MoonAlchemy’s “I forgot to erase the pencil marks before staining/sealing this little wooden box” GIVEAWAY! 

Seriously, I was so butthurt when I realized that on the sides, I didn’t erase pencil marks :’( but that means that this cute little witch box is going to a new home! 


  • Must be 18 years/+ or have your parents permission to enter!
  • Of course you need to be following me
  • Both likes and reblogs count, but no spamming or you will be disqualified.
  • If you reblog from a side blog, just shoot me a message letting me know!
  • DO NOT TAG AS A GIVEAWAY! Or Tumblr will end our fun game :(
  • I can only ship to the United States, sorry!

What you get!

  1. Cute little triple moon goddess/moon woodburnt box!
  2. Cute little seashell!
  3. Cute little moonstone!
  4. Cute little Vanilla tealight!

(Rose quartz, quartz point and aqua aura quartz NOT included)(Aesthetic, you know.)


Favorite my Etsy shop, MoonAlchemy Shop. Message me your Etsy user name on here when you do! 

Winner announced October 13th! Must respond within 24 hours to claim prize, or I will choose again! 


Reminder for my moon witches! With tonight’s moon phase, it’s the perfect time to perform any spells you might have been putting off or waiting to do!

The new moon is good for:

🌑 deconstructive magic
🌑 curses
🌑 banishings
🌑 soul searching
🌑 divination

because it’s in Libra, it’s also good for:

♎ all types of love
♎ leadership
♎ glamours
♎ motivation and achievement
♎ legal matters
♎ logic

now is the time for magic!


There’s a new video up on my channel ♡ (*´∀`*)!

It’s a quick summer ootd video that I filmed in August in the forest near my parent’s place. Their village is surrounded by forest and I always played their as a child. Of course I still love it as an adult so I thought while taking a walk with my boyfriend why not doing something creative like filming a video for you ʘ‿ʘ ♡.

I hope you like it (*´ ˘ `*) ♡.
Please let me know what you think ʘ‿ʘ.

So 6x09 is called The Changeling.

What if they twist the story like they always do. Changeling is something used in fairy/troll folklore and it’s when a human child is switched with a child of the other creature (fairy or troll). 

I’m almost positive in my guess that this is a Rumbelle/Morpheus episode, however this show is known for pulling twists on fairytales/folklore/classic literature. So what if Belle is the changeling, like she was somehow switched in the dream land when Morpheus kissed her awake and the wrong Belle woke up. It would explain A LOT, like how cold she was when leaving Rumple, usually when she does it she tends to have some emotion towards it, this time she was very robotic, also she just saw him put her first, I’m sure real Belle would credit that. Also it really explains why she would seek out Hook and what seems like Zelena of ALL people, especially knowing how they have both hurt Rumple (in the underworld she only went to Zelena because she was Hades weakness it wasn’t to seek help and buddy up). I don’t think Belle in her right mind would do these things, especially to just spite Rumple, nor would she be afraid of him. It would also explain the whole mysterious line about the baby owing a debt to Rumple. Either that or she’s pregnant with the changeling somehow and it’s altering her behavior since Baby Boy Gold is attached to her, that would explain the supposed rumor of Rumple wanting to steal his child from Belle. 

But yeah I’m convinced the real Belle is still in dreamworld, and that this Belle is a changeling Belle. Or am I just over reaching?