When I finish a series on Netflix/Amazon
  • Me:Oh god, that was my life for the last month. WHAT THE FUCK AM I SUPPOSED TO DO NOW?
  • Also Me:Wait, I'll just go on tumblr and devour the entire fandom now that I don't have to worry about spoilers (internal maniacal laughing)

TV Series Posters by Tomasz Majewski

Polish artist, Tomasz Majewski showcases his amazing illustration skills on Photoshop by creating a series of gritty TV posters, referencing some of the most popular shows on television. 

View his entire portfolio here!

While the X-Men may be framed as non-violent, they have certainly engaged in plenty of violent confrontations since their inception. Xavier’s training facility which hones his students mutant capabilities is literally called the “War Room,” where student learn not only how to defend themselves but also to fight against a militarized police force that is specifically designed to annihilate them. There has never been a point in their publication history when they did not engage in the destruction of both private and government property on a regular basis, intentionally or not.

Most readers will overlook these grievances as an inevitable causality of a moral crusade for equality, yet condemn the same actions taken by real people in response to police brutality. Interestingly enough, riots which have resulting in looting of goods specifically in connection with Ferguson and other police brutality cases are minute in comparison to the number of peaceful demonstrations across the country and internationally. Even if they weren’t, loss of property is not equivalent to loss of life. It is yet another false dichotomy meant to derail.


Ultimately, I hope my fellow geeks from all walks of life will check themselves the next time they have something to say about police brutality, Black life and resistance. To those who already have, be wary of those who will weep over dead bodies in The Hunger Games and praise Katniss for dismantling her government, those who worship Batman and family for spitting in the face of the Gotham City Police Department, and those who are enthralled by the X-Men revolting both peaceably and violently against a militarized police force, who will nonetheless look at protests and riots across the country and have nothing to say but ‘thugs,’ 'niggers,’ and 'savages.’


J. Skyler

These 2 quotes are from J Skyler’s article LGBT Visibility: There’s A Riot Going On on Comicosity. The ease by which people empathize with fictional and appropriated struggle as narrative, yet feel no such empathy for the oppression of Black people in real life once again reveals how we are seen as that which to consume and not truly as human

Some of the same people who proselytize The Wire as if it’s a theism and not a show are the ones placing property value over Black lives and ignoring all of the State violence that proceeded the extrajudicial execution of Freddie Gray. They’re the ones gleefully engaging in the most intellectually dishonest false equalization between intraracial civilian crime and State violence. And most are not even going to mention Mya Hall at all; a Black trans woman also recently extrajudicially executed by Baltimore police. 

When Blackness is seen as antithetical to “human,” this is the result, an empathy gap wide enough for the State to drive their tanks through and do us more harm with impunity.

I mean I don’t know about you guys but my favorite tv show is the one where

Benjamin Linus

Val Savage

Loretha “Cookie” Lyon

Fred Burkle

Carmen De La Pica Morales

Happy Computer

and Jesus

fight to take down baddies such as

Keith Mars

Ed Tucker IAB

Lester Freamon

Douglas Fredericks

an angry calculator