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what part of diz do you think "died" in the tunnel that would lead to him living his true self? or is the tunnel JUST a metaphor and i'm thinking about this too literally? i'm reading old stephen tweets and he talks about it.

well yea it is a metaphor, a part of dizzee metaphorically died in the tunnel. 

dizz has three identities that he goes by and thats “marcus” “dizzee” and “rumi”. 

‘marcus’ is what his parents named him. he rarely uses that name and in the situations where it is used (read: when he’s home) he’s not at his happiest or most comfortable.

‘dizzee’ is what he goes by most commonly but still thats not a name he gave himself (as a kid he used to spin around till he got dizzy thats where that came from). and even in that identity he’s still not fully able to be who he wants to or understood like he wants to by the people who use that name (read: his brothers).

‘rumi’ is the identity that he chose and who he sees himself as: an outsider, but a confident one. even tho he’s still thought of as weird by the kids at the writers bench he’s never stifled there, and he’s still able to express himself to the fullest. and more importantly ‘rumi’ is how he meets thor and subsequently discovers the another layer to his identity (being bi), and yea its just one more part of himself that he would have to hide but it’s an important part of his identity.

another anon [X] said after the incident they think dizzee would be more confident and carefree. so if almost dying in that tunnel causes a metaphorical death and rebirth then it was probably “marcus” that died (and maybe a part of “dizzee”) aka his perceived normality, the expectations placed on him and his fear of being himself, and fear of judgement. leaving ‘rumi’ - his truest, most confident, and most natural self

La Magie Du Banc De Parc

I always imaged meeting my kindred spirit while sitting on a park bench. Gazing upon the horizon, contemplating on all earthly matters until we were old and grey.  Philosophizing on our existence. Debating and laughing. Or simply just sit and listen to the orchestra that is nature. Appreciating time and stillness.  It sounds quite magical..The idea of meeting a kindred soul while reading and sitting on a park bench. Having  a deep talk about nothing and everything. That feeling of SERENDIPITY…A chance meeting. Ending up with a best friend.People come into your life for a reason. Kindred souls attract each others.Whether we like it or not. I believe in attraction. I have met the sweetest humans while sitting on a bench. A sweet old gentleman telling a story about his hero son.  A woman sharing an incredible tale about her Parisian love affair.  A little girl asking me about all my adventures in beautiful Africa.  Sharing with me her lovely  dream to save all the animals with her mum. A surfer dude who shares his love for food.  A musician giving me his insight and knowledge on the evolution of music. Aahh, if one could only bottle these stories…In a way we can. It is called writing. The Park Bench is a muse..It inspires.  It is magical.

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can you give us more jealous!dizzee ?? id love to see more of them in the club or sth like that im in love w your hc btw <3<3]3

i don’t really have anymore specifically dizzee ones but i can do thor?

  • like dizzee, thor doesn’t get jealous too often but it does happen
  • usually at the club or at the writers bench, cause for some reason people (especially some of the other bombers) love hitting on dizzee right in front of thor
  • (the reason is because dizzee is fine as hell and getting thor angry is an anomaly and entertaining)
  • when thor’s jealous he also gets really affectionate (read: possessive)
  • at a club he’ll just pull dizzee onto his lap and wrap his arms around him
  • or slip an arm around his waist while he’s talking
  • or twine their fingers together
  • or start kissing his neck (which causes dizzee to lose his train of thought most times)
  • or he starts whispering dirty shit in dizzee’s ear so they can leave earlier
  • dizzee doesn’t mind
  • thor also gets agitated quickly when he’s jealous
  • not like creepy ‘i’ll fight somebody if they talk to you’ agitated but he’s just very clearly annoyed and probably glaring at somebody over dizzee’s shoulder
  • he leaves very visible hickies all up and down dizzee’s neck (and on his inner thighs but its not like anyone else can see those)
  • he likes when dizzee wears crop tops out because then people can see handprints on dizzies hips
  • dizzee also likes wearing crop tops out for the same reason
  • they don’t make each jealous on purpose but they don’t exactly stop it from happening either
  • mainly because they both get really bomb sex afterward
  • …usually rough
  • …and usually in really random places
  • …cause they’re both exhibitionist

and thank you ^_^