I’ve made some trinkets based on the Termina Clock of Clock Town from Majora’s Mask! :D

There’s version for both the day and night symbols that the clockface cycles through, with the night face given the colored lighting it gets when you battle the Skull Kid on top of it on the final night. :)

Trinkets available at Trinket Geek:

Bronze Termina Clock Pendant

Silver Termina Clock Pendant

Termina Clock Bracelets

  • People are still trying to argue with me about how stupid it to get upset about the fact that I couldn't get a Majora's Mask New 3DS for my best friend because "it's just a paint job", and " other people can paint it just like that or better for cheaper".
  • The paint job is not the point.
  • It's the fact that Nintendo made a deal with Gamestop/Eb Games to replenish a quantity of there stocks with the DS' if they sold them 1 per customer. 1 PER CUSTOMER.
  • This meant, if there were 30 consoles in store, and there 30 people in line, then if you are among those 30, you should have been guaranteed a console.
  • So when a friend of mine went to the purchase the game for me while I was in class, he was confident he could get one of the last 3 they had in stock.
  • He arrived at opening, he was the second person in line. (Third, if you count the guy in front of him was accompanied by his girlfriend).
  • So he was ready to pay for the game when the manager of the store sold the guy in front of ALL 3.
  • Now I understand if he bought two. There were two of them there, he could've bought one while she paid for the other. That's fine, but the fact that they sold him all three against Nintendo's wishes, is ridiculous.
  • Naturally, he was furious. He reported the event to both Nintendo, and EB games, and only got responses from Nintendo, and they are very, very disappointed by this situation.
  • The reason this is an issue, is not because I couldn't buy one. But because people are abusing an item meant for a target audience that we assume cannot afford these consoles (children), simply to make a profit off of others, which is incredibly unfair and ridiculous.
  • Sure, we can just hire someone to paint our own 3DS and la de da, but this kind of behavior should not be tolerated, especially because this is the second time.
  • And yes. I know there will be always scalpers. There is always someone. But Gamestop was supposed to have at least ATTEMPTED to control the situation to prevent this, and they did not even acknowledge my friend when he spoke out.
  • When we asked three other stores who had them in stock if they could hold one for a minimum two hours so we could make it into the store to purchase it, they told us they weren't legally allowed to do that, but they can sell their entire stock to Scalpers against their suppliers will?
  • Needless to say when we arrived at those stores, all the consoles were gone.
  • It may be an overreaction, but this is honestly despicable and disgusting.


  • A 2nd Zelda Majora’s Mask Edition New 3DSXL - Nintendo

I was given the opportunity to acquire another MM New 3DSXL, and I couldn’t turn it down.  But now, its fate is to be stashed away in a dark cabinet… unless someone trades me a MIB Pikachu 3DSXL for it. heh

I’m sorry.