Each year, White Rock rocks The Spirit of the Sea Festival with some of the greatest local performers around. Appearing on two separate stages, VHM’s picks for THE artists NOT to miss–


Saturday - 12pm Delaney Rose

Saturday/Sunday - 3:30 Ron Fairbairn

Saturday 6pm - The Sumner Brothers

Sunday 6pm - Their There


Saturday 4, 5, & 6pm The Jason Buie Blues Review

Sunday 3pm -   Neil Harnett (Neil Harnett Music)

Sunday 4pm - Intoxicated By Nature

Sunday 8pm Tommy Alto


“Orange Crush” by Their There

The final song from our album release…such a party. Thanks to Sebastien for getting this on film and also to Behind Sapphire, Dogwood & Dahlia, and all the lovely people who joined us on stage. This was the perfect way to top off such an amazing night.

- Adam dS

Local bands adapt in the digital age

Luiz Lopez

The members of Tommy Alto (top) and Their There (bottom) may barely be old enough to drive, but the two White Rock/South Surrey-based groups have performed long enough to recognize the latest changes in the music industry when it comes to the availability of music online.

With the popularity of music piracy, it’s harder than ever for any up-and-coming band to turn a profit in the music industry, but two local groups are taking on illegal downloading and other online issues in their own ways in the digital age.

Napster was dead and gone by the time South Surrey post-indie five-piece Tommy Alto and White Rock alternative sextet Their There started, but their members have performed long enough to know how detrimental piracy can be. Additionally, they’ve recognized a shift in the music business model from physical copies to free MP3s, and they’re each addressing these issues on a grassroots level.

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“Vines of Eden” by Their There
Track 1 off of our debut album “Familiar Skin”

You’ve become what I thought you’d become.

I don’t know what I’m gonna do without this father at my side
I don’t know what I’m gonna do when my bottle’s running dry
I’ve seen you in the eve but you’re so much prettier in the light
and when I’m finally coming home I don’t need anyone by my side
just a fire on the hearth and my sisters hand in mine

Cause when you’re inside my head
I can’t help but thinking that I’ve heard this before
And when you’re inside my brain
There’s something about it that I don’t like the feeling of

You own me and I colour you
You own me and I colour you

Cause when you’re inside my head
I can’t help but think that enough is enough
And when you’re inside my bed
I can’t help but wonder if the feelings are genuine

I own you and you colour me
and I’m tangled in these eden vines
and you struggle through these endless tides
of trying to get out of this thing together, alive


We’re so excited to share the stage with two of our favorite Vancouver bands - Dogwood & Dahlia and Behind Sapphire! This is Behind Sapphires EP release and final show before they take off to China. Be there for a grand ol’ time and to hear some of the best bands around. We will also be playing some new tunes and have a really, really, reaaaaally big announcement!!

Behind Sapphire is re-releasing the DIAMONDS EP with BRAND NEW recordings and a BRAND NEW bonus track. The band is also leaving to CHINA for 4-5 months. Please come out and celebrate at this FREE ALL AGES SHOW and grab a hardcopy of the EP.

WHERE: The Semiahmoo First Nations Bandshell @ White Rock Beach (Marine Drive and Lee Street -> close to the Washington Avenue Grill)
WHEN: April 28th, 2012 @ 7PM
COST: FREE, (Diamond EP’s will be 10$, Tee’s will be $20, and Yellow Rubber Boots will be $40)

Invite your family and your friends! Remember, weather permitting, bring a raincoat or an umbrella, we live in Vancouver! ALSO, bring your CAMERAS and PHONES, you will want to film this. ♥

We are so stoked to celebrate this unique occasion with you! See you there!!

Love always,

Behind Sapphire



Happy whatever!!

Here is the three song EP “Familiar Sessions”, recorded during the process of “Familiar Skin”. It is available for listen on our youtube channel but if you want to a FREE download you’ll have to talk to one of the band members in person or come to a show!

This is the first and newest track off the EP entitled, “Orange Crush”.

All the best & enjoy,
Adam dS