had a dream i was entering a “wizard-off” against taako. i only entered because i believed taako was a fictional character and therefore id win by default. i show up to the wizard-off venue: an abandoned strip mall, naturally. lines start forming. my best friends are there pumping me up. someone is massaging my arms as if im about to enter a boxing match. another goes “are you sure you’re up for this? taako is a master” and i respond with a scoff. “he isn’t coming. he would be here by now, and he’d be wearing a fantastic outfit. i dont see anybody in a fantastic outfit.” a hush falls over the crowd. i turn. there stands taako in a black ballgown, chiffon cape, and opera gloves, his ears bedazzled, his hair tied back in the tightest ponytail ive ever seen. he locks eyes with me and i die instantly.

soulmate! park jihoon
  • okay in this au you have the “you see color once you meet your soulmate”
  • and gOD do you hate this method you have because what the heck you’re a fashion and design major
  • your whole life you’ve been working with clothes in black and white and shades of gray and you had to bust your ass to get into the top university in seoul for fashion
  • whatever mythical being it was that gave you this curse basically said a massive fuck you to your hopes and dreams like rip
  • in middle and high school you would literally people-watch in different areas and different cities to meet your soulmate 
  • actually you didn’t give a fuck about who your soulmate was you just wanted to see color and work with it to produce high quality works
  • and end the shitty friend moments when you’re shopping with your pals and they go “hey should i get the blue shirt or the red one”
  • you: oh i don’t know andrea i think the slightly darker shade of fucking gray looks nicer
  • andrea: :DD
  • SO one weekend you’re looking around some stores in this mall and searching for inspiration for your next piece
  • and everything’s okay and in black and white as usual when suddenly you saw this??? strange shade???????? not in black or white???????
  • you’re SHOOK and immediately just start darting your eyes everywhere
  • and finally when your eyes land on a person at the men’s section of the store a burst of saturation and color splashes in front of you
  • and everything seems to have just…come to LIFE
  • you’re shaking because everything you see now feels like a new experience….colors that you can’t identify are everywhere you turn and you’re so EXCITED to learn the names of each
  • you turn to your “soulmate” person with tears ready to fall but suddenly
  • you: oh my sweet baby jesus
  • you: can his fashion sense be aNY SH I TT I E R
  • your jaw is like on the FLOOR and you’re absolutely appalled by the young man looking through some sweatshirts
  • in your mind you’re furiously criticizing all the choices he’s made and making 
  • you: why in the world would he pair that shirt with that vest
  • you: sweetheart that is one hell of a stupid hat you’re staring at
  • you: is he actually serious about picking that vest
  • you: what in the world did i ever do to deserve this
  • you’re fuming at this point and you’re ready to either stomp over and hit him on the head to get his senses back into place or walk away and pretend the meeting never happened
  • but then he turns around and sees you and when his eyes widen you know there’s no turning back
  • also you realize he’s really cute so
  • he walks over all shy with a hand rubbing the back of his neck and a suppressed smile to hide how excited he really is
  • he says “so….i guess…..we’re soulmates?” with pink steaming cheeks
  • it takes you like a few seconds to get over how utterly cute that was and the you’re like “yes. and your outfit is a disaster. how dare you.”
  • and that snaps jihoon out of his bashfulness and he’s just?? excUSE ME???? what the heck do you mean my shirt is suPER cute thank you very much
  • and you’re like SWEETHEART the design on that thing is utterly atrocious it doesn’t match your face at ALL
  • and that’s how you and your soulmate got into a huge argument in the middle of the store with ppl staring and taking pics
  • a few minutes later a middle aged man comes over and taps jihoon’s shoulder and says hey we gotta go you can’t stay here and act like this
  • jihoon glares at you before he turns around and leaves and you’re just HUFFS i hope i don’t see that kid ever again……..
  • literally two hours later you friends spam your phone with articles about “Wanna One’s Park Jihoon’s Intense Argument With Mysterious Person”
  • you’re on the verge of crying after realizing you bickered with a massively popular idol and your friends are like “what kind of flowers do you want us to leave at your grave”
  • you couldn’t focus on anything for a week straight and you’re so scared of stepping outside and having people recognize you so you started wearing masks and sunglasses all the time
  • it hurt your fashion common sense to wear sunglasses while it was raining but you were too terrified
  • but good thing was!!! you learned the names of all the colors you could and developed this habit of differentiating even the slightest shade like “that’s not just bLUE that’s cornflower blue with a tint of turquoise on the lower right”
  • it would only be a matter of time before you start addressing colors by their html code name lmfao
  • anyways your friends are recognize that your works are becoming a lot better and the color mixing seem smoother and more elegant than before
  • they ask you if it’s because you met your soulmate and beg you to introduce him but you know that they’d lose their shit and fall on their ass laughing if you tell them it’s actually the park jihoon you accused of having disgusting taste
  • you actually feel really sorry….like however much you hated the way he dressed you shouldn’t have criticized him like that man
