The Butcher and The Blonde

Prompt: You have a nasty encounter with the Butcher and Morgan comes in to protect you.

“I’m right here, if you need me just look.” Morgan reassured, rubbing your back as you stood outside the door, the only thing separating you from a man who had killed over 20 women who shared one trait with you, blonde hair.

“Why do I have to do this?” you asked once again, not expecting an answer, rather just showing Morgan and Rossi how uncomfortable you were in this situation. 

“You’ll do fine Y/N, just go in and pick up the files, I need to see how he reacts, you don’t even have to talk to him.” Rossi explained once again. You gave them both one last look before opening the door and entering the small room, heading straight towards the table with files sprawled out across it.

“Hello beautiful.” the Butcher smirked. He may have been old but he was immediately interested. You gave him the cold shoulder, completely ignoring his comment. “You’re body is beautiful, and that hair.” he said once again, shifting in his seat. “The things I would do to you.”

“Back off old man.” you spoke harshly, not letting your hands slow down as you put every file one at a time back in the box.

“Feisty, I would love to just cut into you. That perfect skin, the blade would go perfectly through, like butter.” he continued, ignoring your warning. “And then after I was done torturing you, I would make a little exception.” he started. “I normally don’t touch my play toys, but with you, I just might have to.” you didn’t even have to look at Morgan for him to know that the Butcher had just crossed a line, he showed this by storming into the room, letting the glass door slam against the wall.

“Come on Y/N.” he spoke, placing a protective arm around you and escorting you out of the room, the box only half filled, still on the counter.

“I would’ve loved to hear you scream.” the Butcher muttered, a smirk on his face as he watched you leave. Morgan pushed you out of the room and turned, walking angrily over to the Butcher.

“You speak to her like that one more time and I break every bone in your body, you get that.” he whispered, in a hushed but furious tone, his face close with the Butchers. 

“Ahh I see, you already have that little diamond in the sack, bummer, then again, that’s never stopped me before.” the old man smirked, his face disgusting even you who was unaware of the words that went along with it. Morgan turned and walked out, going directly towards you who were leaning up against a desk, your hands tucked in between your legs as though it was an instinct. 

“Come here.” he spoke before wrapping you in his arms tightly. You closed your eyes, letting your body melt into his breathing. 

anonymous asked:

ruby imagine where you're bi, and you're dating her. so you're at some sort of famous event, and you see you're male celeb crush. you fan girl, Ruby gets upset because she thinks youll leave her for a guy. you guys get in an argument. when u get home, you're still mad at each other. then you're like "I'll never leave you, I hope this will make sure you'll never leave me" *bends down on one knee* Ruby, will you marry me?" I'm having the Rose feels and I think it'll be cute. thanks!!

When I had first come out as bisexual, no one ever really thought I would end up with someone of the same sex; everyone just assumed it was a phase and that I would grow out of it once I had graduated.

But boy were they wrong about that.

I had first met Ruby when she was filming in New York for Orange is the New Black, as I was an intern at a fashion company in the city at the time. We had literally run straight into each other, and I took her out for coffee to make up for the bruise she was no doubt going to have on her bum. The relationship had blossomed from there. She had asked for my number, and texted me everyday, asking if we could meet up again.

Obviously, I said yes.

At the time, I had no idea who she was. To me, she was just a gorgeous girl with a strange accent and killer tattoos.

We eventually started dating, and I made the move to LA a few months after we met, coincidentally being offered a job down that way. Hence, the development of our now 1 year long relationship.

“Babe, come on!!” Ruby groaned, stomping her feet childishly and impatiently. “You take forever to get ready!” I rolled my eyes, fluffing my curls up a bit and turning in the mirror, checking my dress in the back before finally deciding I looked ok.

“It takes time to look this good,” I winked at my frustrated girlfriend, grabbing my phone from the charger and holding it tightly in my hand, holding Ruby’s waiting hand with my free one. “Let’s get this over with then.”

“Wait,” Ruby tugged on my hand, pulling me to her chest and wrapping her arms around my waist. “You look so beautiful…” She leant forward, capturing my lips with her own, her hands rubbing small circles on my lower back. I let out a muffled noise, pulling back from her lips and raising a brow.

“I thought we had to leave?” I teased, squealing when she picked me up all of a sudden, spinning me around playfully, her smile making me smile. “Ruby! Stop!”

