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Interview with TheSixthAxis from Eurogamer Expo 2011. Boss Baddie are at 5:23

7/02/15 Drag Racing News

7/02/15 Drag Racing News


Looking Under The Bonnet Of CSR2’s Mobile Drag Racing TheSixthAxis
CSR2 isn’t quite like other racing games. Rather that sending you around circuits, battling with other drivers into corners and trying to nail your apexes …

CSR2’s hyperrealistic super cars leave other iOS racing games in the dustCult of Mac
CSR2 revealed, created by Burnout, Dirt, and Need for…

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CSR2 Racing Announced for Android and iOS - NDTV:

CSR2 Racing Announced for Android and iOS
Racing seems to be one of the rare genres that works well on all gaming platforms. Be it consoles, PCs, or mobile devices, each of them have their fair share of racing games. One of the smartphone’s earliest and most successful games, CSR Racing, is …
CSR2 preview – CSR Racing sequel set to speed onto iOS and AndroidThe Guardian
Zynga’s NaturalMotion revs up its first look at CSR2 mobile racing gameVentureBeat
CSR Racing Races Its Way Onto Windows Phone And
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Gain Ground

In an attempt to shut up Peter Willington, who seems to now only talk about Gain Ground, here’s some stuff I wrote for TheSixthAxis’ What We Played feature that didn’t make its way into the article, mostly to stop it becoming monstrously long:

I’ve mostly been playing this game called “Cubase” where you sit for hours and edit podcasts. It’s a bit repetitive to be honest. 

I’ve also been playing a bit of Gain Ground, which is an old Master Systen Game that’s available on Steam. Peter Willington, who fans of the podcast will know, gifted it to me and Bugged me till I played it. You basically a top down view of a battlefield and a choice between a few heroes, with each having their own weapons that are effective in different ways. If you get a hero to the exit then they survive for the next level, but if they die your next character can collect them and lead them to the exit. The same mechanic lets you pick up new characters too. Interestingly you only get the characters you had at the end of the last level in the next level. 

It’s much more tactical than I expected, and I am dying a lot.