5 Facts about: Calixta Fitzgerald!

I was tagged by @avokova to say 5 things about my favorite sim. I decided to do Calixta Fitzgerald since she just aged to young adult. This means generation 2 starts today!

  1. She was conceived in space. Calixta is thought to be the very first sim to be conceived someplace other than Earth (the Dhalkoris Sector to be exact).
  2. Calixta is named after the Greek nymph Callisto, who was “turned into a bear and set among the stars”. The name itself, is also seen in the erotic short story “The Storm”.
  3. When she was a teen she would often sneak out of the house at night and meet her boyfriend down by the creek. Her parents never knew that their little girl had such a rebellious streak in her.
  4. Her favorite color is green. It reminds her of the swamps in Willow Creek where she grew up.
  5. She inherited the love of the extraterrestrial from her fathers. Unfortunately, she’s scared of space travel. She prefers to observe the stars from the observatory rather than up close.

I have no idea who has and who hasn’t done this so if you’re reading this consider yourself tagged :D


Little Bakery in Tokyo ~ 08.23.16

John had to work all day today so I was on kid & in-law duty ( If you remember from earlier posts John’s dad is really sick and we moved to Tokyo to help his mom take care of him). I didn’t take pics with the in-laws because they weren’t feeling it but what I did take pics of was these cuties enjoying sweets from this little cafe right in the middle of Shibuya City. It was a treat for all of us I had really been craving strawberry cake and the kids had been really sweet so why not treat my sweeties to some sweeties.


                                   [Elliesimple] - Jogging

  • 8 swatches
  • All merged
  • New mesh by me
  • Hope you enjoy !

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MS91 Marquee letters A-Z 

Max and I wanted to give to you this conversion of Marcussims91 Marquee letters. and we hope you will enjoy it as much as we do <3

The file contains 28 new meshes, letters from A-Z including ampersand and an exclamation mark. All in red, yellow, grey, blue and black. 
Each letters has about 2200 polys. 

All credit goes to @marcussims91 for the mesh.
And thank you sweet @maximss for collaborating with me, you’re the best! <3

Happy decorating!
Download (simfileshare)

When I made a Black Lives Matter picture a couple of weeks ago, I wanted to create an event in the first place but I was lacking of time and thought maybe it would be too serious for the sims community. I hesitated a little because I know some people like to think that the sims is a perfect world without any social issues but personally, I’ve always preferred to play realistic and my sims stories and RP always include real life problems and Ezekiel’s character is in great development lately where he is becoming more of an activist and wish to be more involved and louder about social issues that he cares about. So the other day, I was having this discussion with my friend Simflux, we got motivated and we came to the conclusion that it would be a great idea to host, together, a rally for everyone who would like to show their support to this important movement and cause, through their sims.

✊ About The Rally / How To Attend

There will be no ‘In game’ backdrop or anything since it’s not a red carpet event, but a rally, which means, our sims would technically be walking around the city of Bridgeport. Basically all you have to do is take a picture of your sims walking/posing in the streets of Bridgeport. If you’re feeling creative and you are into editing, feel free to go your own way. For the people who aren’t really into editing or feeling lazy, I made a little kit for you to use if you feel like it. In the folder you can find 4 different backgrounds of Bridgeport streets + 9 transparent png’s of people walking that you can use to put in the back of your photo to make it look more alive (6 of them are sims for people who don’t like to use real humans). Please feel free to use your own backgrounds, png people and everything else if you wish to, this kit is mainly to help people who would need it.

Download Kit

This event can seem a little less exciting fashion wise since it’s not the point (No big ass sparkling gowns & nobody will be named best dressed and shit lol) but don’t be shy to make your sims look casual & still like a million bucks. Make them look powerful, feel free to use signs or tees/sweaters with BLM quotes & messages, anything that you would find in real rallies.

Speaking of which, here’s some Black Lives Matter Merchandise that I made for the rally, if you’d like to make your sims wear one of these T-shirts/Sweaters. (If you can make CC, don’t hesitate to use your own ideas.) 

Simflux is also working on making some poses for the rally, they will be added to this post later on.

Download Merchandise  (Female sweater mesh by Mariel Stuff)

✊ When Is The Rally?

The rally will be happening on Wednesday, June 1, 2016 (please don’t post your pictures before that date and use the tags #circasim #simflux #simsblmrally)

Important note : Everyone is free to join and show their support, so if you are a TS2 or TS4 player, do not hesitate!

I will make a collage of everyone who attended, like I did for the Balmain event!

So I think that’s pretty much it. Don’t hesitate to reblog this post and share with your followers and we hope to see your sims at the rally!
If you’ve got any question, message me or Simflux.

Stay Woke! ✊


           [Elliesimple] - Life is Strange’s T-shirts

  • 28 swatches
  • 4 pack of 7 t-shirts
  • Mesh NOT included *click here*
  • Hope you enjoy !

                              DOWNLOAD : (in order of the pictures)

- Pack 1
- Pack 2
- Pack 3
- Pack 4

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S4: Vintage High Waist Jeans (with/without belt)

Hi everyone!

Don’t hate me just yet! I know I promised to do something else and I’m most definitely working on that - But I just couldn’t help myself to finish those jeans - I really needed a pair of clean looking jeans with belts. 

I have personally handdrawn these textures from scratch and they turned out to look really smooth and nice ingame. I especially like the pockets and the way the belts look on the jeans. I only added some details from actual photos, as I know not everyone is a fan of over-realistic textures.

  • 24 colors to choose from
  • Teen-elder 
  • CAS thumbnail
  • Handdrawn textures


DOWNLOAD TSR - Coming Feb 26th


City Girl Lookbook:

Here is another lookbook -  as always all the CC is listed below. Thank you all for 100 followers already! 

Custom Content Links: 

Skin: Here

Eyes: Here

Lipstick: Here

Eyelashes: Here

Eyebrows: Here

Hair: Here

Turtle Neck Top: Here

Shorts: Here

Cardigan accessory: Here