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did you finish switchblade? like are you posting them as you write orrr? (BTW I LOVE IT I LOVE YOU SM)

lol did you know that at one point i had like…a buffer. i was ahead. now i definitely, definitely post chapters as i finish them/they’re edited. so i’m not keeping you guys waiting because i like you to suffer. well, only like….a little bit anyway.

THANK YOU glad you’re enjoying it :D

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So I am not someone you usually reads explicit fics but yours was highly recommended by a friend so I gave it a shot. I've actually cried over how much consent and communication is going on here. THIS is the reason I like the bdsm community so much. Because there are assholes yes, but this expectation that you treat your partner with the utmost respect is something every relationship should have and you write it SO WELL. Thank you so much for this healthy relationship. You're amazing.

Thank you. I do try, and you’re right, there are a fair share of predatory assholes who have capitalized on 50 Shades of Grey. But I do try and advocate nearly ritualized communication.Consent is (or should be) present at every step of the way. Which is why I had Marinette safeword in the last chapter. Did it slow the scene down? Maybe, but that’s what happens. When your partner says they need something you stop and listen. 

I don’t buy into the “Adrien would be a terrible dom because he would constantly ask permission” mentality because so much of this shit is asking for permission/communicating consent. Not asking for consent is abuse. I can unpack some fandom misconceptions about what it means to be dominant (i.e. abusive, dispassionate, possessive, white male coughGabrielAgrestecough) and submissive (i.e.meek, doormat, needy, dependent white woman) then I think this out of control smutfic was time well spent. 

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O'course prequels and epilogues thrive showing what happens before and after, but essentially how it was done in Naruto wasn't seamless; comes across as beating the dead horse. Kaguya isn't a thrilling villain because she was introduced in the the last few chapters, same can be said with Shin and the other Hiden ordeals. Their stake and importance to Naruto then go beyond the pale of "compelling" to just "well it's an elective reason for a plot" i.e. there to make a story

And reasoning for Gaiden being solely about family is dubious considering whose family we talking? That this was done for SS’s daughter means this story was geared to showcase this family and bring up the point of why they’re together, where at the end, it’s cus Sarada. Shin wasn’t a problem, nor was Sarada’s origin as we get a confirmation at the end anyway. So… only a fluffy story for SS and the tie that binds them. Now I’m a Naruto fan, don’t get me wrong, but even I know when to eye-roll.

You’re still not refuting anything that I’m saying, you’re circling around the subject while introducing new points of contention, and I’m starting to find it a little exasperating in all honesty. I only originally took issue with you saying that the Naruto ending “pandered to romance”, and that all the post-ending material was “much ado about nothing”. I showed you how those statements are incorrect, and you have yet to counter this. Yet instead, I now find myself discussing how to do prequels efficiently, and what the point of Gaiden was.

And here, you’re doing it again, you’re continuing the dispute while not refuting anything. Saying that something is “much ado about nothing” indicates that the people involved made a big fuss over a trivial matter. That can’t be attributed to Kaguya, or Toneri, or Shin, or any of the antagonists in the novels because the problems they brought forth were anything but trivial. That’s why there’s absolutely no point in you saying that neither Kaguya nor Shin were thrilling, nor is their a point in you saying that The Last and Gaiden weren’t done seamlessly, because that doesn’t equate to them being trivial concerns. So I don’t see why you’re highlighting that, because they prove nothing. Whether or not an antagonist is “compelling” or a plot is done “seamlessly” has absolutely no bearing on the magnitude of the threat they pose. They don’t serve as justifications for your claims that the ending was much ado about nothing.

And again with Gaiden, the family it centres on has no bearing on the message it depicts. And did you really just say that Sarada’s origin wasn’t a problem? Sarada’s origin was THE problem that Gaiden posed, and whether or not we got a confirmation at the end doesn’t change the fact that the problem existed. This is yet another example of a point you’ve made that doesn’t justify or support your claims in the slightest.

Lastly, the mere fact that you just said that Gaiden, and I quote, “[brought] up the point of why they’re together, where at the end, it’s cus Sarada”, is evidence enough that you don’t know what Gaiden was trying to signify. You basically just said that Sasuke and Sakura are together because of Sarada, which is completely wrong. Sasuke and Sakura aren’t an item because Sarada exists. No, Sarada exists because Sasuke and Sakura are an item. That’s a distinction that far too many people don’t comprehend.