  • you start researching him online and you get really interested because damn he has such a nice face
  • in your head you could conjure so many different combinations of outfits that could work fantastically with him
  • a few weeks later wanna one is doing a fansign meet and greet thing and jihoon is smiling at every fan and holding their hands and thanking them for their gifts and doing his aegyo
  • and suddenly…..he sees YOU right in front of him with your deep blue hat and heavy trench coat to avoid being seen
  • he flinches at first but he can’t be rude so he fakes a smile and just goes…”hi”
  • and you’re like listen….i’m like seriously sorry for that fiasco back at the store….. and you proceed to apologize several times before he’s like okay!!! i got it you’re sorry
  • and then you take out the bag you’ve been holding and hand it to him
  • “here,” you say. “i included a booklet inside.”
  • and then you just rAN OUT OF THERE like you didn’t even talk to the rest of the members who’re looking at your back like wtf was that????
  • after their schedules end and they’re at their dorms jihoon takes out the bag you gave him and sees the booklet that read “ok i know i said sorry but please take a look at the clothes i picked out for u” 
  • he’s so ready to get pissed to see you STILL criticizing his choices but then he sees all the clothes inside and the different outfit combinations drawn and written in the booklet….and he’s sOLD like these are so pretty and cute???????
  • and he tries everything on and woojin is like whoa and guanlin probably gets gayer
  • jihoon wears one set for his airport fashion the next day and all his fansites basically explode bc he reached another level of stunning
  • and his stylists and managers are like????? what the heckie HECK
  • jihoon’s all smiles and stuff and he’s….really grateful to you…..
  • like when he met you and found out that you were his soulmate he never felt more crestfallen because the relationship already looked darker than woojin’s past
  • but now…he just really wants to meet you again and thank you….and maybe talk over a cup of coffee….and just be……..a soft couple that he’s always wanted to be in……….
  • jihoon became the top search on naver for the whole week and became the reason for your smile
  • it’s the first time that your work has ever been “publicized” in any shape or form and you’re so glad it’s receiving such positive feedback
  • a while later you get an email during your lunch break 
  • and the sender is…..CJ E&M entertainment
  • they somehow figured out that you were the one who gave jihoon his clothes and discovered more of your works from blogs and stuff and now they want to hire you as a stylist for wanna one and the meeting date is….in three hours
  • you drop your cup of coffee and spRINT out of your university to catch a taxi cab
  • when you get to the meeting place at the company you realize that frick frack botta bing botta boom your hair’s a mess and you’re sweaty and you haven’t showered in three days due to your schedule and you’re in no way appropriate looking to be hired to be a person who’s in charge of making people look good 
  • but a staff sees you and is like!! come in!!!!! and you’re like welp it’s do or die
  • and the company manager and wanna one members are all in a private room waiting for you and the manager starts this speech about how he adores your sense of style and how all the members would be happy to have you as their stylist and how much they’re willing to pay you but the whole time you’re mostly sneaking glances at jihoon
  • you know how sometimes you would sneak glances at someone who just so happens to look at you at the exact same time and it gets awkward and then both of you would look away really fast
  • that happens so many time with you and jihoon but…the fourth time that it happens he stares back just three seconds longer than before
  • he blushes SO hard because of how daring of a move that was and starts fanning himself and beside him jisung is like??? it’s like 20 degrees in here what are you doing
  • and then the company manager says to you “usually we hire stylists who are married to prevent any kind of special relationship between them and the members…you’ll be an exception to our rule. but the second that we see something suspicious or that you’re violating that rule, then….well, you can guess what might happen.”
  • and you’re like wow what the heck so i’ll lose my job for getting together with my soulmate
  • and then the meeting is done and the manager goes to get you your id card and all the paperwork and everyone pre much disperses except for you and jihoon
  • it’s a bit awkward with both of you staring at the floor….and then you try to break the silence with “this sucks”
  • and jihoon laughs and just says “it’ll be fine” and he looks up at you and takes a deep breath and goes “give me your number before they come back”
  • his heart’s racing and he’s almost afraid that you’ll say no
  • and when you say yes and take out your phone he feels six weights being lifted off his shoulder
  • and his head jihoon imagines all the possibilities for you two…snuggling besides you as he watches you draw ideas into your notebooks, holding your hand and telling you to pay a bit more attention to him, and smiling when you toss your notebook away, giving in, and leaning closer to him
  • you have to shake his shoulders to wake him from his daydream lol
  • you’re like listen bud ur cute i gUESS but we ain’t gonna kiss or anything until i organize your closet
  • and that’s probably when jihoon realizes this relationship will be anything but the perfect manhwa couple he’s always dreamed of
  • and suddenly he finds himself swiftly pecking your cheek and going “yeah well i just dID”
  • you:
  • you: 
  • the other 10 members watching from a crack of the door: OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH
  • he saved u in his heart real fast

