Classpect Phrases

I was in my discord chat, and someone said something that sent my brain into classpecting. I started writing simple phrases for what each class does with their aspect.

Muse: “Blank(s) is very very weak, but I understand everything about it/them, and I have to use it/them to create and raise an army against a common foe. Blank(s) will do everything in its/their power to help me succeed.”
Lord: “Nobody else can Handle Blank(s) Like I can, so I have to take absolute control, despite Blank(s) being incredibly powerful, and have always been against me, trying to stop me.”
Page: “I learned I dont have enough Blank(s), so I have to build it/them from scratch.”
Knight: “Blank(s) is/are something I hate about myself, so I put on a mask of (opposite of Blank) to keep people from knowing I have Blank(s)”
Seer: “I know a lot about Blank(s), but I have to keep myself from being distracted by (The opposite of Blank.) In order to grow and become useful.”
Mage: “Blank(s) is a/are bitch(es), but I am learning to make them/it my bitch(es).”
Sylph: “Blank(s) is/are dying, and I have always understood how it/they work(s), I have to save it/them.”
Maid: “I have to work backwards against Blank(s) to build more of it. Blank(s) will have to be fixed for this to work, but Blank(s) is working against me too.”
Bard: "Blank(s) have/has always abused me, and I have grown calloused and hateful of it, but it will soon explode in a magnificent way in myself.”
Prince: “There has always been so much Blank(s) around me I have begun destroying it wherever it shows up, but I had to learn that everyone needs a little bit of Blank(s)”
Rouge: “I always gave everyone all my Blank(s), But I have to learn it’s okay to take some Blank(s) for myself.”
Theif: “I have a natural thirst for Blank(s) and will always strive to get more, however, I had to learn not to starve my allies of Blank(s), so It doesn’t come to harm them.“
Heir: “Blank(s) has always been a large part of my life, and I always understood it/them, but I have to help it/them grow in others, because Blank(s) needs to help us grow.”
Witch: “I have grown up underneath a great being of Blank(s), however, the basis of Blank(s) needs to change in order for anyone to have a chance to survive, and I have to change it/them.”

Nice line Rouge. Did you get that from a black and white film, hoping its too old for most people to know where you stole it from?

Ugh Sonic Boom. I beg of you. Please I have my heart sold on an expressive, swashbuckling, karate-chopping, butt-whopping, echidna-swooning, world-traveling bodacious an’ classy bat lady who grows through character development with the rest of the cast.

I know it’s asking for so much but it means so much to me.


A vast castle town and a sprawling trade centre for Atania, Alterwood is a home of thief and tradesman alike. Governed by Lord and Lady Oakheart. The Oakheart family thought treated as part of the upper royal elite are originally from a long line of masons, architects and builders. This is why they have taken the castle as their sigil to remind themselves of their humble beginnings. Their rise to power however happened quickly and was well earned. The lands of Atania are wild and barbaric and have yet to be tamed. Because of this humanity has been forced to hide behind large and thick stone walls, keeping the violent beats of their land at bay.

Alterwood is known as a trade city filled with guilds in every kind of trade possible, the circular market has small tall buildings that can be rented out by traders to sell their wares. From the market trade caravans will leave and be travelling constantly along the highways between cities and often hire help to protect from Bandits, thieves and the beasts of the wild. The Atania Trade Corporation have made their home here and with their vast family connections they have spread out their links setting up a corresponding market halls in every single human city bar one. The recently built human city Edgestorm has been tasked to the youngest member of the family, Evelyn Pickett who has dropped the traditional path of the lady that most of the women in her family follow and has adopted the sword and shield, it is her dream to setup the latest market hall and slowly work her way back to Alterwood and the ATC and take over her grandfathers company.

Along with the other guilds and trade groups the famous ‘Fire Foxes’ thief guild exists somewhere in this city, though only those who are chosen or are already initiated are able to find it. Rumour in the nastier inns and back alleys of Alterwood that the Fire foxes are planning a grand heist and are seeking new initiates to help with their devious plans.


@ihaileysenpai, this is SUPER IMPORTANT for you to know! While looking at dubs of my stuff, I ran into a person on YouTube, Osar Kids, is reuploading your dubs and claiming they are theirs! They reuploaded episode one of ask Hazel as well. We should take action in this, as everyone who watches you, Hailey, knows your​ videos and voice when we hear it, and it is your dubs there’s no doubt about that! I am so freaking mad right now! 😤💢