When i see couples making out in the hallways.


Ayeeee. I finally finished drawing all of the creatures!
I’ve been working on this “project” of mine for a few weeks and I’m glad to finally see it come together!

Took around 30+ hours which is crazy but worth it ^-^ I want to do the interns soon as well!

all drawings are on my Twitter as well under the username fxirly-local

(There’s two of kevin because his jacket is a bit hard to see with the white :) )

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We need your help.

We set out to try and put something on TV that felt and looked and smelled a little different. We wanted to make a TV show about joyfully making the world a brighter place. You can see the show on The Hub Network. We’re thankful for the opportunity, but we need people like you to help spread the word. Never did we imagine our little family project would ever spread this far. It’s only because of people like you who believe, like we do, that every voice matters. We’re working to make Kid President not just about one kid, but all kids. We want every kid and grown-up to realize they can make a difference. It’s why every episode begins with:

“This program is being broadcast at a special frequency. If you’re receiving this transmission: Congratulations, you are officially awesome.”

and every episode ends with a pep talk. We don’t want to make stuff that people just watch. We want you to take action and give the world a reason to dance.

It wasn’t easy to get our happy little show on the air, but thanks to people like you - we did. Let’s keep going. Tell your friends. Write about it. Spread the word. 

We’re excited about making more fun stories both for TV and for the web. Happy you’re part of this with us!

- Brad and Robby


You can watch the premiere episode in full here!

HERE IT IS. The Eradicon gag where they ask Starscream if they could get a puppy.

Recorded it with my laptop webcam, so the video is backwards looking. but hey, audio quality is a little better.

There is another gag I can post… with scenes from when Optimus and Dreadwing had their fight in the Antarctic…and it’s a staring contest. The Steves were like, “Who wants tacos.” at the end. I can put this up on tumblr too.