The Witch (2016)



New England in the 1630s: William and Katherine lead a devout Christian life with five children, homesteading on the edge of an impassable wilderness. When their newborn son vanishes and crops fail, the family turns on one another. Beyond their worst fears, a supernatural evil lurks in the nearby wood. 

  • what she says:i'm fine
  • what she means:you know what’s really fucked up? that the reason people believed witches flew on brooms was because midwifes (who were often accused of witchcraft) decided to get high off of some of their plants/medicines and other stuff. so to do it without taking it orally (because it was dangerous) they would put the ointment they’d created on a broom and put it against their genitals (because it got into their bloodstream faster) - they’d hallucinate hardcore and they would “fly”. hence the widespread image of a naked witch on a broomstick. quidditch exists because some people circa the 1600s where getting high by putting drugs on their vaginés