–Bob Dylan

…we belonged there then in a paradise of sorts, but as time is a river, paradise was lost

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Actually Mark didn't stand up for what Felix did, he stood up against treating someone like complete trash (which I think it's everyone's basic human right NOT to feel that way). Even if someone does something wrong, stooping to their level by being a jerk only hurts you in the end. Fire doesn't put out fire, forgive and forget, treat others how you wish to be treated, etc. Moral of the story, be kind to those who aren't kind to you. THAT'S how you make the world a better place.

Actually nazis do deserve to be treated like complete trash and so does anyone who defends them case closed

if u dont like an rp dont join it if you dont like the idea that the rp is based on dont join it if you have had bad experiences n would not like to give the plot another try dont join it if youre going to be ignorant in an rp about a serious topic dont join it if youre not going to do your research before joining an rp about topics like this dont join it moral of the story is if ur unhappy abt an rp or not willing to put in the work to understand the rp DONT JOIN IT 


Yusuf Idris’s The Aorta starts with a distinctly postcolonial Arab commotion, “an aimless sort of running, as if those doing it were trying to find some spot from which to actually begin their running and hurrying.” The Aorta is a violent, disillusioned story about a world that eats itself in a maze of jealousy, selfishness, rage and dashed expectations. Abduh, the story’s allegory and moral center, a living corpse (but not a zombie, because true oppression is psychically powerful and does not need science fiction or horror to create a living dead) is described as 

out of place wherever he was, as if he’d never found his own country. When things got too much for him, he’d cry. His eyes would suddenly fill with tears…it embarrassed you not only because it was Abduh but because he, a man, cried like women and children do, yet without anything softly feminine or childlike about it to inspire your sympathy…You had to be careful not to treat him too roughly or else he’d cry, filling you with a disgust that would last all day or perhaps even for days on end.

In The Aorta, Abduh inspires savagery in everyone who encounters him. No one listens to him tell his story, and in an attack not unlike The Lottery’s, Abduh is ultimately ambushed and killed.

Mashrou Leila’s first two albums are what happens when Abduh is heard, when the town square pauses its aimless havoc and holds its breath to listen to a soft voice, and that voice turns out to be full of a surprising urgency, sadness and rage, that voice turns out to be full of hope.

A note about Arab men first: They are a strange and unsettling group of men to love. Like all maligned groups, Arab women are asked to carry both the burden of their own marginalization and that of the men they share a color and ethnic origin with. In Take me to the Water, James Baldwin writes about how slavery, subjugation and colonization emasculated men “of human responsibility, to their women, to their children, or to themselves.” Frantz Fanon agreed. As this emasculation happens of course, the colonized and subjugated woman sits patiently by, watching the colonized man absolve himself while she continues to firmly hold the world that he has shrugged off.

So when I say masculinity is irredeemable, Mashrou Leila, a band of five Arab men, nods and agrees: masculinity is irredeemable. In its place, they offer Fasateen (Dresses) and Shim el Yasmiine (Smell the Jasmine) off their self-titled first album, and El Hal Romancy (The Solution is Romantic) off their second. Today, we’ll look at these songs that make Mashrou Leila a kind of Abduh, the man who was relentlessly moved to tears.

Sure, I’ve said some things on tumblr that I’d take back. Sure we all make mistakes. It seems that when you have strong Saturn or prominent Capricorn in your chart, people hold onto the things you said… It’s difficult being the most unlikable zodiac sign…

When you have a gemini moon, your perspectives are often changing. Like I find I no longer stand by something I wrote months ago. Some people cling onto ideas about me when I may have actually gained a different outlook. Sometimes I feel tons of negative energy directed at me because of things I said on this blog, or things I never said, but people assumed about me. If only people would just brush things off their shoulder and not form such ideas about me… I’d like to say that what other people think doesn’t matter, but we have to set good impressions if we want to succeed.

Moral of the story, don’t assume you know the subtext behind what someone says, don’t be so critical about what someone said months ago. People are always changing and evolving (hopefully).

I get tons of great feedback on here, but then I get comments that are either ignorant or an outright put down. I’m just frustrated that I’ll say something that some people will like and others take offence. It gets mentally exhausting to cater to others’ sensitivities, sometimes you never know when something you say will get taken the wrong way.

I’ll always love the universe…

di reason why I been so inactive the post few days is cos I was in di hospital cos I squirted so hard I blacked out,,,,,anyway moral of di story don’t watch [jhope focus] fancams late at night

Okay… I made this while watching Jack’s latest video today where he at first tripped balls before going insane. I wanted to draw him in that last part before the outro where he’s in an insane asylum after being high on soda. So moral of the story kids: NEVER DRINK SODA EVER AGAIN!

