The Shining (Jaime Preciado ONESHOT)

Hello my dears! Here is a cute little Jaime oneshot; no major warnings for this one. I will hopefully have another oneshot for you soon! Enjoy xx

Anon requested: Can you do one where you force jaime to watch The Shining with you because you’re a huge Stephen King fan and it’s movie night

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so I may have laughed loudly at this point of the shining when i saw it in the cinema yesterday because all I wanted to do was make this always sunny joke

to be fair all i did was replace this

so this joke took pretty much zero effort

The Signs as 80's Movies
  • Aries:The Shining
  • Taurus:Weird Science
  • Gemini:The Breakfast Club
  • Cancer:Star Wars
  • Leo:Ferris Bueller's Day Off
  • Virgo:Big
  • Libra:Sixteen Candles
  • Scorpio:The Lost Boys
  • Sagittarius:St. Elmo's Fire
  • Capricorn:Beetlejuice
  • Aquarius:Pretty in Pink
  • Pisces:The Princess Bride