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Sorry again for my inactivity. After my final exams I Haven’t been feeling myself lately and I’m currently compiling all my requirements for a job I’m going to take this summer.

Now that I’m back, I just recently checked that my follower count had just reached 3,700+!! That’s crazy!!!

And to celebrate, I wanted to make a mini Ask Section for my Twins! AU! You can ask Yuuki Katsuki some questions and he’ll try his best to answer back. You can also ask the different YOI characters regarding their relationship with Yuuki or what they actually knew about Yuuki.

Asks can be SFW/ NSFW and I’ll make sure I’d tag them ^u^.

Be sure to insert the tag #AskYuuki after the question.

Have fun!

anonymous asked:

Is there any fiction for that twin au going around?

Thanks for asking! Hmm… couldn’t find too many fics for the twin AU you’re talking about, unfortunately, but I found a few that I can share! Hopefully these fit what you’re asking for! I’m sure more will pop up!

(For anyone interested, here is the Twin AU that the anon is referencing!)

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Katsuki Twins AU

Of Determination And Stupid Ideas by chocolatechiplague, Gen, 1.2k
It was watching Yuuri float his way in slow figure eights that Yuki decided on his own dream, holding onto his brothers glasses for him. He wanted to make music. For himself. For Yuuri. For them. He would make a difference in his own way, his own path in life.

Life, Love, Katsudon, and Ramen by chocolatechiplague, Gen, 1.6k
The day that Victor Nikiforov entered both of their lives in Hasetsu after Sochi, the Russian insisted they ate like two pregnant women going through cravings, promptly after he ran into the bathroom to expel his horror into the porcelain god. Their mother and Yuko agreed. The traitors.

Sweet Dreams

Fandom: All For The Game
Characters: Aaron & Andrew Minyard, Renee Walker
Summery: Aaron misses Andrew while he waits for his brother to return from Easthaven.

We share the same face, you and I, but sometimes I think that’s all we share. You’ve seen to that. Sometimes I think you can’t stand to see our faces together, side by side, reflected in a mirror. But I’m still here. You can pretend I’m not. You can look right through me –you have perfected that skill years ago. Act like you don’t hear me, like we don’t share the same room with Kevin. I’m still here. –But you are gone.

Aaron stands in front of the mirror, looking at himself but all he sees is Andrew. He wears Andrew’s black armbands, they were hidden under Josten’s pillow. Aaron has been looking for them, knowing Neil would have left them somewhere before his little trip. He wouldn’t carry Andrew’s knives around after all. Not many suspected it, but Aaron isn’t too shabby when it comes to lock picking. He has picked up a few things from tagging along with the monsters, and even though they call him the normal one, he is a monster too. The armbands feel strange on his skin. He can feel the sheaths pressed against his forearms, feels the weight of the knives they carry. They are unexpectedly heavy and almost uncomfortably tight in order to carry the weight and stay in place. ‘Bothersome.’ He wouldn’t like to wear them everyday. He wonders if Andrew misses them.

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Before I go MiA for a couple of days (because it’s exams week and also because of my summer job)

Here’s a little something I’ve been working on for the Katsuki Twins Au..

It’s up to you to find out what the heck’s going on here :’D


anonymous asked:

Ya know this blog has so much Yuuri-love I start to believe you're Viktor's long lost twin. You seem to love him more than I do and I thought this was impossible.

ohmygosh hahah I’m not cool enough to be victor’s long lost twin, but I do love yuuri !!! a lot !!! this is a yuuri appreciation blog <3

me when yuuri shows up:

theangryfox  asked:

fanfic trope of "there is only one bed"

“yuuri!” victor cries, dramatically throwing himself on the receptionist counter at the hotel.  “all the rooms are booked and they only have single kings available!”

“um, sir,” the receptionist is trying, “we have plenty of double queens–”


“you don’t have to, we have–”

“ONLY TWINS LEFT? OH NO, JUST LIKE BARCELONA, YUURI, THERE ARE ONLY SINGLE TWINS LEFT,” victor says, crumpling to the ground. “i guess i can take the bathtub if you need your… privacy.”

yuuri hands the receptionist his card, nudging victor to the side with his knee.  “sorry about my husband,” he says. “he does this every time we travel together.  we’ll take the single king.”