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any chance we can hear the story about you getting defrauded by the owner of the sailor moon rpg company? sounds like a story

(With reference to this post here.)

Hoo, boy.

First, some background: Guardians of Order was a Canadian outfit that was Kind of a Big Deal in the anime RPG biz back in the late 1990s/early 2000s. Apart from their homegrown anime style RPG Big Eyes, Small Mouth (or BESM for short), they also published licensed RPGs based on Dominion Tank Police, Demon City Shinjuku, El Hazard, Hellsing, Revolutionary Girl Utena, Slayers, Tenchi Muyo, Trigun, and of course Sailor Moon.

Many of these RPGs took the form of lavishly produced full colour sourcebooks that doubled as comprehensive episode guides. At the time, they were often cited as the definitive English-language references for their respective shows. (This was before Wikipedia had gone mainstream, mind.) Folks marveled at how such a small outfit could afford such fantastic production values.

The twist, of course, is that they couldn’t. It turned out that Guardians of Order had been leveraging the low value of the Canadian dollar in order to keep the prices of their books down in the more lucrative American market. When the Canadian dollar’s value suddenly rose in the mid 2000s, their entire business model violently imploded, triggering a series of layoffs that eventually reduced the company to a single full-time employee: owner Mark MacKinnon.

The shenanigans that MacKinnon got up to in an effort to stave off his company’s inevitable collapse are kind of legendary within the tabletop roleplaying hobby. He ripped off suppliers, stole inventory, withheld payment from artists and freelancers, allowed online storefronts to accept orders for products he knew would never actually be produced, and more, all while lying through his teeth that everything was going just fine.

Even when Guardians of Order had become totally insolvent and ceased all operations, MacKinnon attempted to conceal it; the fact that the company was defunct was first broken to the public by none other than George R R Martin, who had begun airing dirty laundry related to the production of the licensed Game of Thrones RPG in retaliation for MacKinnon’s fuckery.

In the end, a lot of people ended up getting hurt. Many freelancers wound up in dire financial straits due to withheld fees. One that I’m aware of was actually forced to leave the country. Customers, too; White Wolf stepped in and honoured pre-orders for BESM 3rd Edition at their own expense, but folks who’d bought anything else were simply out of luck. I’m fortunate in that I was only peripherally affected - the sums involved were comparatively nominal.

And the punchline? That wasn’t even the end of it; MacKinnon was caught skimming royalties from PDF sales of old Guardians of Order products as recently as 2013, in spite of the fact that, since the freelancers were never paid, Guardians of Order never actually owned the material in the first place.

(Really, though, don’t take my word for it alone. Let’s take a quick survey of the followers of this very blog: show of hands in the notes if you’ve been personally victimised by Mark MacKinnon!)