Just Friends pt.2 (Bellarke Fic)

A/N: Hi guys! Sorry if this is a messy ‘last chapter’ but I really wanted to post it and proof-reading is not even a word in my vocabulary so you know… Hope you like it either way! <3

@bellarkestories would probably want me to tag her in this soo… here ya go gurl! Thanks for the help <3

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‘’Guys, I know we didn’t tell you that you were both invited…but now that we’ve actually spent some good time together, I think it’s safe to actually let this out,’’ Monty announced.

‘’Let what what out?’’ Clarke asked, a puzzling look on her face.

‘’We want the both of you to organise our wedding!’’ Miller said a big smile on his face.
In that moment, as the cold, uncomfortable feeling spread throughout her body, she didn’t know if she was supposed to be happy or not. Of course, it was an honour that they wanted her to take care of such a big thing but there was a small problem. She had tried so hard to push Bellamy away, a terrible thing to do, and now she would have to face him and her feelings almost every day. Somewhere, karma was laughing right in her face.

‘’OH MY GOD! REALLY?’’ she exclaimed, standing up, just to hug Monty and Miller.

‘’That’s great guys. I’m honoured,’’ Bellamy added and smiled towards them.

‘’You two are so close to each other that we figured you wouldn’t have a problem with doing this for us,’’

Oh how wrong one could be.


The air outside of Miller and Monty’s apartment complex felt chilly when it blew through Clarke’s hair. She pulled the coat tighter around her body in an attempt to stop the warmth of her body from escaping. The clicking of heels against pavement could be heard loudly in the silent evening. She looked behind her to see if Bellamy had gotten out of the door but there was no sign of him. After the ‘we-want-you-to-arrange-our-wedding-surprise’ both Clarke and Bellamy told the householders that they had to leave. After the lie about an awaiting uber that had slipped out of Clarke’s mouth, she had ran down the flight of stairs and into the cold night. A part of her was hoping for Bellamy to run after her and talk to her, they both knew she had been acting too off, and another wanted him to never talk to her again. Of course, higher powers had decided that this lovely evening would turn out to be a complete disaster.

‘’Clarke, wait!’’

Bellamy’s voice made Clarke stop dead in her tracks, in that moment she realised that this was not what she had been wishing for. The slight anger from before could be heard in his voice now but she wouldn’t run away. She would face him and her fears like the woman she was.

‘’What, Bellamy?’’

It wasn’t her intention to sound that irritated but all the emotions both from before and the ones that she had bottled up were slowly rising to the surface.

‘’We never got the chance to talk and it seems to me that we have a thing or two to discuss,’’

‘’Do we really?’’

‘’Yes we do Clarke,’’

‘’Go ahead then, tell me,’’

‘’I was going to tell you that Gina and I broke up because of you,’’ It probably wasn’t his intention to make it sound so accusing but right then, Clarke couldn’t think about anything other than the fact that he looked so hurt and mad and she wasn’t sure if it was because of her.

‘’Please explain to me, how I, could be the cause of someone’s breakup? I just DON’T understand Bellamy,’’

‘’Gina didn’t want to be with be because she thought my heart lay with another,’’ The sudden change of tone in Bellamy’s voice made Clarke’s heart melt. She couldn’t be angry with him anymore. But just as easy as the little light of hope can be lit inside one’s body, it can go out with less effort.

‘’Do you know how many times I told her that we were just friends? That we would never be more than that because you are my best friend, Clarke, - ‘’ he sighed and ran a hand through his curly hair. She didn’t even listen anymore. There was an ache in her chest, only growing stronger with each silent second. ‘Just a friend’, that was what she was to him.  She was about to suffocate.
‘’And this is why I wanted to talk to you Clarke. You have been ignoring me for weeks. What is wrong? Why the HELL have you been pushing me away?’’ The invisible thread that held everything inside her together and in order, snapped. She snapped too.

