Decided I wanted a brighter color selection for this, who knows If I will use this either lmao, but I was bored and did it! (just a couple swatches for now of color selections I thought were good)

You need spa day! It is required.

If ya want more swatches ask me!

If you search you can find it under Sushi’s Spa Day Soap Recolor

It costs 25 simoleons and should have color categorization as well to find it. enjoy!



skämprïnts inspired by the norweigan show + requested by @pansimblr 
perfect for your teen sims bedroom’s! i did not get around to doing pillow’s yet but hopefully i will.


I know I said I wasn’t planning on sharing my stuff all that much anymore, but I reached 400 followers so I wanted to release a thing. I’m also doing simblreen, so there’s that to look forward to as well, I guess.

These sunglasses have four color channels. One for the frame, two for the lenses (for the gradient effect), and one for the nose piece thingies. I believe they’re a little over 6k polys and the textures for these are 1024x1024. I didn’t really feel the need to make them bigger, but if anyone wants a higher resolution version feel free to ask. Shouldn’t take me too long.

These glasses aren’t pefect, but I think they’re alright for a first try so, here ya go. 

Aaand you can thank @nachtai for inspiring me to make these. I’m just a dweeb who wants to do what her friends are doing. You can find the super beautiful sunglasses she made here!

Please follow my T.O.U. and don’t be a jerkface.

Download: Simfileshare

Don’t worry guys, Nortu & Mabel aren’t going anywhere but I do play another family from time to time. These two are the Burns. Dexter is your typical evil mad scientist whose only soft spot is his angsty teenage daughter, Nora. Hope you don’t mind some screenshots of them here and there!


Japenese Uniform-

  • Converted from Yandere simulator.
  • 2 color option. The Saikou logo.
  • It has some clipping issues. Maybe a new version soon.
  • Dont reupload or Credit as yours. 
  • You are able to recolor just credit me.
  • This is one of my unsupported CC.
  • Enjoy!