I was thinking about Discworld and the Watch and witches and I think I might have just fallen in love with the idea of a city girl from somewhere like Dolly Sisters or the Shades or Cockbill Street who hears about these amazing women in the country, who walk the lines and look after their people and goes off to stubbornly insist on being taught and later ends up returning to Ankh-Morpork to be a witch for her people and ends up getting involved in the Watch through some early mistakes and she basically has her own little job which involves dealing with all the nastiness that isn’t technically illegal, the edges that the law can’t touch.

And she just quietly starts helping people the way witches always do but has the power of the Watch and His Grace the Duke of Anhk Sir Samuel Vimes behind her until she’s well respected enough to not need his name to bolster her own and she starts taking on watch-witches, training them to deal with domestic disputes, ensuring the elderly of the city have someone to count on and eventually ends up forming a sort of Patrician-approved social services. Because you can be sure as hell Vetinari would be quite happy with the idea of a lot of witches who listens to Sam Vimes and quietly go around making sure that the city remains peaceful in little mundane ways, wearing black clothes too dingy to belong to Assassins.

Because witches do things that the Watch can’t do, that the Igors can’t do, that the wizards as sure as hell can’t do, that the Guilds can’t do on such a large scale; and yet here are these women and girls, who have the weight of the Watch behind them to ensure no one gets too witch-huntery, who are going around putting the fear of the witches into those who would otherwise be a little too free with their fists at home, or to remind a street about the old man who can’t get out so much and it was on them to visit him every now and then.

So city witches, a group I have a strong suspicion Vimes would approve of, once he realised what they did, enough to give them their own little department so they have a protection in the city where things can go nasty far too fast but most people who might not have the healthy fear of witchcraft that those who deal with them more often do will think twice before attacking someone wearing a Watch badge.