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Ok u said they'd end an episode on the cliffhanger of Mob's house on fire but. what if. they end the season like that.

I’m glad the chapters inbetween the anime ending and the fire are too close to last a season, which means this would be impossible, but just the thought that it could happen gives me shivers…. Yikes, prayer circle for anime-only fans!

Fire Emblem – Skill themed asks!

Felt like doing some FE related asks so I put together this! Feel free to add more if you have any ideas!

  • Supportive – Who did you S-rank and why?
  • Misfortunate – Unluckiest moment in game?
  • Fancy Footwork – Singers or dancers?
  • Aching Blood – Did you name/forge any weapons? If so, what was your favorite name that you gave to a weapon?
  • Triple Threat – Swords, lances, or axes?
  • In Extremis – Clutch moment for you in game?
  • Perfectionist – Do you like to unlock/get every unit?
  • Vendetta – Is there a boss/chapter that you hate to go through every time you play?
  • Wary Fighter – Are you reckless or careful in your strategies?
  • Swap – Did you ever sacrifice a unit in order to save another?
  • Aptitude – Was FE easy for you when you started or was it difficult?
  • Rally Spectrum – What is your most favorite/preferred stat?
  • Galeforce – What was your most broken unit?
  • Aether- Favorite lord?
  • Armsthrift – Which weapon system do you like? Durability or no durability?
  • Rightful God – Favorite boss in the series?
  • Veteran – Which FE games have you played and what was your favorite?
  • Paragon – Was there a unit that you put extra effort into/ favored over others?
  • Quick Burn – Do you try to get through the game quickly or do you take your time?
  • Wildheart – Do you like using beast/laguz units?
  • Vow of Friendship – Do you reset if you lose units in battle?
  • Inspiring Song – Favorite song(s) from the series?

Part 2 to my Transition Stories post: 

I am sick of trans stories that act like transitioning is one giant leap. As though you looked out over a chasm, took two steps backward and launched yourself across never to return, leaving behind an empty husk of who you used to be. 

I can’t remember where I saw that line….something like “I can’t let go of the woman I was, so I carry her with me” (please someone give me the reference and I’ll update this). You have no idea. 

My dad, one of the most important people in my life, died long before my transition. He’s only ever called me by my birth name, and while I don’t ever want someone to call me that again….I still hear that name in his voice and I don’t want to let it go. 

My body didn’t always look like this and I want to be able to talk about that, to joke about that. A few days ago I got to crack jokes to someone about my surgery and my transition and these fundamental, elemental parts of me that so often make people uncomfortable. She laughed and joked back with me and I didn’t have to explain or answer weird questions and I don’t think I know how to tell her that that healed a small part of my soul. 

I know….I KNOW the raging, kicking, painful desire to rip away what and who people said you were before your transition. We call it “dead naming” to call a trans person by their birth name, we have laid that person to rest. 

But I haven’t. And I don’t want to. That person was the only me that has ever been hugged by my dad. That person was the me who loved and was loved by many people. That person lived. That person is a part of me. I can’t let her go. I don’t want to.

I don’t want to leave the me before I transitioned behind on the other side of the chasm. Transition, for me, wasn’t a leap, it was like scaling down the wall, and then back up the other side. Slow. Steady. Carrying her on my back. In between my ribs. Hidden away or tucked close against prying eyes. She’s part of me. I can’t leave her behind. So we climb. Together. 


Lauren’s so adorable when she’s with children☺️ she turns into her little puppy 🐶 self😂😍😍😍 ( I did not make this video all credit to the owner😘 also this is the same video as the link I posted, I just found out how to use tumblr😂😜 )