Sometimes it can be hard to see and appreciate just how much detail goes into the jewelry we offer.

Besides being a fantastic piercer, Dan knows his way around a camera pretty well. He did a great job of capturing the details in this milgrain bezel gem from body vision los angeles .

New Tumblr about Minnesota!

After six years of being on Tumblr and having to pass over great content that wasn’t “just about Minneapolis”, I decided to start a blog that focused on all the corners of the great state of Minnesota. There will still be Twin Cities posts on there, but also pictures and stories about Duluth, Winona, Ely, Fergus Falls, etc. You like taking pictures as you walk around Minnesota? Great! Just make sure you tag your posts with #Minnesota so I can find you. You can also sumbit posts, I can add memebers, it is pretty awesome to be honest with you. Check it out, kids…