Basically what happened in the last few chapters of EoS

Aelin: Hey guys, guess what
Rowan: What?
Aedion: What?
Manon: What?
Literally almost everyone: What?
Aelin: I’m not telling, you gotta guess (((:
Everyone: ????????????
Aelin: *being carted away in the Iron Coffin, Lysandra turns into Aelin, 13 diff armies show up* did u guess 🙃🙃🙃

Negan imagines - The Blame Part 7

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A/N: Well, Negan killed me in this episode. Of course I had to change some things due to my last chapter and I changed some parts (mainly the ending) of my last chapter so you might wanna go reread it before this. In the meantime enjoy…

Catch up here (Part 1)(Part 2)(Part 3)(Part 4)(Part 5)(Part 6)

Overall Summary: You’re the one who accidentally led the Saviours to the group cause Negan has an interest in you. Rick’s daughter.

In this chapter: It’s Grimes family visit day, Carl spends time with Negan while you try to get things back in order at Alexandria but something pops up.

Pairing: Negan x reader, Father!Rick x Daughter!Reader

Word count: 4,100…Oops…

Warnings: Explicit language, Negan being Negan, mentions of sexual acts, sexual tension, Negan being an asshole

It wasn’t long until you returned to Alexandria. Carl, your Dad and the community was on your mind the entire ride home. Negan hadn’t even told you when his next drop in was. How long did you have?

You peered up at the gates and inhaled deeply. You felt your jeans vibrate as your Dad’s voice appeared.

“(Y/n)? Michonne?”

“Dad?” You pulled out your radio and answered.

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Nowhere in the manga said that Ichigo always wanted be a doctor, and normal human life with a kid. Do you believe it was Kubo intention to make IH and RR canon since the beginning, because I don't?

But is he a doctor even? It doesn’t say even that in last chapter. Such is the beauty of last chapter, it doesn’t answer a single thing. Does he simply help out? Did he even study to become doctor? He didn’t go to shinigami academy, he doesn’t have healing powers. Guess we will never know. 

As for what Kubo wanted, I don’t know anon. All I know is that he did a real shitty job of writing a coherent story. Because the only relationship he developed in the manga was was ichiruki, I don’t know for what purpose. He had so many moments to develop canon but he didn’t. Even the last chapter is lackluster, it’s as exciting as watching wet paint drying. 

I don’t want to even talk about IH, but I do care about Renji so let’s take this for e.g. Renji is supposed to be in love with Rukia. He sees her with another dude she is always more responsive towards, knows she’s going to sleep alone in his room. What does he do? Quietly leave making an excuse about going to Urahara’s just to not be a third wheel. 

Does this waving Rukia look like she is in love with Renji? Look at that single shaded panel of Renji with his back turned to them? How does this panel make you feel about what’s on Renji’s mind?

And so much for “discussing a few matters with Urahara”, he is sitting outside the shop because he has nowhere else to go and he knows Uraharas won’t welcome him. 

I think that is pretty self explanatory Renji had moved on from Rukia. But no, please drag him in this shitfest Kubo and leave him no integrity. *slow claps* What’s next, Byakuya marrying Yachiru? Oh wait, that won’t happen. Because Yachiru is gone, along with any sense bleach ever used to make. 

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Hi! Are you planning on updating Something Like This tomorrow or will there be a week off before the last chapter?

Yes, the last chapter will be posted tomorrow! I’m actually sitting here and editing it right now. There will be an epilogue too, but I’m not yet sure when that will be posted. I don’t think it will be ready to go tomorrow, so that one might be next week. I’ll have to see how it goes.

Thanks for asking!

Chapter Fifty-Nine

A/N: Hello everyone, again, I’m very sorry I haven’t been on here. I’m also sorry I haven’t replied to messages in a while, but they pretty much all say the same thing - when’s the next chapter?

Well, here it is. So if you were one of the lovely people who remembered my story and asked for a new update, thank you so much for sticking with me! I wish I could update every hour of every day for you, but life just doesn’t let me do that.

If you can’t remember the last chapter - because, let’s be honest, it was ages ago, you can find it here to refresh yourself.

Anyway, that said, enjoy the new chapter and do let me know what you think 😊😘

“How are you, dear?” Elizabeth asked, giving Emmy’s hands a squeeze as Emmy curtsied in greeting.

“I’m well,” Emmy said, then cupped her little baby bump. “And so is this little one.”

Both Elizabeth and Kate, who had just joined them from shaking the rain off her coat, laughed affectionately.

“Did you have a good anniversary?” Elizabeth asked, as the three of them began to make their way through one of the majestic corridors of Buckingham Palace.

“Mmm, it was great,” Emmy answered, although as her mind went back to three days earlier, a blush tainted her cheeks. The thought of all those hours they’d spent alone in bed…She lost her train of thought, and then realised, with a jolt, that Elizabeth was speaking again.

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Chapter 513

First of all..

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Now for the last chapter…. Remember this is all my opinion, and you can disagree

Maybe it didn`t have Nalu, or Gruvia…….




There isn`t a way this chapter was bad.

By the way I rate chapters this one has 5 STARS…. lIKE TOTAL AWESOME STARS.

