The cold snowflakes landing on his bones, the gentle breeze rustling through the trees—they were simply background noise, secondary to the incredible feeling of Swap’s magic, humming against his. It wasn’t enough—but at the same time, it was all too much - Sixteen Rules by @alicedragons   (warning the fic is very much 18+ NSFW)

[cracks knuckles] it’s been ages since i last wrote but let’s do this

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Margaret being the awesome lass she is is what I’ve lived for these past 231651651 weeks of not seeing either Gil or Margaret

An Unexpected Meeting | Part 4

Summary: Riley and Lucas are going great. But Riley hasn’t been feeling well. What’s up with her?
A/N: This is the last chapter, and it’s honestly just a whole lot of fluff. Thanks to everyone who read it and went on my first multi-fic journey with me.
Pairing: Riley x Lucas 
Words: 2,129
Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

           When Lucas came home it was usually to Riley sitting on their couch editing photos, reading a book, or watching TV. But for the past few days she was doing none of those things. Instead she was in the bathroom feeling miserable. When he came home today he grabbed a can of ginger ale for her and headed to the bathroom.

“Riley? I’m home, can I come in?” Lucas asked as he knocked on the door opening it gently. He smiled at the sight that greeted him; Riley was lying on her back eagle spread out on the floor of their bathroom with her eyes closed.

“Lucas I think I’m dying. This is the third day in a row that I’ve puked and like I feel fine after I’m just tired and I just really want to stop throwing up.”

Lucas reached out a hand and helped her up and out to the living room where she threw herself onto the couch.

“Like. What could be making me this sick?” Riley asked him as she leaned into his shoulder.

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Losing it All Part 5 — Sweet Pea x Reader

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A/N: the only ideas I had for this imagine predicated on FP returning from jail…so hopefully you don’t hate it, but I’m accelerating the show’s timeline a little bit. This part will most definitely be NSFW. It also picks right up where the last chapter cut off. This chapter is short, sorry!

My tattoo was now done and it was getting late.

“Should we go home?” Sweet Pea asked.

“Most definitely,” I bit my lip. Sweet Pea smirked. We walked out of the Whyte Wyrm and got onto his motorcycle. I wrapped my arms around his waist.

“Hold on tight,” Sweet Pea called back to me as he sped towards the trailer park. I started teasing him lowering my hands very low on his hips and placed kisses on his shoulders. “You better stop or we won’t make it home?”

“I thought you could multitask.”

“It’s not that. I’ll have to stop and fuck you right here,” his voice a little shaky; he was definitely hot and bothered. We pulled into the trailer park. “Shit!”


“It’s grandma’s poker night. The house is full of old people.”

“I need you now babe.”

Sweet Pea looked around, “here,” he walked up to FP’s truck and opened the door.

“Isn’t that FP’s truck?”

“He’s locked up he’ll never know.” Butterflies filled my stomach; I had never been this reckless and it was exciting. Sweet Pea strattled me in the passenger side and started kissing my neck. A moan escaped my mouth. We were pulling off each other’s clothes, which was difficult considering the space constraints. “Baby, you look so beautiful.” The moonlight illuminated his body in a new way; all of his scars and muscles really stood out.

“You’re not so bad yourself,” I replied watching him unbuckle his pants. We had never actually had sex yet so I was surprised to see how much I was working with, “damn.”

He smirked, “You like what you see?”

“Mhm,” I pulled him in close, kissing him, our tongues dancing. His hands reached in between my legs and fingers started circling my clit. A moan escaped.

“You’re so wet baby.”

“I need you now!” My voice filled with urgency. I spread my legs and Sweet Pea teased me with the tip of his cock. I pled him with my eyes and he obliged. We moved in rhythm, kissing and nibbling on each other. We came together and he collapsed on the seat next to me. “Oh god.”

“Imagine what I can do if we weren’t in such a tight space,” he joked. I hit his arm, not hard, and laughed.

“We better get inside. I’m starving.” We quickly pulled on our clothes and hopped out of the truck.

“You know when I asked Jughead to keep the truck warm for me that’s not what I had in mind,” an amused voice said from behind us.

“FP?” I could see the panic set in on Sweet Pea’s face, “Shit I’m sorry.”

