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Fresh Prince Theme Song - 1/9


The first trailer for the second Shingeki no Kyojin Live Action Film Shingeki no Kyojin:End of the World has been published!

The film will be screen in theaters in Japan September 19th!

Update: Australian film distributor Mad Max Entertainment has uploaded a fully English translated version of this trailer. The trailer features the film’s theme song SEKAI NO OWARI’S “SOS”. 


so no one told you life was gonna be this gay

And       all       the      kids       cried        out,
                                                              “Please     stop,      you're      scaring      me.
                                                              I      can't      help      this      awful      energy
                                                              Goddamn right, you should be scared of me
                                                              Who              is                in              control?


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Outfit inspired by: G.Dragon in Big Bang “Let’s Not Fall In Love” MV.


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I really adore the colors in this MV. They’re faded a little fuzzy. It makes video to looks more romantic and suits the song theme.

For GD’s outfit I chose greyish blouse instead of printed blue one. With pair of nice sneakers and comfy shorts it’s good outfit to wear it during September, when days are shorter and colder than in summer.

Next in line for a true character theme, mood, and battle music playlist is Super Strawberry! Music is pulled from various OSTs. (There are 8 total songs. 8track likes to autoplay a random album after that so heads up.)

Strawberry Fields - Ehlika’s “OST”

For Ehlika, her motif focuses on an over all “light and sunshine” feel with the use of major chords. This feeling is definitely pinpointed through the use of the flute and other woodwinds, acoustic guitar. and peppy tempo.

The order is: 3 theme songs, 3 battle songs, 2 mood/situational songs.

This is your weekly reminder that Beth Greene is not “another dead girl”, that the music box works, that the theme song played at the end of Coda, that there was no burial, that Maggie hesitated before opening the trunk, that one can survive a headshot, that the best way to survive it is to get to a hospital as soon as possible, that here’s a 17 day gap between Coda and Them and that BETH GREENE IS ALIVER THAN ME

Never Going Back

Title: Never Going Back

Pairing: Reader x Daddy!Dean

Word Count: 4,257

Warnings: Abuse

Theme Song: Safe & Sound by Taylor Swift ft. The Civil Wars

Request: Can u do an imagine kind of like making promises but deans daughter gets hurt because of a demon or something so he sends her back home but her stepdad is like abusive and hits her but her mom can’t do anything so she somehow gets Sam’s phone number and tells him and asks if he can pick her up and take her away because this isn’t the life she wants for her sorry it’s so long

A/N: I realized after I posted this that I changed the request, I hope you don’t mind. I just really really liked the gif. So the song doesn’t match the fic perfectly but the general idea of it does. I hope you guys like this, please don’t read if it triggers you!


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“Y/N! Duck!” Dean shouted. You did as he said, feeling the rush of wind above your head as his knife sliced the demon’s sternum. A sharp pain shot up your leg as you stepped away and you cried out, collapsing. The demon hit the ground with a thud on your left side and your father rushed to your side. “Y/N! Are you okay?” You forced a smile and nodded. Slowly, you tried to get to your feet but shrieking as pain radiated through your left leg. It was broken. Dean stared at you in concern.

“I- My leg hurts. A lot,” you whimpered. He nodded and scooped you up carefully, supporting your leg as much as he could. Pain still laced your body and you bit the inside of your cheek so hard that you tasted blood.

“I gotcha, sweetheart. We’re gonna go back to the motel and fix you up—good as new, right?” You nodded at his words and let your head fall against your father’s chest. A whimper slipped through the lips you had pressed so hard together and black dots danced before your eyes. “Stay with me, okay? Y/N say something so I know you’re still here.”

“I-I’m here, Dad. Just hurts.” He jostled you too quickly as he pushed out the door and down the steps, and you cried out in pain. Tears leaked from your eyes and Dean kept talking to you, trying to keep you engaged so you wouldn’t go unconscious from the pain. He shouted for Sam and suddenly you were in the backseat of the Impala and they were in the front. The car roared to life beneath you.

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OTRA Philly Recap

okay overall the boys seemed pretty happy… though at times it definitely seemed like they were just going through the motions (although i’m comparing this to otra indy which was insane)

-it was super hot, so all the boys went backstage 3+ times
-harry got hurt pretty badly when something hit him on the forehead & covered his face and took a break
-liam changed clothes 4 times
-louis changes 2-3 times
-loads of crap got thrown on stage the entire time
-the boys sang the fresh prince theme song it was amazing
-louis said he hurt his ankle because of someone throwing something
-quite a few larry signs
-my entire section started chanting “larry larry” at one point
- lot of adult fans there with friends and lots of boys there with friends (not just bfs and dads)
-lilo had a mini fight w a water gun