So first the cover….. JERZA

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Frosh and Lector,

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Minerva being a total cinamon roll and having a great slow burnt character development and Lit Sis!Kagura

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Erza being Badass…

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Eileen screwing with Erza

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Mama!Eileen confirmed…

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There three important things about Eileen:

  1. She was queen of the dragons
  2. She thought Erza was dead
  3. She hates Acknologia

I think that when Eileen lived in the past with Anna and the dragon slayers as queen of the dragons, but she was riped from that tittle when Acknologia killed all of them. So, she followed the dragon slayers so she could find Acknologia again, not knowing that she was pregnant with Erza. So when she passed through the Eclipse gate, Erza grew both phisically and mentally, and deciding that it was for the better, she left her in rosemary village.


Since Eileen hates Erza and Acknologia, and he is the king of dragons, maybe Erza is Acknologias daughter.

what you think?

these last few chapters have been such a wild emotional roller coaster but i can’t stress enough how exciting/satisfying/sweet it is to see nami seriously emoting for sanji; its such a rare occurrence but i just really love how she’s been pretty much putting her heart on her sleeve for him…. i hope everything is going to turn out okay!! i can’t wait to see what happens next; no doubt Oda is building up to something BIG be it a sanami milestone or anything else!!! our cook & navigator have come such a long way~ ;;

I did it it’s done the last chapter is posted I’m on mobile and can’t make a link *hysterical laughter*
The master post list is in the queue and will go up in like 10 minutes so that is where the link is.

Christmas 2016 - Chapter 2

A/N: This fic is essentially my interpretation of what could happen in tonight’s episode (3.09), though most of it is very westallen-centric. There is also a very heated sex scene in the last chapter, which is what gives this fic the M rating on AO3 and FFnet. Enjoy. :)

Chapter 1 - tumblr, AO3, FFnet

The trip to Earth 3 led to Jay Garrick returning with Barry and helping to fight Savitar before offering some wise words that left Barry feeling oddly unsure of what the future held, though surprisingly not in the solely negative way he’d felt before. They hadn’t defeated Savitar, but they’d put up a hell of a fight, and Jay guaranteed he would fight just as tirelessly to find the answers to their villainous dilemma as Barry would here on Earth 1.

“In the meantime,” Jay had suggested with a pointed look. “Try to live in the present, not whatever future Savitar has shown to you. If you spend all your time worrying about what will happen, you’ll miss out on what’s happening right now.”

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Tower of God S2ch225-226 Thoughts

Whew, this chapter finally got released. I was already surprised at how bloody last chapter was but to have it immediately followed by not just one but two deaths in a single chapter was truly shocking. The sudden tonal shift can be jarring. After all, the NHS generally is a high point for the story with almost everything going right for the characters. But then, it makes sense when we consider that we are, after all, following a different protagonist in Wangnan right now. Baam, as he currently is, is already too strong compared to his companions that he alone is enough to handle most of their enemies to the point that rankers were needed for their team to actually be endangered. Wangnan, however, is weak. Team TSY had to take great risks (e.g. teaming up with Hoaquin, Wangnan getting beaten to death) just to capture Cassano. And even that hard-won victory turned out to be a nightmare for those who remained of them.

It’s interesting to see both protagonists experiencing the same thing of losing friends and feeling guilt. But whereas Baam looks determined in that last panel, Wangnan is still in the throes of despair. I would assume that Baam’s next move would be to go to GoG and complete his rice pot training. If he’s not strong enough to protect his friends, then the logical next step is to obtain greater power. What I’m really worried about is Wangnan. Not only is he feeling guilt, there is also an added layer of helplessness with him and Miseng now being at the hands of the enemies and with no other way to improve their situation. There’s also the fact that Wangnan is somehow “immortal” and yet having to see Akraptor meaninglessly sacrifice himself in front of him….

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Can you summerize what scenes you took out and why? I'm just super curious.

well it’s mostly scenes with finn. there was a scene where clarke sneaked out of bed while lexa was sleeping to visit finn and ended up having sex with him; a scene where clarke isn’t entirely comfortable having sex with lexa but goes with it because she thinks that’s what lexa wants; and like little things, sentences that were too much for me so i rewrote them. this chapter was supposed to end a little differently, too, with clarke coercing lexa to have sex even though lexa didn’t quite feel like it. i wrote all of that originally to make things and feelings more complicated, but partly thanks to the response i got last chapter i re-evaluated it and realized that there are things characters can’t come back from, and if they do, it takes a lot of time.

oh and btw this is my second rewrite. the first first draft of the story had clarke falling for lexa way later in the story. it also had clarke much more in love with finn than what we have now, and he also was more of a dick. very glad i scratched that one because it would have been hell untangling that mess later in the story.

Klaine fic - Blaine Alone Chapter 2 - Preparation (Part 1)

In preparation for leaving his sub alone while he goes on a business trip, Kurt teaches Blaine the different discipline techniques he’ll need to use when his Dom requires it. (704 words)

This chapter jumps backward in time before the first chapter, which, as we know, is actually the last chapter. Written for @lilinas Bitchmas prompt ‘bough’. Warning for cock whipping and recreational Viagra use. This scene also illustrates humiliation through condescension.

Written for @itallstartedwithharry

Read on AO3.

“1 … 2 … 3 … 4 …” Blaine’s strained voice peters behind the off-beat staccato rhythm of the switch coming down hard on his swollen, uncaged cock.

“Don’t tense your face, pet,” Kurt commands. “You’ll get wrinkles. Count the swats off with an open mouth and a relaxed jaw. Round out the vowels.” He crouches to Blaine’s eye level and demonstrates. “It’s good practice for the stage.”

“Yes, Sir. Thank you, Sir.” Blaine opens his mouth and drops his lower jaw to his chest, stretching stiff muscles and relieving the pressure that’s been building up with his teeth clenched tight.

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