“Hey, don’t worry about me. It’s not the first time that trucks seen some action,” gross was the only thing that crossed my mind, “but you need to be more careful. Your RAP sheet is long enough without adding indecent exposure.” Sweet Pea Just nodded. “Who might this be?”

“I’m Y/N,” I extended my hand.

“FP, nice to meet you,” FP took my hand and shook it. He caught a glimpse of my new tattoo, “you were initiated?”

“Tonight actually.”

“Oh! So that was celebratory,” I knew we’d never hear the end of this, I’m never being spontaneous again, “welcome to the family.”


“You better get inside before your grandmother worries to death.” Sweet Pea wrapped his arm around me and we walked into his trailer.

“That was the most embarrassing thing that’s ever happened to me,” I said as soon as we were out of ear shot.

“It could have been worse.”


“At least he let us finish,” Sweet Pea said jokingly.

Attached | CH 11(LAST CHAPTER)

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Author’s Note (PLEASE READ): I wasn’t in the mood to write this and honestly, I wanted to give up on the Attached series. This isn’t the best of my writings and I’m sorry about that. I wrote Confession so I wouldn’t have to write the last chapter of Attached, but people kept asking me when the newest chapter would come out and I was getting annoyed so I just forced myself to write this. I wanted the ending to be as realistic as possible. I am also really sorry if you expected the ending to be different or something fkjrehwer this is probablythe worst chapter I have ever written I’m soSORRY 

Plot: You are secretly in love with your best friend and ashamed to admit it. You have known Jungkook for many years, the both of you grew up in the same neighborhood. You know everything about him, from his small quirks to strange humor. He gradually became your medicine and laughter – you fell in love with him during the last couple months of high school and could not stop thinking about him since. The both of you get accepted to the same university and you are unable to handle the tension.  

Pairing: Jungkook | Female Reader or Jimin | Reader

Word Count: 2333

Chapters Link

Genre: Romance, Drama (Angst, Fluff) 

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Airplanes is the greatest thing in my life right now. The newest chapter, oh my god, but basically the whole thing is oh my god and it's killing me. You're killing me. Oh my god.

Thank you very much :D I’m so glad you’re liking it.

So a few people said they fell off of things when I updated the last chapter so this is a warning, hold onto something and please be careful. 

The next chapter has now updated, you can read it here.

It’s like..really short but oh well :)


“You are one lucky son of a bitch!”

“Heirs: Cherry Bomb” (Chapter 10).

To be posted Saturday, November 25th 2017, 10am (PST).

Strange Case of Dr. Lanyon & Mr. Hastie


Reminder before reading this chapter that all the drawings in my “torture porn” series are canon and happened between last chapter and this chapter, so maybe give those a peek if you haven’t already!

i literally cant BELIEVE i finally reached chapter 20, you guys deserved to see the end of the fic by now, there’s only a couple chapters left and i skipped a few weeks in the writing process :’D oh well,  you’ll surely see the ending of the story before the end of the year!

thank you guys for your support and care for me, i dont deserve you lovely people aaa <3 i’ll do my best for you to get the rest of this story out on time!

“Act your age Koharu!”

Ever since the last chapter of TG I knew I just had to draw Ui sporting the Kaneki outfit! But I also really wanted to draw him with his little sister, which I haven’t done yet so I thought I’d combine the two ideas and Ta-da! Though I stayed up pretty late to finish it I’m pleased with how it turned out. ^^

But what a morning, I posted the new chapter and got an image drawn, I’m on a roll today!

(I was going to actually have Hairu in the back taking a picture of them but I thought that might take away from what I originally wanted the drawing to be.)

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What's your opinion on your boi Amon?

I’ll be honest, despite my blog literally being “Amonmahboi”, my blog name has somewhat always been a red herring, simply because Amon has never and never will be my favourite character. However over the last 50 chapters or so, I have enjoyed Amon’s character far less than I did in part 1, simply because he’s boring me right now.

I think most fans of TG will have a similar sentiment that Amon’s character has been something of a disappointment since his return in :re. In my opinion he’s done nothing significant since his return and even when he tried to do his best, he ended up getting overshadowed by other characters.

I do still have hope for Amon’s character however. I haven’t had many doubts that Amon is likely going to play a pivotal near the end of the story, why exactly? Well for one, Amon is tied strongly to Kaneki, and was pretty much his rival in part 1. The other reason is that Amon currently is one of the strongest characters in the story who still holds a lot of potential because of his hax RC levels.

