imo the most heartbreaking moment in the mass effect series is at the end of mass effect 3 when shepard and anderson are in the citadel staring at earth and hackett contacts shepard telling her nothing happened and straight away shes like ‘what do you need me to do’ 

like shes covered in blood shes literally given up her life for this and even on the cusp of death shes so eager to serve. it just breaks my heart i cry every time 

So a lot of people are talking about this picture because they think it’s funny that Shrek was there and it was the first time Eridan has ever been shown smiling

But another thing about this picture that I noticed first

This Eridan has pupils. This Eridan was not a ghost, was alive, and was somehow with a Shrek

So, now that Cas and Lucifer are sharing the same empty vessel… does this mean we’ll get to hear one of those: 

“Dean Dean Dean… you should hear the things he thinks of you. How far he’s willing to go for you. I called him a peculiar creature, but Jesus Christ. I mean, betraying your own kind is one thing, but slumming it with the mud monkeys? Enjoying it? Castiel is so madly in love with you he trips over his over wings just to be in your general vicinity. Ha! And they call me an abomination. Oh… you didn’t know that, did you? Of course you didn’t. And that’s the saddest part. I mean, he Fell for you, he continues to fight for you… and you treat him like a Heavenly bulldog. Mm, you should be ashamed of yourself.”

Think about it.