In a corner of the theater community people were quick to notice something very wrong and concerning about the casting announced for this free one night reading. Recent Tony Award Winner Cynthia Erivo, star of the current Broadway revival “The Color Purple”, tweeted:

“It saddens me that after such a wonderful multicultural season on Broadway a piece set in AFRICA has not one POC. #PrinceOfEgypt“ - @CynthiaEriVo

There wasn’t an overwhelming response from the internet but the Bay Street Theater’s Facebook page was subjected to more traffic than they were use to with 23 “angry” responses outweighing the likes. The majority of the comments were people expressing disappointment and they received a handful of visitor posts echoing the same.

Yesterday the concert was officially cancelled.

Director Scott Schwartz made a statement today, updating the Bay Street Theater’s website and posting to Facebook 3 hours ago. I encourage you to read the full statement, but this is what caught my attention:

“While we have had diverse casts in each and every step of our process so far, we will continue these discussions and consider them fully as we develop specific approaches to casting as we move forward.

But, there were also personal attacks and comments online and in social media against our actors and creative team that were unproductive. This is the specific reason why the creative team and the producers are cancelling the concert and will continue the development of this new musical in private for now.”

This is where the statement goes sour. This is not an apology. This kind of feels like he thinks he’s punishing us somehow. Why is it so important to make sure we know that the reading wasn’t cancelled because they realized their casting practices were offensive, wrong, and irresponsible? At every turn Scott Schwartz takes the opportunity to let us know that we don’t see how proudly diverse they’re being in secret, while saying that this story is for everyone to defend their whitewashed cast. He does not apologize but instead lectures us for pointing out the problem. Any harassment that resulted from this casting announcement is unfortunate. However the criticisms are still very important. Schwartz agrees they’re important but he wants to make sure we know that it wasn’t important enough to cancel the event for these reasons, or heaven forbid he recast. There are no plans for future readings at this time, something else that they made sure to include when asked for a comment by Playbill. It’s not good enough to say never mind, and hide so no one can criticize the glaringly obvious issues. Reschedule? Recast? Have the conversation but then actually act on it. I would die to get this musical made and I literally planned to go to New York on August 13th for this reading, but I want it done right. As someone who has used The Prince of Egypt (despite the problems with the voice cast) as a way to fight back the European imagery Hollywood has used to erase the real picture of Egypt I can’t express how upsetting it is to see them not properly represent this story, especially in theater which is more progressive than film or television.



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Drodesera XXXVI / 22.07 - 30.07.2016 / Centrale Fies, Dro, Trento

This year’s installment of the Festival DRODESERA is coming to a close at the end of July. The festival is organized by Central Fies, a still functioning hydroelectric center immersed in the Italian Alps. Over the years, the location became a hub for research in theatre and in performing arts. 

Centrale Fies has organized the Festival DRODESERA for 36 years, with each presenting unique shows and new productions presented in front of an international audience. The current edition of the Festival, WORLD BREAKERS includes 4 chapters – called World 1, 2, 3 and 4, respectively - focused on theatre, young performance within the visual arts, data and activism and recorded audio. Curated by a heterogeneous board of professionals, they present different points of view on the creation of worlds and personal microcosms, and on the mutation they undergo through processes of documentation and communication. The full performance program can be reviewed here

Posted by Paola Bonino

A view of Centrale Fies. Photo courtesy of Andrea Pizzalis for Centrale Fies.

Quentin Miller, “The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.” Photo courtesy of Alessandro Sala/Cesura/per Centrale Fies.

Evelin Brosi Doyle, “Thuis at Home.” Photo courtesy of Alessandro Sala/Cesura/per Centrale Fies.

Anagoor, “Socrate il sopravvissuto come la foglie.” Photo courtesy of Giulio Favotto.

“My love for theater developed later on in life, a friend introduced me to it in high school, and it was great because I was really socially ostracized for being very eccentric. I was kind of the weird kid. I thought theater would make me even more ostracized, but it was great because it gave me a good community of friends, and actually once I started getting leads in shows my social status in high school rose, which is weird. I did not foresee that but it was fantastic because almost all my good memories from high school came from theater. To the people who work on Broadway every day I want to say congratulations on getting to live your dream, and thank you. Thank you for the wonderful experiences that you’ve given people each day, because you can only get it here and I think there’s a reason it’s still flourishing. To everyone else I just want to say that if you have a dream, as far fetched as it may seem, pursue it. I don’t think I ever saw myself in this position and I’m so glad I chased that dream. Whatever happens in the pursuit of your dreams is the adventure worth telling. Win or lose its an adventure.”- Thomas Sanders @thatsthat24 Vine Star and Broadway Fan