the birth of a hero with cyrus and trudy

You know, on top of all the ugly racism, this uproar over the televised NBC production of The Wiz is pathetic in a couple of other ways:

1. These geekboys are calling themselves Oz fans, yet they’re apparently under the mistaken impression that The Wiz is a remake of the 1939 film. Jokers wanna act like they’re experts on the Oz canon when they don’t even know it was a book first.

2. On top of that, they’re banging on about fidelity to the source material, evidently unaware that The Wiz actually sticks much closer to L Frank Baum’s novel than the 1939 film does, both in terms of its overall plot and in terms of the specific details of the setting. Meanwhile, the race of most of the principle characters is never specified, so portraying them as black can hardly be regarded as diverging from the text. By their own professed standards (i.e., fidelity to the source material über alles), The Wiz is the superior adaptation.