sooo here’s my new gift! includes 8 random child poses and a bonus selfie pose. (this selfie pose is terrible sorry. ;___;) and this little girl was only made for pose previews lol. 

things you need to know:

1. they are not perfect and the sliders you used on your sims may effect the poses.

2. the poses are NOT poselist compatible.

3. t.o.u. and codes are in the files. please read them.

thank you guys so much for 450 followers on my simstagram. i love youuu!


                                   [Elliesimple] - Jogging

  • 8 swatches
  • All merged
  • New mesh by me
  • Hope you enjoy !


if you use my pants, you can tag me at #elliesimple.

please don’t claim as your own !


Fluidline Brow 03 by MAC (Enabled for HQ)

**  For a perfectly tailored finish, a waterproof tinted gel for a bold and long-lasting appeal. Available in Ash Blonde,Dirty Blonde True Brunette, Amber, Soft Amber, Soft Brown, Dark Chocolate and Charcoal . Long-wearing waterproof gel in a pot to give precise definition to brows. Applies smoothly and sets quickly for immaculately well-groomed brows. Fills, lengthens and shapes for subtle to dramatic looks.**


Other Brows: Fluidline 01 Brow | Fluidline 02 Brow

Eyeshadow: Two @makeupbyan Looks

Eyeliner: Kyliner Kits

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