someone and pixiedust-paycheck tagged me for 6 selfies (sorry person i forgot <3)

there were a lot of selfies i wanted to put on this because lets face it, i’m in love with myself, so here are some that mean a lot to me.

There’s Zach and I at Seaworld doing our usual on the fly adventuring, then the time Katie and I made the terrible mistake of agreeing to a Marvel Movie Marathon (it’s an experience that bonds you for life), the formation of The Leakage with Alex and Katie and the real starting point to an amazing friendship with two amazing people, Dapper Day with Katie and Katie who did literally everything they could to keep me from having a miserable time even though I was giving plenty of reasons, my cat Agent who is literally my baby and possibly the light of my life

and then there’s the last photo of me in costume working for Disney, which has been the last four years of my life. 

so five selfies of with people who i love dearly and one of just me right before I took my life back.  

i’d like to tag a ton of people but I’m just gonna tag wishesdreamadream cause i went through 11 pages of her blog to make sure she hadn’t done it yet 

themeparkzach  asked:

ARE WE PLAYING 99 THINGS? 99 Custodians

99 custodians walk into a bar and the bartender says HEY NO CUSTODIANS IN HERE and they look at him and say “why not” and he says CAUSE YOU COMPLETELY CLEANED ME OUT LAST TIME