“What, I can’t have fun with my beautiful girlfriend,” she pouted, her hands tickling my sides lightly. “I just wanna make sure I can still make you smile.”

“Every minute of every day you do that,” I blushed, pouting when she began to coo.

“You’re such a cheese ball,” she grinned, her hands cupping my cheeks, her lips pressing against my own for a short time. “But you’re my cheese ball..”

“I can’t believe I’m in the same room as Taylor Swift right now,” I let out a shaky breath, my grip tightening on Ruby’s hand significantly. “This is insane.”

“The perks of dating a celebrity I suppose,” Ruby just shrugged, pulling me through the throngs of people that were gathered in the entrance of the Teen Choice Awards hall. “Come on, I wanna go see some friends.”

“I like these friends of yours,” I grinned, just barely catching a glimpse of One Direction and Justin Bieber greeting each other with wide smiles and open arms. “This is a dream come true…”

“I thought I was your dream come true,” Ruby stopped in her tracks, turning to face me with her lips pouted.

“You are baby,” I sighed, pecking her pout softly. “You’re the best thing that’s happened to me… It’s just strange for me to be in the same room as all these people…”

“Well get used to it babe, because I don’t plan on coming alone to these things ever again,” she ran her hands down my bare arms, lacing her fingers with mine and pulling me closer, her forehead resting against my own. “I love you.” I flushed a deep red, my eyes lowering to the floor to avoid her intense gaze.

“I love you too…” I mumbled, looking up at her through my lashes, rolling my eyes when I saw the stupid grin on her face.

“I love that I can make you blush this easily,” she cooed, pressing her soft lips to my red cheeks, making me blush even more. “You’re so cute.”

“Alright, stop embarrassing me,” I pulled away from her lips, tucking my head into her neck to avoid further embarrassment. “Are you gonna introduce me to any of your friends?”

“Well I think Ed just walked backstage, so we can go say hi to him…?” she hummed distractedly, no doubt searching for the short ginger.

“YES!” I shot up, tugging on her hand in an effort to pull her backstage quicker. “LETS GO FIND HIM!” I pulled her along behind me, weaving my way through the various celebrities, not letting Ruby stop to talk to her friends.

“Geez, what’s got you so excited?” she huffed, digging her heels into the floor to stop me from continuing my search. “It’s just Ed..”

“Just Ed?!” I squeaked, staring at her in disbelief. “This is Ed Sheeran we’re talking about… Ginger Jesus!” I swooned, dramatically fanning myself with my hand. “God the things I would do to that man…”

“Seriously?” Ruby rolled her eyes, a frown taking over her entire face. “Go be with him then if you love him so much.” She pulled her hand from my own, stomping away from me with her hands fisted tightly beside her. I stood there for a moment, utterly confused as to what had just happened. Ruby openly flirted with her friends (even if it was a joke) infront of me, and I never went crazy jealous…

“Fucking hormones,” I sighed, abandoning my search for Ed in a hopes to find my grumpy girlfriend, squeezing through the people crowding the stage, standing up on my tip toes, finally spotting her sat in her seat, glaring at the floor infront of her. I ran over to her as best I could in my heels, crouching down infront of her slumped over body. “Ruby what the hell was that?”

“Don’t you have your boyfriend to find?” she huffed, staring down at me with hard eyes, her brows furrowed. “I’m sure you would rather be with him.”

“But I love you,” I pointed out, tugging on her arms in an effort to get them to uncross, sighing in defeat when she fought back. “Seriously, stop being so childish about it… You have your celebrity crushes and I have mine.”

“I don’t fangirl over them in front of you because I love you and don’t want to make you upset,” she shot back, her blue eyes glassing over like she was about to cry. “You seem to have no worry in making me upset.”

“I’ve never met my celebrity crushes before, so excuse me for being a little excited,” I rolled my eyes, standing up and taking my seat next to her, scooting over so I was as far away from her as I could get. “We will talk about this when we get home. I don’t want to cause a scene.”

“Oh, because it’s just horrible to be seen with me right?” Ruby spat, doing a similar action to me in her seat, her fists clenched tightly in her lap. “Why don’t you go sit with all the boys you like. You clearly have a shot with them seeing as you’re still technically into them.”

“Stop being dramatic,” I rolled my eyes, ignoring the confused looks we were receiving from the people walking past, obviously sensing the tension. “And you have no right to bring my sexuality into this. Now shut up and look like you’re having fun..”