JK, but that video was fucking hilarious. I hope Robin had fun editing the last 5 minutes of it as I had fun enjoying it. So I hope you guys like this.

(PS: Guess who’s up in the top left corner? Hint: It’s Anti!)

  • Me waking up this morning: I love and appreciate dan howell
  • Me going to get breakfast: I love and appreciate dan howell
  • Me before dan uploads: I love and appreciate dan howell
  • Me after dan uploads: I love and appreciate dan howell
  • Me every hour of every day: I love and appreciate dan howell

tom_cullen: Thinking of this extraordinary woman on the final day of #OrphanBlack. I have had the honour of watching her take on this ridiculous challenge and not only overcome it but absolutely destroy it beyond any expectation. From running Tats lines for her first audition. To watching in awe as she did her first multi clone scene. Sitting in the audience as she picked up her first award and to go on and win an Emmy. To dancing at the final wrap party with her beloved Orphan Black family. The most humble, hard working, passionate and stupidly talented person I have ever met. Congratulations @tatianamaslany. I’m as proud as a Mum watching her little boy have his first date. I’m as proud as a Dad watching his daughter kick her first date in the nuts when he tried to kiss her. Moral of the story, you’ve nailed it. You absolutely nailed it. In the balls. And the world went “Ouch, that was good”. 


On the sixth day of christmas my true love gave to me

(a) six foot tall russian

five volleyballsfour seijou darlings, three ugly sweaters, two stupid volleybirbs & the greatest brotp

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i will literally never forget the watching the season four premiere of the office like we spent a whole summer agonizing over whether or not jim and pam were FINALLY dating and then in the beginning my brother actually threw a pillow at the tv when it looked like they weren’t together and then they kISSED and i swear to god my whole family started screaming and hugging like we woke up my three year old sister lmao and my friend called me during the commercial break so we could yell about it and then we stayed on the line so we could scream every time they did anything like when they held hands we hit decibels that weren’t audible to humans and to this day i have never seen my brother literally flail about something the way he did on that fateful night in 2007

A wicked man–readers could see he was wicked because it said
he was wicked, right there on the page–built a clock of glass in which he captured Time herself, but things went wrong because there was one part of the clock, a spring, that he couldn’t make out of glass, and it broke under the strain. Time was set free and the man aged ten thousand years in a second and crumbled to dust and–not surprisingly, in Jeremy’s opinion–was never seen again. The story ended with a moral: Large Enterprises Depend upon Small Details. Jeremy couldn’t see why it couldn’t just as well have been It’s Wrong to Trap Non-Existent Women in Clocks, or, It Would Have Worked with a Glass Spring.
—  Terry Pratchett, Thief of Time

Now, as adherents of the great and terrible AP Stylebook — which also eschews the Oxford comma — we must admit the moral of this story flies in the face of everything (or one thing) NPR’s own sentences stand for.

But we offer these stories as a reminder that every punctuation mark deserves a fair hearing, a glimpse into the glories of grammar(,) and a quiet rebellion against the tyranny of copy editors everywhere.*

*Just a joke, NPR copy desk! Please don’t break out the red pen.

The Oxford Comma: Great For Listing, Pontificating, And Winning Court Cases

Image by Chelsea Beck/NPR


so hey guys i’m doing a giveaway!! because i’m not really that interested in haikyuu!! anymore and i’d rather these go to good homes where people can u know. enjoy them. also i don’t have the boxes for a lot of them because they either got thrown away or i lost them in the hellpit of my house or i left them because too big for luggage, though the buttons that aren’t the bigger lev button i just found on ebay so i’m not sure where those come from. basically the moral of the story is keep ur merch boxes my friends.

so there’s no point in me selling them. so i’m giving them away! 

i’ll just. u know. throw everybody’s name in a randomizer and pick two winners. woohoo.

1st prize winner gets to pick 3 figures, one mini figure, two straps, a choice of the oikawa squishable thing whose name i cant remember or the kenma plush pin, and 4 buttons!

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i have some rules too! be sure to read them before entering the giveaway.

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5. uhh just be nice play fair and we’ll be all good i guess?
6. also ill cover shipping costs so dw about that this is about getting free stuff not paying for shipping and handling

i’ll pick the winners of this giveaway on april fools day because i am a fool for losing my boxes so have fun? hooray