Important Bruce/Thor thoughts

  1. Thor is a huge flirt. It’s gross how much he flirts. Leaning against a counter, cheesy grin, waggling eyebrows, the whole thing.
  2. Bruce loves it. Absolutely loves that Thor treats him like they’re in some cheesy romance novel. That Thor tries to WOO him. It makes him feel young again, and wanted, and is way more important to him than Thor realizes.
  3. Thor loves to touch Bruce. He’s a hands on guy, of course, but Bruce is just SOFT. His hair is always perfectly pet-able. He’s at the perfect height for Thor to rest his chin on his head. Thor’s arms fit very snuggly around his waist. It’s perfect.
  4. That being said, Thor NEVER touches Bruce without making him aware of his presence first. He’s affectionate, but never intrusive, never without Bruce’s consent and acknowledgement. Thor knows that Bruce is especially sensitive to touch, and that given the right state of mind, a single touch can be like a jab in his side if one is not careful. Luckily, Thor is ALWAYS careful.
  5. Bruce’s affection is much more subtle than Thor’s, but none the less the is affectionate. He enjoys brushing his fingers over Thor’s knuckles lightly, or leaning his shoulder against him carefully. Occasionally, when he can’t resist it, he’ll reach up and stroke Thor’s cheek, touch the scars just under his eyepatch. Just a tender gesture that’s as light as a feather.
  6. In the beginning, the very first time, kissing Bruce would be to Thor as enacting a treaty between two worlds would be to a political leader. Not in the sense that Bruce or Thor were opposed to the idea, but in the sense that Thor fretted over it tirelessly, because it was SO important. Kissing Bruce was DAUNTING. He wanted Bruce to be comfortable—to not feel pressured—to not feel upset or taken by surprise or anything of the sort.
  7. Lucky for Thor, Bruce would not be so worried.
  8. Sitting side by side on the ship, watching the stars, warmed by each other’s presence, Bruce would simply tug him down, kiss him sweet, and act like nothing had changed, because acknowledging the elephant was the only thing he’d be scared to do. Actions are easy—words? Those are hard.
  10. Why you ask? Because he would LIVE to talk to Bruce like he was something straight out of a Shakespearean play—call him beautiful in a million ways, gesture grandly and compare him to the rising sun, the dawning moon, the stars and the galaxies and the very salt of the earth.
  11. Bruce doesn’t do words. Thor does. IMAGINE THE LOVE LETTERS THOR WOULD WRITE.
  12. “My dearest, my beloved, my stars spread out before me, a guiding light beneath my feet—“
  13. Sex? Oh BOY howdy. Oh man. Bruce doesn’t ever want Thor’s head to get to big, so he doesn’t, you know, CALL him a God—but in one thing, Bruce is certain that he is divine. In sex, he’s…he’s pretty sure.
  14. Funny enough, while Thor is the most obvious with the PDA and the casual references to sex, he’s not the one who initiates it the majority of the time.
  15. Bruce missed sex. Sue him.
  16. And all it takes to get Thor to make a swift exit from any conversation and RUNNING into their shared quarters? One glance from Bruce, a heated look, and BOOM God of Thunder tosses him over a shoulder and sprints from the room.
  17. They sleep in a HUGE bed together. Mostly because sometimes Hulk is the one sharing the bed—when it’s time for the two to switch—and it’d be inconvenient to have two different rooms.
  18. Bruce hogs the blankets. He’s always unnaturally warm—even Thor, usually the furnace, is no match for toasty Bruce—but still, Bruce always complains about feeling too chilly. Thor usually just lets him steal the blankets and sleeps on TOP of Bruce, crushing him just a lil.
  19. Sometimes, though, Bruce sleeps on the far end of the bed, curled away from Thor. Those are bad nights—nights when even the silky sheets seem to chafe Bruce’s skin, and even the brush of Thor’s fingertips sets his teeth on edge.
  20. Those nights usually mean nightmares. Which usually mean Bruce waking in a panic, thrashing, fighting. And THAT means Thor, sitting close, but not close enough to touch, murmuring reassurances, his new and improved version of the lullaby, waiting for Bruce to calm enough that he can scoop him into his arms and hold him tight and promise he will never, ever let him go.
  21. And then, after Bruce has calmed enough, they’ll go to the kitchen, and Bruce and Thor will bake, and eat whatever they bake together, both perfectly content to get fat with the others love, warm in their bellies and in their hearts.
  22. And so yeah okay uh. Thor and Bruce are gay and this has been my TED talk.

I totally don’t (I definitely do) have a fluffy headcanon where Thor discovers Thunder by Imagine Dragons and he dances around his room to it and Loki catches him one day and Thor scoops him up and kisses him right as thunder, feel the thunder plays