I heard the apartment door slam shut behind me, making me jump and wince at the loud sound. Fucking asshole.

“Do you have to wake the neighbours up?” I rolled my eyes, slipping out of my shoes and leaving them in the corner of the room, throwing my phone on the bed.

“I don’t give a fuck about them,” Ruby spat, shrugging her blazer off and throwing it in the walk in, quickly discarding herself of her clothes, slipping a random shirt on over the top of her naked body. “I can’t believe you would willingly leave me to go find a boy you’ve never even met!”

“Need I remind you that that boy is your friend,” I raised a brow, slipping out of my dress, opting to throw one of my own shirts on, not wanting to give her the gratification of wearing one of hers. “And I was bringing you along with me, so I wasn’t technically leaving you..” I picked up her dirty clothes, throwing them in the hamper, stopping short when I heard a soft sniffle behind me. I turned around, dropping her blazer on the floor and running to her, sitting next to her slumped over form on the bed. “Are you crying?!”

“No…” she sniffled, wiping under her eyes with her thumbs, her body shaking softly. “It’s allergies…”

“You’re not allergic to anything,” I rolled my eyes, wrapping my arm around her and resting my head on her shoulder, smiling softly when she pulled me onto her lap out of instinct. “Why are we fighting over Ed Sheeran?”

“Because he’s amazing and you could have him if you wanted to,” Ruby sighed, looking up at me with slightly bloodshot eyes. “I don’t know why you’d ever settle for someone who can’t give you what you want…”

“What are you talking about?” I cocked my head in confusion, cupping her cheek with my hand when she lowered her gaze, forcing her to look me in the eyes. “Ruby, I want to be with you because I love you and you’re the best thing that has happened to me… Where is this all coming from?”

“I heard you the other day,” her voice cracked at the end of her sentence, tears rolling down her cheeks. “You were talking about having kids and a massive family and I can’t give you that… I can’t give you kids.. But any other man can…”

“Oh babe,” I sighed, sliding off her lap and kneeling between her open legs, my hands rubbing her thighs softly. “I don’t care about that… We’ve always talked about adoption and I’m happy with the family I have now… You, Ru, Chance and Cricket are all I need right now…” I wrapped my arms around her stomach, resting my head on her chest, wincing at the alarming rate of her heartbeat. “I’m never going to leave you, not for any man or any woman.” I let out a shaky breath, unwrapping myself from her body and crawling over to the bedside table, taking out a hidden black box from underneath and crawling back over to my confused girlfriend. “I hope this will make sure that you’ll never leave me either…” I lifted one knee so I was only kneeling on one, opening the velvet box in my hand, revealing a sparkling diamond ring I had managed to acquire from a local jewellery store we both loved.

“Oh my god!” Ruby’s eyes widened, the blue orbs staring at the ring nestled in its pile of cushions. “That’s… Oh my god!”

“I think I’m looking for a ‘yes’ not an ‘oh my god’,” I chuckled nervously, squeaking when she yanked me onto her lap, her lips colliding with my own in a messy kiss.

“Fuck yes,” she mumbled against my lips, a massive smile breaking out on both of our faces. I pulled away from her, giggling at the tears running down her face as I slipped the ring onto her finger, knowing it was a perfect fit as I had stolen one for measurement. “I can’t believe you’re the one that asked…”

“Do you want me to take it back so you can ask first then?” I raised a brow, throwing the box behind me and pushing her back on the bed so I was hovering over her surprised form.

“God no,” she chuckled, lifting her left hand to her face and admiring the ring. “It’s the exact one I wanted as well.. How did you know?”

“You’re not very subtle…” I shrugged, lacing my fingers with hers and placing them above her head, a smirk spreading across my face. “Can we consummate this engagement?”

“Aren’t you supposed to do that with marriage?” she laughed, letting out a shaky breath when I begun to place kisses down her neck.

“We consummate everything… And I plan on making you scream my name out multiple times tonight…”

Forgive me Father - Priest!Dean Winchester x Reader - Part 2

Title: Forgive me Father

Pairing: Priest!Dean Winchester x Reader

Word Count: About 3,150

Warnings: Breaking of Vows, Priest!Dean, implied smut, heated moments

Prompt: Reader is the daughter of a preacher herself but she finds herself unable to stop all those sinful thoughts when she meets the newest priest in town. And it all gets so much worse when it turns into love. Will it be the kind of love that will destroy her or not?

