There are no happy endings.
Endings are the saddest part,
So just give me a happy middle
And a very happy start.
—  Every Thing On It
Today at the Doctor
  • Doctor:Where is your mom?
  • Me:At home, I suppose...
  • Doctor:*Looks at me suspiciously
  • Me:...........
  • Doctor:Will she come?
  • Me:Nope
  • Doctor:*Continues looking at me suspiciously
  • Me:...........
  • Doctor:How old are you?
  • Me:25
  • Doctor:What?? Are you sure?
  • Me:Yep, pretty sure
  • Doctor:But you look like 15
  • Me:............
  • Both:Awkward silence

I really loathe mainstream media. Every instance of reported police terror drops the line “Police thought he/she had a gun,” as if we’re all supposed to throw our hands up like “Oooooh, okay, gotcha – should of known.” The saddest part is tons of people actually do have that reaction, that’s why it’s the go-to fabrication cops use. Said it before, I’m saying it again: “They had a gun” is the new rope. 

I mean it’s an IMMEDIATE mechanism to spin the public narrative away from police culpability. It makes the public think police had no choice but to kill or critically injure this person. I cannot express this enough, disarm the police (now THAT would be gun control). They should not be allowed to carry firearms. Evidence clearly demonstrates they cannot control themselves.

you once said to me that i was lovable, and loving me meant loving the saddest parts of me and you were ready and willing. and even if we went three months without speaking, you’d still answer the phone for me. well isn’t it funny, how you can say one thing and do another. i meant it when i said “you are all i see”. you just didn’t see me. and you didn’t really need me. it hurts when i can’t even say your name without crying, because i can’t help but wonder, when was the last time you said mine. and do you still wake up from bad dreams wishing you were on the phone with me. tell me what it is you regret the most. loving me, or pushing me away? because i still wake up in the middle of the night, with the overwhelming fear that you never really wanted me to stay.
—  but i guess some things are better left unsaid // m.g.
It always amaze me how much I can care about a person.  Like how i constantly thinking about them. How they’re doing and if they’re safe, are they home, something like that. I will stick with that person until the end. I won’t leave them just because i know how it feels to be left behind. I care too much and that’s the problem. Even though they don’t care about me, i still care about them no matter what they do, no matter how they treat me. I will always have this feeling of wanting to take care of them as long as i can. And that’s the saddest part here, i can’t just ignore them and act like they don’t matter to me just like what they’re doing.

Alright! No surprise of getting this crap photo! This is such a perfect way to get rid of the “wearing engagement ring” bit. So, this morning (PST) an interview of the girls came out and Perrie admitting that she’s not “getting married anymore; just saying”. Now, if you read what the interviewers ask her— the “100% Catholicism” wedding statement sounds more like 100% bullshit. Zayn is muslim, and she is Christian ………. Um ??????? Lol. Anyways! Since they apparently “returned the ring” what other way can she prove that they are in fact still together after the statement of them being “all is well” to get his initials in a heart hidden in the henna. Hmm… Interesting right? Well, I still think that the saddest part is, is that she’s gotten her henna done around the wrong time… Especially because of Ramadan when, Eid, is the appropriate time to get it done. They honestly are the saddest couple…