BTS Asking Their S/O Out

Hyung Line Ver.


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· he’d be hella confident

· he’s wear a nice outfit + his hair was fantastic

· he practiced on his unwilling maknae

· not jk, but jimin

· “hyung pls–”
· “s HH- [Name] calls me Jinnie”
· “why do i have to??????”

· “HY UNG”
· takes a bit
· just causally flirts + more puns
· “h ey, [name]?”

· “yes?”
· “what’s a burger’s favorite color?”
· you huff
· “burgundy, jin. burgundy.”

· for that, he delays asking you
· when he’s finally ready he brings flowers
· hes still confident
· but vvvvvv scared now

· “h i-”
· “fuck- yourreallyprettytoday???”
· “jin?????”
· “d ATE ME PLEASE- i mean– wanna get dinner?”


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· hes calm
· ur human
· hes human
· but like???

· ur a cuter human????
· tries not to think about it too much
· but he does
· loves you

· but hates surprises visits (not really)
· “i brought food– your favorite”
· lets you eat with him
· you both talk about random things and music

· “…hey?”
· “hm?”
· …..
· “do you wanna,,, uh,, shit.. lets go on s real date, sometime.. okay?”


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· n ervous as h E LL
· knows it too

· wants to hide his feels but maknaes got him
· “they’re a just a person, hyung–”
· g ASP

· he wants to ask u
· so he plans for a week???
· jin helps

· jungkook sees opportunities to p r a n k
· “oh, that sucks..”
· “what?”
· “[name] got a s/o.”

· things like that happens until the night he wants to ask you

· “hi[name]ispentaweekplanningthisbutijustwantedtoaskyouout”

· “oh and these flowers are yours..”

· ….

· “is that a yes..?”


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· hes not sure about asking you
· doesnt wanna ruin something good
· but he also doesnt want to he sad
· but armies????

· his band???
· everything he worked so hard for????
· just constantly thinks about asking you
· would like to talk about it

· but your that person he talks to for important stuff
· uses psychology
· “hey, [name]?”
· “hm?”

· “do you know a good place to get [favorite food]?”
· “oh, diffidently!”
· “oh, cool. maybe we should go and get some food there together this weekend.”
· sneaky ass mofo

Character/Outfit Design Analysis (Rohan Kishibe) Part 2

Continuing from part 1, we have here the magnificent specimen known as Rohan Kishibe and more of his many outfits to discuss and analyze. Let’s just dive right into it then!

The first outfit on the agenda is the outfit Rohan wears during the fight with Ken Oyanagi during the Janken Boy is Coming arc and is also the first image in this post. This seems to have become one his most iconic and most recognizable outfits in general as it’s the default costume he is wearing in both JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure All-Star Battle and Eyes of Heaven

It’s a simple outfit with a crop-top undershirt/jacket combo and slacks with shoes. The jackets and underwear both have his signature pen symbol on them, showing his dedication to his craft once more. This outfit is his signature for a reason. It’s not as flashy as some of the others, but it makes up for that by being a true testament to the kind of person he is and the fashion sense he enjoys (midriffs <3) 

Next up we have the outfit he wears during his “fight” with the Stand, Cheap Trick. It’s not really much of a fight, but it’s stressful and suspenseful leaving you guessing the entire time you watch it. Whoops, got a bit side tracked, let’s proceed.

He wears a shirt similar to the one in I Am An Alien minus the midriff (which is what helped that outfit even WORK imo…I’m biased towards midriffs if you haven’t noticed) with some very nice pants and some tall boots. He’s also rocking a pen tip necklace in the style of Flava Flav. In the image here, we can see him regretting that mistake as the rest of the outfit is actually amazing without it. 

The Highway Star arc brings another fantastic outfit our way, with this interesting one button jacket with a long shirt underneath that looks suspiciously like a dress with a collar. He wears rather slim fitting pants with some boots that give him the feel of a stylish biker (fitting since he has a bike in this arc…wait, if he has a bike…why the hell was he on the bus?)

The outfit he wears here also gives him an air of a detective in a crime novel. This, along with the general mood of the introduction with him going into the tunnel to investigate the door and window he sees there while on the bus, it feels like we’re watching some crazy insane Sherlock Holmes story.