‘’Dear Lord, come and help me. How can you be so fucking clueless Bellamy? - ’’ The bare walls around them, out on the empty street, made the echo of her voice sound even louder. Maybe she was rising her voice? Clarke couldn’t care less, right now she wanted all of this to be over. ‘’How, could you not realise why I have been pushing you away? Is it really THAT hard?’’ she continued.

‘’After all these years, I thought you would have known me well enough to figure this out. You are a smart man, Bellamy!’’ a pause was needed because Clarke could feel her throat hurting and the tears were stinging her eyes. As for Bellamy, he had not said a word. The wind was flowing through his hair, making it fall into his eyes but he didn’t dare to move.

‘’I’m actually baffled that after everything we’ve been through, you couldn’t notice that the reason I have been distancing myself from you is because… is because I like you Bellamy,’’ Tears were streaming down her rosy cheeks but she didn’t even acknowledge them.  Bellamy still didn’t say anything. One could think he had been petrified, considering that he was barely blinking.

‘’This is pointless -‘’ Clarke sniffled, ‘’If it’s about the wedding, call me. Other than that, don’t talk to me. I need time. I’m sorry,’’ she turned on her heel and started to walk away.

‘’Cla—‘’ Bellamy tried to shout after her but it wouldn’t help.

It was too late.


Days had gone by since the ‘fight’ Bellamy had had with Clarke and it was literally eating him from the inside. He couldn’t forgive himself for all he had said to his best friend. He had hurt her and now she was sad. She didn’t even want him to talk to her and that was the worst part. The last weeks without the ‘daily-dose’ of Clarke in his life had been quite empty. It wasn’t until now that he actually realised it. He couldn’t lose her, not in this way.

Clarke’s apartment was 10 minutes away from his. He didn’t care if she was home, if she wanted to see him or not. Hell, he didn’t even mind sitting outside her door for hours, just to make her let him in. Bellamy cared about Clarke, in more ways than he himself had thought and behaving like a dick would definitely not help her believe that.

The apartment complex was almost too familiar to him. Red, pink, purple, he had memorised all the colours of the flowers on the old lady’s balcony a long time ago. The weather was nice but the flowers looked dead. Wonder why Mrs. Brown hadn’t taken care of them lately? Maybe he would have to help her.
Clarke lived on the top floor. What a surprise. ‘’I want to paint, and to paint I have to see everything.’’  she had said when had teased her about it. He smiled at the memory and almost tripped down the stairs. ‘This would not be the end,’ he told himself.  He looks the last few steps in a jump and found himself right in front of her door. Without a second thought, not letting doubt rule his feelings,, the knocked on the door and waited. Not even a minute later, a sleepy Clarke opened the door. Her eyes almost double in size at the sight of him (how was that even physically possible? he didn’t know) but the shock lay down fast.

‘’No,’’  she said, trying to shut the door but Bellamy was much faster. Just as it was closing, he put his food between the doorframe and the door, which hindered her from actually being able to shut it.

‘’I’m sorry, Clarke. We need to talk. Please let me in,’’ He begged.

‘’Honestly Bellamy, we have nothing to talk about. Let it go,’’

‘’No, Clarke. Please just listen to me,’’

‘’Don’t. I can’t talk about this right now,’’ her voice broke and he could tell that this was hard for her. The pressure on the door from Clarke’s side had released a little which made him wonder wether he should walk in or not. He decided to give it a shot and pushed the door a little. What met his eyes inside, both shocked him and made him want to cry. Tears were streaming down Clarke’s cheeks, her hair was a mess but damn, she still looked beautiful. He had thought about that quite a lot these past days. Without her in his daily life, he realised that he was thinking about her WAY more than he should have. It frustrated him so much that he had made her cry that night and now, as she was standing right in front of him crying, his heart broke once again. He went through the door, which Clarke now had let go of, grabbed her hands. She was looking down, sobbing quietly.

‘’Clarke, listen to me,’’

She didn’t even move, just like she hadn’t heard him.

‘’I’m sorry. Clarke, I’m so fucking sorry,-’’ he led her to the couch and gave her a little push so that she would sit down. There was one thing he had to do and it was to clean up the mess he had made.

