You followed Kol to the Gilberts’ house secretly as your father instructed you to, and stayed in the sidelines. Until things started getting messy, that is. Kol started fighting Jeremy and Elena, and you saw her aiming for the White Oak Stake. Having already been invited in before you emerged, and got caught in between. All hell broke loose when you were struck by the sole weapon with the ability to kill you. You staggered as your mind filled with the seer pain you experienced, and flames engulfed all of your body.

You fell to the ground, screaming bloody murder. A loud growl echoed in your ears, and you saw him from the corner of your eyes. Your dad had arrived, and he was watching you die. You trying calling to him, crying out for help but you were cut off short when the last ounce of life left you. Klaus halted, pure terror filling him, suffocating him whole as he did not hear your voice anymore. Your body was burning inside their kitchen and he could do nothing about it. Your own father could do nothing about it. His breathing was ragged as he screamed and shouted to the Gilbert siblings of the million ways he’ll make the suffer for what they did to you. He desperately tried to barge inside but he was not invited and Kol was pulling him back, yelling that they should leave. Swearing one last time to destroy Elena and Jeremy Gilbert, he left.

When he reached home, he did not even bother to acknowledge Elijah or Rebekah, trashing various pieces of furniture as he growled, before he fell to his knees, head hanging low. You were gone. His daughter, the sole source of positivity and happiness in his existence, gone.

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A Real Relationship Has: Fights, Trust, Faith, Happiness, Pain, Arguments, Patience, Complicity, Jealousy, Love.
* I’m going to have faith that she comes back because I miss my babies.


The Originals Season 4 “Fight for Family” Promo. 

Finally, a Klope Reunion



“Ah love, just in time for the rescue” Klaus exclaimed as you walked in the compound, having once again been called to help. You shot him a sinister smile, which he returned knowingly.

“Niklaus, you know I never refuse to offer you my humble services”

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I’m not going to kill you, you idiot. Despite your behavior you’re still my brother! I’ve daggered all of you. Each for your own good. If you don’t agree with my motives, fine! I never claimed to be the bastian of temperance, but stop this dribble about being singled out and unloved. You are a Mikaelson! You’re my blood! And I need you…I need you by my side.
—  Klaus Mikaelson, The Originals, s02e13 “The devil is damned”
Crisis Alert

I was planning on live-blogging the Season 4 premiere of The Originals, but it is currently 7:33pm and a storm is raging over my house. If this blocks my satellite during the show, I will be:
A) super pissed
B) super sad because dude I waited months for this


The Originals S2 Appreciation Week  ► Day 3: Favorite Quote

↳“Just for one second can we just be what we need to be … a family united.” - Rebekah Mikaelson


The honourable brother who lives for his family: a l w a y s and f o r e v e r


In one shots, drabbles, whatever… I need Human|Little In Character Mikaelsons Fluff.

  • Kol learning how to talk to girls with his older brothers, and Rebekah trying not to laugh when he fails. 
  • Rebekah growing up trying to stay include in her brother’s lifes. Finn’s too.
  • Elijah and Klaus taking care of the small ones for the first time when Finn gets out while their parents already aren’t home.
  • All of them with Henrick when he gives his first steps.
  • Henrick’s relationship with each member of the family.
  • All of them, even Finn, going to look for Klaus in the woods when he gets lost. 
  • Mikael being protective and a decent father in some moments.
  • Esther being a good mother to all of them.
  • Elijah and Rebekah trying to stop Mikael.
  • Kol feeling left out.
  • The others get jeolous of Finn’s relationship with Esther.
  • Rebekah goes behind Elijah when he goes hunt alone for the first time. 
  • One birthday of each sibling.
  • Kol messing with Finn, Elijah and Klaus about sex. 

                                                         And it continues…