Vulture’s 2016 Fall Entertainment Generator: The Best Shows, Films, Books, and More
306 great things to see and hear, for fans of all stripes.

VULTURE’s 2016 Fall Entertainment Generator recommends Regina McBride’s memoir GHOST SONGS for those looking for an indie that will make them cry.
“A rare ghost story that isn’t fiction.” –VULTURE

EXO as audience members to a show you're in
  • junmyeon:proud mom w/ tears in his eyes, his baby is hitting it big-time, its Broadway for his child
  • kris:not sure what show ur even in but proud of u nonetheless, consoling suho when he cries too much
  • baekhyun:loud cheering and shouting of encouragements, gets kicked out for rowdiness, sneaks back in
  • yixing:sneaks baek back in during intermission, holding up small sign and carrying bundles of flowers to give u after the show
  • chanyeol:is blocking everyone's view with his massive body in the front row but extremely excited 2 see u perform
  • jongin:couldn't even get into theater bc he tried to sneak his dogs into the show 4 u and got caught, cheering from outside
  • jongdae:loud reactions to serious moments in the show, hysterical laughter during sad moments, so proud of u
  • minseok:trying to not get him and jongdae kicked out, carrying single rose for after the show
  • kyungsoo:interested in plot of show more than you in it, laughs during deaths of characters, big hug when u get off stage
  • luhan:excessive clapping, tells everyone you're in the cast and he gets backstage access bc ur a celebrity
  • sehun:knows every line. every song lyric. every dance move. knows the show better than u do, but still lets u have ur big moment
  • tao:flowers, teddy bears, and chocolates for you, dressed better than 106% of the people attending
If Sh*t happens in the Great Comet fandom

- Hadestown

- Prairie Empire

- Ghost Quartet

- Beowulf, a Thousand Years of Baggage


-look at these shows and things anyway. One is a show Amber Gray was in, one is a band fronted by Brittain Ashford, and the last three are all Dave Malloy things

- Shoutout to all the designers and technicians whose awards were given during commercial breaks and whose speeches were cut to a 5 second sound bite

- Shoutout to all the stage managers and technicians who made the Tony Awards run smoothly and perfectly

- Shoutout to the sound designers who would have been nominated but were robbed of recognition by the still bullshit removal of their award

- Shoutout to every young designer or technician who watches the Tonys year after year while the awards they may one day be nominated for are distributed offscreen because “~There’s no way to fit everyone otherwise~”

- You are a crucial part of theater and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Be loud. Demand recognition. Do not settle for less.

theatre things that remind me of the hogwarts houses

gryffindor: auditioning for the first time, being alone on stage, long choreography rehearsals, the adrenaline of opening night, designing the set on the grid, hauling furniture onto the set, cue to cues, writing a play, improv comedy, waiting at the stage door after a show.

hufflepuff: getting flowers and gifts backstage, taking the final curtain call, highlighting lines, bringing snacks to rehearsal, read-throughs, pulling costumes from stock, set dressing, paint swatches, warm lighting design, perfectly blended sound, directing, waking into a theater you’ve never been in before.

ravenclaw: character analysis, memorizing lines, learning tight harmonies, having the show become second nature, stage makeup, set construction, costume fittings, mic checks, organized prop tables, writing cues, stage managing, experimental theatre, saving old playbills and ticket stubs.

slytherin: callbacks, practicing after rehearsal, selling program ads, an understudy/swing going on for the first time, fight calls, strike, production meetings, late night paint calls, cool-toned lighting design, spiking the stage, fly rails, producing, watching a bootleg, playbill giveaways.