‘’I didn’t mean to do this. To reject you in this way. That’s not even what I meant Clarke. I made you believe something that’s not true. I’m sorry Clarke. I really am a-‘’ Bellamy’s words were interrupted in an unusual way for their relationship. It took him a while to understand that Clarke had kissed him. SHE had kissed HIM. Just as she was pulling away, he kissed her back. The butterflies in his stomach made him feel like being 12 all over again. It may have been a quick peck, but it had felt like years. When they finally pulled apart, Clarke sniffled and said,

‘’You were rambling, I had to shut you up in some way,’’

‘’I don’t mind being quiet,’’ he replied with a shit-eating grin. His speciality.

‘’Is this your way of telling me you like me back or what? Please, be a little more clear,’’

‘’Oh my God, Clarke. Of course it is,’’ he said and tucked her hair behind her ear.

This time, he kissed her. He liked Clarke and it had taken him too long to realise that.

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what is atbabc?

ALL THE BEST AND BRIGHTEST CREATURES, dear anon, is a fic that started almost four years ago, at the end updated like every six/eight months and now it’s… completed? done? Sorry, is just that I’ve never been in this fandom with ATBABC as a completed work.

It has one of the most beautifuly written John I’ve seen, his voice comes loud and clear through the whole fic; Sherlock is asexual (but don’t think for a sec this fic doesn’t have lots of filth) and devoted to John like we all know he is, the lengths of it are just unbearable and delightful.

Beware the tags, dear anon, if you decide to read it, for this fic has tons of torture descriptions and angst up to the last chapter (I haven’t read that one yet, the tears make everything blurry). I adore this fic, it has been a ghostly and constant companion for the 2+ years I’ve been trapped in here. I’m going to miss those wild updates and the endless screaming they brought.

Here is the ugly link, just in case you want to tear your soul to pieces:



So yeah gonna be liveblogging @anipendragon‘s RWBY fic Smells Like Team Spirit in a bit, just gotta re read the last bit of the chapter I was on so I can remember what the heck was going on. Then I’ll liveblog the fic (block the tag Slush reads Fic if ya dont wanna see it) and go to bed. 

\o/ I might make liveblogging reading RWBY fic a regular thing on here if I can get my laptop to cooperate.

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Hey love!! Im just wondering when will you going to update basl? *really love your writing xx

hiii! okay so i’m going to be truthful here… i honestly don’t know if basl will be updated again. that sounds bad, but let me explain. i’ve lost a lot of inspiration for that story. i know that’s not an excuse but every time i go to try and write it, nothing happens. or if something does, i’m unhappy with it. i think i’m just not as happy with it as i was before. i’m losing touch with the characters and tbh i hate the direction the last few chapters have been going in. i rushed into basl too soon without really having any idea of where i wanted it to go. obviously i know how it ends and what went down between harry and olivia and all that jazz, but the story isn’t solidly planned if that makes any sense. it was my first real fic and i was sooooooo excited for it but now it’s literally the last thing on my mind. i want to see the story through, i do, but every time i try and write i just get so frustrated and sad and want to cry bc i’m not feeling it anymore. i HATE this and i have no idea what i want to do with it. i was thinking about putting it on hiatus but honestly there’s a good chance that it won’t come off of it and i don’t want to give ppl false hope. i probably should have made a post but i got this ask and took it as my chance to tell you guys what i’ve been thinking about for a little while now. so as of right now, i don’t think basl will be continued. i’m really really really sorry if that upsets anyone. i know i’ve probably disappointed you all, but i can’t write it anymore. i’m going to focus on my next two projects which is a rhapsody in blue and another story that i bet you all will really like. i might make a post about this later but i just wanted to let you all know bc it’s been bothering me forever and it feels good to let this off my chest an plus you guys deserve to know. thank you so much for all the support you have given me with basl and hopefully you guys will do the same with arib and my other thing. once again, i’m super sorry for this but it had to be done. hopefully you guys aren’t mad or angry or disappointed in me. IT’S BEEN REAL AND I LOVE HARRY AND OLIVIA BUT IDK I CAN’T WRITE IT ANYMORE AND I KNOW I’M NOT THE ONLY AUTHOR THAT HAS FELT LIKE THIS BEFORE BUT FUCCK i hate this so much i’m gonna end this here xx