Read Part 1 here!

“Do you see that back?” the voice whispered “Gosh the way those muscles flex under that black shirt.”

“Oh I know I’d give everything to just rip it off of him and have him walking topless around.” another whispered.

“But he’d keep the collar one.” another one whispered with a giggle.

“Topless? Are you kidding me?” another scoffed and you started tapping your foot in annoyance “More like naked! Oh my gosh, can you imagine that perfect ass of his in full view?” she let a low moan and you pursed your lips.

“His ass?” the fourth one asked in a hushed voice tone “More like something else.” she said and all three of them giggled hysterically- until someone whisper hissed at them tobe quite. You couldn’t be more thankful to them but unfortunately your happy moment of what you could call silence was soon over.

“I don’t know about you-” the first voice spoke again “-but I could stare at those lips for hours.”

“Well-” the third giggled “I certainly wouldn’t just stare at them mhm.” she moaned and they all giggled again.

Go to the Church today your father said. It will be fun he said. Something to calm you down he said. A moment of peace he said. Yeah right.

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My boyfriend expresses mild jealousy about my attraction to James McAvoy, so I told him I find him more attractive than the McAvoy and he said ‘hell yeah!’ triumphantly.

Me: 'I’m glad you believe me because if you told me you found me more attractive than Megan Fox I would tell you where to shove your bullshit.’

Him: 'Yeah, but James McAvoy isn’t exactly Brad Pitt! It’s actually believable that you prefer me.’

Me: 'WHY DO MEN THINK HE IS NO BIG DEAL?! I’m telling you that me and thousands of other people would sell our left foot to suck on his dick and you still just don’t get it! HE IS SEX PERSONIFIED! He is a filthy Scottish gingerbearded sex magnet who could make me orgasm with a GLANCE!’

I've Got an Appetite for Sin

Anonymous asked: You meet Ben outside the venue a you’re there early and he find you attractive so he starts flirting with you and then gives you VIPS for show then after the show he tries it on with you and you find him attractive so go along with it, ends up In his bunk having rough smutty sex!

“Jesus, fucking, hell. It’s cold as piss out here.” You say wrapping your arms around yourself in a pathetic attempt to keep warm.

Your friend, Jensen, laughs as he jumps in place a bit trying to get his body heated up not bothering to reply.

You continued to wait around as more people showed up. It was still going to be a really long time before the show started so not many people were there yet.

After about ten more minutes of trying to embrace the cold, and being ignores by Jensen who has put his head phones in you blurt out “I cannot fucking do this I’m freezing my tits off!”

You hear someone chuckle behind you before someone with a thick British accent says “It is rather cold isn’t it, babe?”

Your breath hitches as you recognize the voice that you had heard in interviews a thousand times.

You quickly turn around to see a smirk painted on Ben’s pierced lips.

“Oh, um hi Ben.” You let out in a slightly star struck voice.

“Hey.” He replies the same smirk still playing on his lips.

You searched your mind trying to find something to say when your friend piped up behind you.

“Holy shit, y/n. You could of at least tried to get my attention so I could talk to him too.” Jensen bitched at you.

“Y/n, what a pretty name. Is this your boyfriend?” He asks casually.

“Oh my God no. This is my friend Jensen.” You answer awkwardly.

A new smile spread across his face as he said “Well they are going to start letting people into the venue soon, so I have to go. How about you and your friend come hangout with us after the show.”

He hands you two VIP passes, and winks at you while saying, “I’ll see you later.”

As he walked off you finally let your inner fangirl break free.

“Holy shit. Holy shit. Holy shit. Did that really just happen?” You say turning to Jensen.

He practically screeched, “You guys are totally going to fuck!”

“No way.” You giggle blushing deeply, and covering your face with your hands.

*after the concert*

“He basically eye fucked you the entire concert.” Jensen laughed as you two headed back stage.

“Shut up.” You say nudging his arm as you flashed the security guard your pass.

They let you by into the back stage area; which you were immediately met by the smell of alcohol.

After you wandered around a bit someone grabbed you by the waist and turned you around.

“Hello beautiful. Glad I found you.” Ben greeted you playfully.

You bit your lip, your heart racing faster under his touch as your replied, “Hey, Ben.”

