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If Jai hit on you in that crazy ass outfit would you still go for it? 😍 it would take me a few minutes to recognize him honestly once I did and he was hitting I wouldn't if I should laugh or take it seriously😊 why is his chest look shaved? Nice arms tho😍 always nice hands , I'm a hands persons when it comes to guys you can tell a lot about a guy by his hands 😀

I WOULD BECAUSE HONESTLY I LOVED HIS OUTFITS. If I saw a guy which such huge arms and jacked physic in his outfit, and he came up to me, I would definitely feed into it. Jesus, for such a horrible outfit it looked fantastic on him😂

And believe me, I’m such a hands person too! Especially Jai’s. They’re so big and meaty..

I mad as hell

Woman music artists do all this shit. Outfit changes. Fantastic visuals. Dancers. The whole nine to make sure their fans have a good show.

Male music artists. All they gotta do is roll outta bed hungover from the day before looking like a foot and we think that shit is the greatest.

fantastic opening day at the renfaire!

i found someone that will be willing to commission a doublet i designed!! so i’m very excited!! they’re skilled with period accurate clothing too so it’ll probably be even better than my original concept!

My dagger’s all set and boots are all set.

I also got me a cane.
because its a fun prop
and completes my character lol

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Fashion help please! I am a middle aged, amab nonbinary genderqueer. I'm also an ordained minister. I get to be chaplain for our first Rainbow Family Camp. Doing Sunday service in the outdoor chapel. I got a rainbow tab for my clergy collar. 1/2

[cont’d] 2/2 So, longish flowing tan skirt, black clergy shirt with rainbow tab. What shoes do I wear?!? Leather sandals, sneakers, tan wingtips? Help! Does that outfit even work?

I think that outfit sounds fantastic! Honestly, any kind of footwear could work with that. I’d probably go with the sandals or the wingtips, personally, but if they’re particularly awesome sneakers that could work too.

I hope you send us a picture! :D

Always buy clothes that flatter your figure and suit your personality. Never be tempted to step out of your comfort zone unless you can carry off the look with panache.

Unlike most men, women seek attention through the way they look and liked to be admired. Wear an outfit that makes you stand out from the crowd, but only in a positive way.

Don’t be swayed by current fashion fads. Just because a garment is a must-have for this season in some people’s eyes, doesn’t necessarily mean it’s right for you.

Choose quality over quantity. Invest wisely by buying the best that you can afford, especially when purchasing classoc staple outfits. They will then not only look fantastic, but also stand the test of time.

Consider colour carefully and pick shades that enhance your skin tone, reflect your mood, and complement the occasion.

Accessories add the finishing touches to any outfit, so ensure they are as striking or as understated as your look dictates.

Be aware of which outfits are suitable for particular engagements. For example, arriving at a funeral in a canary yellow, lycra, low-cut mini dress would be frowned upon, even if you personally saw the occasion as happy, celebratory event. So always give thought to where you’re going and which outfit will be the most appropriate.

Plan your outfit ahead of time. Try on a few combinations and show them to your friends and family before the event, so that they can help you decide which one will have the most positive impact.

A polished appearance is essential. Your hair, make-up and nails all need to be preened to perfection. No matter what outfit you wear, if you haven’t washed your hair for days, have plastered your make-up on in the dark, and havr failed to re-paint your chipped nails, your fabulous outfit will not be the vocal point. Instead, people will notice your lack of grooming.

Always look after your clothes. Keep them spotless, routinely dry clean them, and hang them in the closet rather than leaving them crumpled in a drawer. If, however, any of your clothes have noticeable signs of wear and tear-yes, even your favourite dress-do not let it adorn your body again in public; instead recycle it by sending it to a thrift (charity)shop.

The struggles of being a Female in the world of cosplay and Kpop?

I just returned from KCON LA and for the most part, it was an awesome experience. Most of the pros outweighed the cons and despite a rather rocky start for me, most things ran smoothly the rest of the weekend. But something strange was made apparent to me and that was the difference between how female and male idols are seen or treated. Obviously I’m not an idol but as a guest, I was cosplaying both female and male idols over the weekend and there was a vast difference in how I was treated in both outfits.

On Friday and Saturday I cosplayed CL from 2NE1 in her Crush outfit. Sunday I cosplayed TOP from Big Bang in his Fantastic Baby outfit. While I was wearing TOP I got so many nice compliments and people coming up to talk to me and joke around a bit and it felt like normal con faire. But the strange thing was when I was wearing CL, that wasn’t the case at all. I still got to talk to a lot of people but not nearly as many. Also I have never been glared at or been given “judging eyes” so many times while wearing an outfit. Obviously I’m going to get some weird looks no matter what I wear because most of my outfits are rather eccentric and cosplay isn’t very mainstream in the kpop crowd but CL was probably 20 times the normal. Why? Was it because the outfit was more sparkly and therefore more noticeable? Was it because of my height? Did that make me more intimidating at almost 6′3? Or was it because I was dressed as a female idol in an outfit that showed a little more leg than most modest garments? Most of the glares were from women… Actually it was almost exclusively from women. The looks from the men were more leers by some Korean business men and I got catcalled a couple times.

When I was wearing TOP it was exclusively girls who wanted pictures. When I was wearing CL it was 80% guys who wanted pictures. While I was wearing TOP I was treated with respect. While I was wearing CL I was catcalled and glared at by female passerby’s. WHAT THE HELL.

The looks and catcalls won’t stop me from wearing CL again but it has really opened my eyes to a lot of issues a lot of female cosplayers have been experiencing at cons.