And here we are, the final outfit and boy, what an outfit it is! During what is quite possibly one of the best story arcs in not only part 4 of JoJo’s, but in JoJo’s as a whole, the Bites The Dust arc where the group finally begins to put the pieces together to defeat the serial killer plaguing Morioh Town, Rohan drives into town to locate a lead on the whereabouts of the killer (srsly…wtf was Rohan doing on a bus? This man has a motorcycle AND A CAR!!!)

What can be considered one of his most popular outfits overall, this get-up sees Rohan with another of his not-jacket jackets that he loves wearing (they may as well just be called capes), a midriff(<3) shirt with two pen tip symbols and pants that seems like they’re connected to his tall zipper boots. A pair of rider gloves complete the ensemble and give off the impression of somebody who’s ready for business.

This outfit is a perfect one to end the series on, as it has all the makings of a super flashy last battle outfit. Sadly, Rohan doesn’t end up doing much in this arc due to the focus on Josuke finding and fighting the villain, but it still gives off the impression of a final battle everyone wants to watch. 

That about wraps it up for this post. I’ll be doing a post at a much later point about Rohan’s outfits in the side stories but I need to actually ready all of them first!! Till next time, Ciao~!!

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what's your opinion on Shimakaze's lewd design? I mean I think she'd be cute regardless of wearing a thong and miniskirt tbh

I’m with you, I think her design is adorable. Regardless of the thong and her lewd outfit. She looks just as fantastic is casual wear. Even redesigns of her outfit are wonderful.

David Pastrnak #1

Requested by Anon: Could u write some David Pastrnak smut please? U two are friends and then he finally tells u that he’s in love with u and then u know what happens😏 If u don’t do that then it could just be fluff lol I’m just so whipped right now omfg thanks

Warnings: Talk of sex, there is sex but not smut, talk of feeling self conscious and not good enough. cussing 

Word Count: 1661

Author’s note: This response was so fun!!! It was so fantastic to write! Also I didn’t actually write smut. I don’t get into step by step detail. But I do get steamy and talk about how the sex went with them :) I’m sorry :( I wish i was more comfortable writing it but I couldn’t and half of that has to be because I have never been in a sexual relationship before so I’m not really sure how it feels. But it gets steamy and it’s a fun and hot read! Hope you like it as much as I do! 

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You walked into your best friend’s apartment wearing your sexiest clubbing outfit. Your best friend was the one and only David Pastrnak of the Boston Bruins. He was wearing some black jeans and a black shirt with the sleeves rolled up, a classic European look. He stared at you for half a second longer than usual. His eyes lusted over and then flared with anger causing you to be confused. You knew David thought you were good looking, and you also thought David was good looking. It was just your friendship, two good looking people. You both were very proud of each other as if you were siblings. Except you weren’t siblings and to say if David were to ever try to push for a relationship, you wouldn’t deny him, but that was unlikely. You both were in the friend zone. “What are you wearing?” David asked with judgment laced in his voice. Your heart dropped a little. Did he not like your dress? It was your favorite outfit and the fact he didn’t approve hurt. You automatically got defensive. “No I wore this just for you and brought a something else to change into,” you sarcastically responded. When David didn’t take to that you decided to just be blunt. “Yes, I’m wearing this out. Do you have a problem with it?” You pushed. He looked you up and down again. You wondered where his mind was going. “Yes, it’s too tight and too short. We’ll have to stop by your apartment so you can change,” he said as if that was the most logical course of action to take. “I’m not changing,” your anger flaring, “I wore this for a reason. It’s my favorite. And who are you to tell me what to wear. Dad!” You added for affect. “We are going out with the team. I don’t want them to look at you and automatically think you’re a slut,” he said while his voice growing louder. You scuffed at him. How dare he, “you and I know just well that the other players’ ‘girlfriends’” you paused to emphasize what you were saying, “are going to be dressed even hotter than me. And this isn’t the first time I’ve been out with your team. They all know me.” He rolled his eyes at you. “Fine let’s go,” he walked away from you. Now it was your turn to roll your eyes.

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