Dragalge Nicknames:

  • Venogon
    (An awesome sounding combination of “Venom” & “Dragon” ^^
  • Leviathan / Hydra
    (Dragalge is a Sea Monster that attacks incoming ships at sea)
  • Serpentide
    (Well, it does look somewhat snake-like and it lives in the sea)
  • ShipWreck
    (It sinks passing ships entering it’s territory. Check out fact no1 ^^
  • BioHazard 
    (Dragalge is a poison producing Dragon that lives in the sea >_<
  • Corrodra
    (A lend of the words “Corrode” & “Dragon”. Dragalge’s poison is acidic)

Dragalge Facts:

  1. Dragalge can spit poison strong enough to eat through the hull of a tanker; this territorial Pokémon will spit this poison at whatever trespasses its territory.
  2. As a result, it is said that ships sailing through the seas where it lives never return.


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hannah1998ynwa asked:

I'll be your Brutasha buddy too. I will go down with this ship and I will defend it against any argument ❤️❤️

Yessss let’s do it! Ugh, I hope the Russo brothers won’t sink our ship :(  I hate all the hate it gets <3

julieftws asked:

Well said reply regarding Bryan's comments about Mads. <3

Thank you. I just can’t believe the casual disrespect here, and the flippant attitude that some fans are having about this. Why are you defending him instead of the person who was singled out? In defending Bryan, you’re also saying that Mads is the reason this show was cancelled to low ratings. 

And if you’re of that opinion, you’re placing the blame on the lounge singer for sinking the ship while praising the captain as he drives us straight into the rocks.

Avoid destructive thinking. Improper negative thoughts sink people. A ship can sail around the world many, many times, but just let enough water get into the ship and it will sink. Just so with the human mind. Let enough negative thoughts or improper thoughts get into the human mind and the person sinks just like a ship.
Five Places To Go Before You Die

1. Your happy place
2. Your unhappy place, and while you’re there remember your happy place and realize, “These two places are not that different… in fact, are they even different places at all?”
3. Home. The place where you first lived: That orb in the sky where there are not souls, nor angels, nor spiritual entities, but rather one eternal being that we all come from. Go there, and say hi to the next you. Give them advice. High five them. Wish them luck.
4. Big Rico’s Pizza for a healthy salad with beets (nice and red) and beats (pounding in your ears coming from no where) it is to DIE for!
5. Your death bed. Or your death sidewalk. Your death bench. Your death inside of a sinking ship… where ever you will die. This one is unavoidable.


it has to be admitted - JeanMarco fandom is slowly dying (you’re free to prove me wrong!)

I’m a bit sad about it, because this was a lot of fun. But it’s very understandable, it’s been two years!
so this pic is mostly me crying, not Marco lol

pics in the background is just some of my art: Sam Smith and Sam and Dean and just a random drawing of a fish.


Arati Warrier - “Alive” (CUPSI 2015)

“To the men and their eyes. To the white people and their jokes. To my parents and their homophobia. To the sinking ship of my brain. To everything that has tried to kill me, I am alive.”

Performing for UT Austin during semifinals at the 2015 College Unions Poetry Slam Invitational. Subscribe to Button on YouTube!

»Don’t you think, its in your hands, to change bad things in good?«

My new drawing is finally done. Let me know what you’re thinking while looking at this. Thank you! xx

»An entire sea of water can’t sink a ship unless it gets inside the ship. Similarly, the negativity of the world can’t
put you down unless you allow it to get inside you.«

Toni Mahfud