First thing I thought of when I found the shrine in Breath of The Wild. 

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He really does remember her.

 A little head-canon time I guess. :)  I like these two pictures because they perfectly illustrate what’s going on in the two of them’s minds as they are reunited after a century’s time.  Zelda naturally would have a little bit of mental shut down during her time in Ganon, a slowing down and numbing of her thoughts and senses, (The 100 years doesn’t feel like a 100 years, because she doesn’t remember much of it, everything that happened inside Ganon is just a blur of bad feelings.)  Upon Ganon’s defeat and his sealing away, just think of the swell of emotion she would feel as Life just comes flooding back to her; all that they had worked towards their whole lives, all that she had fought for, Ganon is dead and Link is not and he’s here and alive and everything is alright… and he even remembers her.  After a Bear-hug of joy, she just ends up passing out in his arms. :)

Link, however, isn’t quite on the same page.  He answers “yes” to her question because it really looks like that is the answer she wants as she hopefully looks him in the face… how could he say no?  Also, it isn’t a lie; he may not remember everything, but if he remember’s anything he remembers her, so he says yes.  She then throws herself on him in the biggest hug he could remember.  From the memories he has, I think he would be wondering his entire adventure what kind of friendship they had, and that hug would come as a bit of an unexpected surprise.  She seemed so cool and regal and then suddenly melts into a happy little girl… and then just falls asleep.  He will take care of her.  He will be her knight and protect her and let her sleep. :)


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