It has been such a wonderful month of shows and song writing for us. It feels as if every show we play has us more and more excited about the new tunes. Your responses and energy has been infectious.  So many amazing opportunities keep popping up for us…having us really ponder what these new songs mean and the possible shapes they could fill.

This is mostly just a heads up to let you all know that Ross, Adam dS, and Jess are going to Japan for 3 weeks so don’t let the lack of shows worry you. We will come back to many a exciting thing. We are hard at work & extremely stoked; perfecting new tunes, hashing out new ideas and many future prospects. Fingers crossed for the Peak Performance Project this year!

Hats of to you wonderful people, expect many an update from Japan!
All the best,
Adam dS

Local bands adapt in the digital age

Luiz Lopez

The members of Tommy Alto (top) and Their There (bottom) may barely be old enough to drive, but the two White Rock/South Surrey-based groups have performed long enough to recognize the latest changes in the music industry when it comes to the availability of music online.

With the popularity of music piracy, it’s harder than ever for any up-and-coming band to turn a profit in the music industry, but two local groups are taking on illegal downloading and other online issues in their own ways in the digital age.

Napster was dead and gone by the time South Surrey post-indie five-piece Tommy Alto and White Rock alternative sextet Their There started, but their members have performed long enough to know how detrimental piracy can be. Additionally, they’ve recognized a shift in the music business model from physical copies to free MP3s, and they’re each addressing these issues on a grassroots level.

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When I recall the first time Harley & I hit the stage I get embarrassed. I played terribly, mumbled into the microphone between songs, & was evidentially scared shitless. But from that very first show or our crappy recordings of Oasis & Radiohead songs we had support. I am so proud to be able to hold Familiar Skin in my hands six years later and say, “this is my bands album”.

It saddens me to know that some artists do not get the support they need from the get go. It is extremely rare that anyone starts painting and creates a masterpiece. Remember that every snot nosed fourteen year old playing Bob Dylan covers might eventually write a song that’ll influence you. There is nothing more important in the beginning than the lie, “you guys were great!”

So thank you for lying to us & continuing until you meant it. There is no better feeling than being on stage with my best friends, playing music from our hearts, & seeing someone new respond to it.

All the best,
Adam dS