Them: Hey you know Dizzee?

Brain: Ah yes, Dizzee. Dizzee Kipling. Pretty Dizzee D. Rumi 411. Sweet summer child. Cinnamon of all rolls. Rebel. Graffiti legend. Brother to Yolanda, Ra-Ra and Boo-Boo. Parents own a salon. Member of the Fantastic Four Plus One. Member of the Get Down Brothers. Regular at the Writer’s Bench. Friend to Zeke, Shao, Mylene, Regina, Daze, Crash and Thor. Free spirit, Dizz.

Me: Yeah I think I know who you’re talking about?


JBWC Writing Adventure: Main Street Scavenger Hunt

Last week, we took JBWC young writers on yet another downtown writing adventure! This time around we created a Main Street scavenger hunt, featuring a slew of writing-themed challenges for our young writers to tackle. We’ll be announcing our winners tomorrow but, in the meantime, check out some pictures and just a few of the hunt’s challenges!

Write a haiku about the shoes of someone on the train.

Find a bench. Sit on it and write a mini-poem, story, or comic about what you feel/think while sitting there. Take a picture. Fold it. On the outside write, “A poem/story/comic for the next person to sit on this bench.” Tape it to the bench.

Near the Bisons stadium there is a huge sculpture that is a black geometric shape. Imagine it was made by someone visiting us from the future who specifically designed it for us to use to save Buffalo during the apocalypse. Write its instruction manual.

Find something on the sidewalk (litter, an object, etc). Chalk a short ode to it on the sidewalk near it. (An ode praises something.) Take a picture.

In your kit, you will find an excerpt from a Frank O’Hara poem. Find a spot on your walk that somehow resonates with the excerpt you have. Write a line from it in chalk at that spot. Give a reading of your excerpt while standing there. Take a pic or video!