After a few minutes of talking Ben said “It’s kind of loud in here. Want to go back to the bus with me?”

“Yeah, let’s go.” You say trying to hide the nervousness in your voice.
He intertwined your fingers, and as you were walking out someone yelled “Fuck yeah, Ben!”

You turned towards the direction that the yell came from to see Danny Worsnop giving Ben a thumbs up.

Ben have him the finger as he lead you out the door.

“Sorry about that. Danny is a bit immature.” Ben apologized with a laugh as we walked.

“Well it’s not like nobody knows what’s going to happen once we’re on that bus.” You said without thinking.

“Oh yeah?” Ben said chuckling at bit as he have your hand a small squeeze.

“Yeah.” You replied biting your lip as you reached the door of the tour bus.

“And what exactly do you think is going to happen in there?” Ben said in a low sexy voice.

You turned to face him replying “I think you know the answer to that.”
He quickly closed the space between you two of you.

He pushed you back against the door of the tour bus as his hands roamed your body.

You tangled your hands in his messy brown locks while your tongues fought for dominance.

As he began to try to lift your shirt over your head you broke away from the kiss stating “Let’s take this to your bunk.”

He opened the bus door, and pulled you in after him; wasting no time bringing you straight to his bunk.

He attached his lips to yours again while you worked on unbuttoning his jeans.

He broke apart from the kiss as he ripped your shirt over your head, unhooking your bra, and tossing it into someone’s bunk.

He began kissing your neck, leaving love bites all along your collar bone. You let out a small moan when he found your sweet spot.

He began to grope at your boobs as he continued to nibble and suck on your neck.

Your hands wandered into his unbuttoned pants and into his boxers where you began to stroke his hard member.

“Fuck.” He breathed out sending shivers down your spine as his breath ran over your neck.

He pulled your hand out of his boxers, and you both stripped down completely before he turned you around to face the bunk as he whispered, “Lets not waste anytime, babe.”

He lined himself up with you as you braced your arms against the bunk.
He slammed into you without a warning causing you to let out a little yelp from the sudden stretch.

You moaned his name as the pain soon turned to pleasure. He pounded roughly into you which cause every thrust to hit your g-spot.
You both moaned loudly and cursed as you began to meet his rough thrusts with your own.

He reached his hand around, and began rubbing your clit.
You were almost there, and you could tell he was too by the way his thrusts were getting sloppy.

Right when you were about to cum he pulled out causing you to let out a frustrated groan.

He shoved you into his bunk before climbing in after you. He put one of your legs over his shoulder before slamming into you again.

He was getting so much deeper now so it didn’t take you long to reach your climax which triggered his.

He pulled out, and you both layers there panting.

Once you caught your breath you started to search for your clothes.You got out the bunk, so you could find your panties but Ben asked, “What are you doing, y/n?” 

“Well, um, I thought you would want me to go now.” You stated awkwardly.

“Well not yet. I was thinking round two, and then maybe… cuddling?”

A smile tugged at your lips as you answered, “Yeah, I’d like that.”


It’s been ages I’m so sorry for our absences. I hope you enjoy this as much as I enjoyed writing this. There is nothing I enjoy more than Ben Bruce smut. There are so many things I would do to that man. Anyway drop a request in the ask box because I just emptied most of it. Love you all! -Kendall xoxo

Zelus (1/5)

i finally finished this! istg this was only supposed to be a quick drabble but it got away from me and im now scared for the future. i have another 5 chapters planned… rip in pieces to me.

((((i also lowkey have a feeling bucky would be completely mesmerised by twerking. like it would be a thing for him.))))

Zelus - Challenge

Characters: bucky x reader

Summary: Y/N tells Bucky that she isn’t the jealous type and so it turns into a sort of competition to see if he can make her jealous. based on this prompt by @buckyprompts

Warnings: swearing. implied smut. michael fassbender.

Word count: 2,127 words

Also read here: AO3

Part II, Part III

Originally posted by mylastlove-mylastsong

You unceremoniously fell atop of Bucky, laughing but above all trying to catch your breath. His chest below you rumbled as his arms came around you, the left holding you flush against him, while the right settled at the back of your head. You revelled in the feeling of him, surrounding you and touching you everywhere all at once. He gently pressed on the back of your head, guiding you toward him and in an instant, that somehow felt like a lifetime, your lips connected.

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