Actually hilarious! She had so much fun today! 😍💛
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Coffee Around Campus

It’s week four and midterm season is here! Do you need your caffeine fix to get through your day? Well, UCR has many options for coffee, ranging from The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf to Starbucks, Ivan’s, Scotty’s, and Bytes. This article will showcase the details of each coffee site and help you decide where you should grab your coffee at your convenience!

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Mickey, Walt and My Camera by Disney Photo Tour
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Today, we head over to the Magic Kingdom for a rare photo of the hub at night without the crowds. On my last trip to Disney, I tried to get this same exact shot but people kept getting in my way. There was nothing this past trip, that was going to hold me back from trying again! Taken well after park closing, I patiently waited for the perfect time and went for it and I’d have to say, I was very successful. Have you ever waited to take the shot and been successful? Have a magical day!

/ I love modern cartoons /
Shezow is an Australian-Canadian animated television series created by Obie Scott Wade.
The series’ protagonist, a 12-year-old boy named Guy Hamdon, discovers the superheroine Shezow’s power ring (originally worn and used by his late Aunt Agnes) and puts it on. While the power ring does grant him super powers, it was only meant to be worn by a woman, so Guy must wear a female superhero costume while fighting crime.

anonymous asked:

Hi! LOVE your blog :) You don't have to post this. If you take gif requests (wasn't sure) can you please gif the moment of jealous!jensen from the video titled: "AHBL8 Jared and Jensen Saturday Panel 5". Jared starts talking about a guy he met from Outlander and mentions his naked butt. Jensen gets progressively irritated. His foot stops, he shakes his head, purses his lips, side-eyes Jared to death, then nods & starts to take an angry breath until jared touches him & calms him! So cute! Thanks!

Hello, dear anon!

Thank you for the kind words! Nobody has requested gifs from me before, but I guess I do take requests. ;) I am actually waiting for TheHub to release the panels on DVD, so I can purchase it and possibly make a panel post with DVD-quality gifs, cos I’m pretty fussy about high definition stuff. But until then…

Can you believe mentioning someone else’s butt still gets that reaction out of Jensen, after so many years spent together? You can see it in his face when Jared starts telling the story that he knows exactly what’s coming and that he’s not going to like it. Can you imagine how he reacted to that bit of conversation when it actually happened? I bet he just manhandled Jared into the airport toilet and…

Uhh. Anyway, here’s the video.

I hope your weekend is fun and relaxing, sweet anon! Thanks for the message.


Remember When Kevin Thought the Deer Antler was A Comb

Kevin - We should get some of these {the antler/comb}.

Jordan - What in the world is that?

Kevin - Don’t ask questions.

Jordan - Kevin, put it back.

Kevin - It’s like a comb.

Jordan - PUT.IT.BACK

Jordan -  It’s an antler from that deer ,and it fell off ,and it is too.

Jordan - Did you knock it off Kevin?

Kevin - Could you,  knock it off with the questions.

Dan - Oooh I get it, I got it. 

anonymous asked:

I'm looking for books for a romance-repulsed aromantic friend who loves to read. Most YA books have a lot of romance in them and I was wondering if you knew of any that didn't or if you could point me toward someone who would know of some of these types of books. Still fictional, and probably YA, but no romance.

Hi, anon! That’s a really sweet thing for you to do. I don’t read a lot of YA, but here’s some links of lists of YA books without romance.

If anybody reading this knows of any good examples of YA books without romance, please feel free to add onto this post!

@Regrann from @marticompa - “Sul fare del giorno le stelle sbiadiscono d’invidia vedendo emergere dalla nebbia gli incanti di Venezia.”
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God Damn We have so much stuff goin on Today 

Like How Todays Kevins Birthday {Happy B-Day Kevin!}

BUT We also Have Today Smitty Werbenjagermanjensen Day

But It Seems We Already Have Our Minds Set For The Future 

And He decided To Add the Crew To the Fun

Ladies and Gentlemen Have Your Calendars Marked Indeed.