Went to watch Venom-an overview

What I thought when I saw the trailer: “Greusome, violent, gory, scary. I’m gonna be so scared, I can’t watch this.”

What I thought when I saw tumblr’s reaction to the movie: “They always exaggerate, it’s still gotta be all those things but maybe it’s funny?”

What I thought post watching it: “Tumblr was right. I never thought I’d say it but they were 100% right and these are my boys now”

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-The symbiote designs, shit I loved them

-That whole long chase sequence!!!!

-“Mask””Copy”. “Thank you””You’re welcome”. “Aw, that’s nice””Get outta my head man”. “HOLEH SHIT”. ”Venom NO”. “Where’d you go? Where did you go””I got us”. “We’re not so different you and I””Thank you”. “Karma’s a bitch””Hi Eddie””Whoa”. The script makes me so happy honestly.

-They let Eddie react like a normal person instead of making him unaffected/sarcastic/hyper toxic macho man

-Every actor and actress in this was gold

-Eminem’s Venom is life

-Marché Central on a weekday night baby!!! We were 3 people in the theatre, it was dope! My favourite theatre bar none.

-Spider-man animated movie 5-10 minute clip after alllll those damn credits. It was a long freakin clip. Never seen that done before, they likely think it’ll fail to do something like that. Like I was gonna watch it before, no need to show half the movie in desperation.

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-Took too long to get going but I get why they did all that setup

-Not enough Riot, damn that voice and design were KILLIN it!

-Venom switched sides too fast, it was like getting whip-lash

-lmao Cletus’ design is so cartoony, they’ll likely fix that in the sequel…I hope

-Who in the fuck was paid to do those ending text credits?! Not the cool moving graphic credits before the mid-credit scene. The brick of text that followed it. They lasted like 15 minutes! Who bold, double spaces, 18pt font, and single stacks a film’s credits? It was ridiculous. I stay after every credit for every movie to respect and acknowledge everyone who worked on the film, but I felt bad staying this was so long. I told the cleanup crew that everyone picked up after themselves so they didn’t have to stay and wait for me. Fire the credit person honestly wtf

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Overall: Not perfect but Absolutely fuckin loved it all the same!

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So I was lucky enough to meet Pasek and Paul, and Val Emmich who adapted the musical into the novel. I asked them about when they decided Connor was bi and they told me they were inspired by reading fanfiction about Evan and Connor. This legitimately made me so happy. Go read the book, it really expands everything, especially Connor who deserved so much more.

It always bugs me when people describe Shakespeare’s plays as “timeless”. Yes, the plots in their broad strokes are easily adapted to any era, but the plays as written are literally the opposite of timeless. Dude was obsessed with pop culture, and practically every other line is either an obscure metatextual in-joke or a reference to something that Only 1590s Kids Will Get – that’s why the annotations are longer than the actual text!

I was talking to my sister about it last night in the car and I’ve concluded that the best movie adaptation of Hamilton would be randomly anachronistic for seemingly no reason. Like, the characters all dress like it’s the late 19th century but the props and setting change wildly.

  • It’s Quiet Uptown takes place in The Grange surrounded by historical estates and brownstones, but the entirety of The Schyler Sisters takes place in like, modern Times Square
  • The start of the Aaron Burr, Sir sequence starts in a dark period appropriate tavern and then Laurens kicks the door open carrying an actual six pack of Samuel Adams
  • Both the one v one Hamilton & Washington scenes are set in the oval office (despite the White House not actually existing yet) but the cabinet battles are set in… whatever building they were using to house the government in Philadelphia and NYC at that point
  • Hamilton’s line about “We have resorted to eating our horses” is angrily shouted into a corded desk phone that he slams to hang up
  • Phillip Hamilton interrupts an actual play in a period theatre but the ushers that show him out at the end all have flashlights
  • Farmer Refuted takes place in Central Park and the accompaniment is from street musicians, including the harpsichord
  • The hard cut to King George’s declaration has him with in the set they use for the Queen’s Christmas Speech, except instead of a photograph on the desk there’s a big portrait of Queen Victoria behind him
  • Cabinet battles have a stenographer using a type writer

Basically, anything that could be quickly googled to provide a date is allowed to be anachronistic, and everything else has to be period accurate. Add your own!

Hi it’s cool that bmc is going to broadway but please don’t let what happened to every show running during hamilton’s peak of popularity happen again. Don’t let musicals like The Prom flop. It’s a beautifully written musical with ACTUAL really good lgbt rep (lesbians & gay men) and it’s such a big bop and it’s so so so so good. It’s fine to be excited for bmc but don’t let it become the only musical that anyone cares about thanks