happy to see him back on earth. 

      ❛ and also i may or may have not kicked some major ass. ❜ well, HE HAS. hal really doesn’t get why guardians even bother sending someone else than him to deal with the most dangerous interstellar threats– though, now that he’s thinking about it, it does give him more time with barry. his hand places itself on barry’s side and he gently slides it up and down in small, affectionate movements. ugh, he’s getting so domesticated.

   ❛ i can tell you all about it… once you get us some food because i am starving. ❜ he hums with deep appreciation for his brilliant idea and plants another quiet kiss on barry’s skin, his legs pulling him even closer. good to be home, he thinks when barry wraps arms around him, fingers kneading into the leather of his jacket.