So I still strongly believe that Amon’s going to step up and start taking responsibility again, and I also hope he gains some self-awareness and reflects on his flaws which have helped perpetuate the twisted nature of the ghoul vs human conflict. I’m also looking forward to his much needed confrontation with Donato, something I’m sure many people would agree on.

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Maybe I'm losing my mind but I feel like I've read that maid manga you want to pick up?? Maybe it was never completely scanlated or something but I feel like I've read it before. And I can only read english.

Chapters 1-5 have been scanlated but vol 1 is missing the last two chapters (one shots) .
We’re gonna start at ch 6 because it’s kinda important for volume two (which has 7 chapters as well, all about the main couple tho). Were gonna skip vol 1 chapter 7 for now because it’s a random couple and I rather give you the updates for the main couple. ^^

Summary: we’re gonna do vol 1 ch 6 and then the whole vol 2. ^^


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When will you post a new chapter of “Stray dogs”? Will it be the last chapter?

Oh god no there’s so much more of this story that you guys won’t believe…it’s super angsty too so yay!

hey yall! im working very hard on this uh… well… i cant tell you EXACTLY what it is but this tiny tiny preview will probably give you a hint.

by the way, last summary will be next week, followed by the last full-written chapter.

-Mod Egg

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FUCK FUCK FUCK TEAM KABIRI MY GOOOOOD. There. Out of my system. I never thought I'd like Kabiri so much after like, one appearance? Lol. I love the way Eran talks about and to him honestly. I got aspects of all of their personalities (Gywn, Kabiri, Eran) way better. As always, great job and lots of love!

lskjfsa I am loving how many people are really enjoying Kabiri after the last chapter update? Especially after how things have gone with Kabiri in the past (more like team ‘fuck that guy but I guess an AU with Gwyn might be interesting’).

It was great to write him the way most of his followers view him. Gwyn’s like, extremely biased and soured towards gods in general. Like, you know, Gwyn has issues, given Albion keeps refusing demi-god status and demoted him, his father wanted to be a demi-god, and also just Gwyn’s general disgust when beings don’t stay where they’re supposed to stay. (In which Gwyn is very Seelie-ish about the rules.)

But it was good to finally show like - how Eran would be around someone he cared about (which is naturally pretty damned protective), how Kabiri is around his followers (which is also pretty damned protective, lol), and how Gwyn is around gods (which is like ‘go fuck off and die already’). Gwyn’s constant sniping was a lot of fun to write. He’s very cavalier around Kabiri. I think he’s still salty that he can’t just punch Kabiri in the face for what happened to his shoulder.

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Did I hear something about a birdmen discord?? 😄😊😊😊

You sure did!

Here’s an invite link!  It used to only be organized for spoiler discussion because the raw readers were dying inside wanting to talk about chapter 42 last year (that was a year ago omg scans gotta catch up). But this past summer we got our ducks in a row and set it up for scan readers too. We have a good time. Make sure to read the welcome and don’t be shy!

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Since u asked XD do you have anything u hope or dread to see in the coming chapters? I’m personally really scared of potential backstabbing from the sudden human ghoul alliance..... and this happiness has me very suspicious...... how is ishida planning to murder us all next week.......Σ(゚д゚lll)we’ll anyways have a good day!

Thanks for the ask I appreciate it, and there are indeed things I hope and dread for the next chapters and the future arcs of Tokyo Ghoul.

What I’m afraid of happening is that the rest of the story just breezes along with no conflict or struggle whatsoever. The last few chapters have been painted with positivity and hope which feels somewhat out of place all things considered.

A lot of things are being glazed over right now which I’m not a big fan of, but I am hoping that there are future events that bring back the tension to the story, so that many of the characters can learn from their mistakes and move forward in a more healthy way.

I don’t suspect there will be backstabbing exactly, because no one in the alliance truly wishes for it. However there are conflicts between many of these characters which up until now have not been settled. If I were to give you a list of all the times these characters have tried to kill each other, the list would be too damn long. So I’m hoping that the characters in this alliance will confront each other about the past rather than resorting to blatant avoidance.

I’m also curious as to what Kaneki is going to do after he is removed from Dragon, because as far as Kaneki is aware, he just decided to wipe out anything that could be a potential threat to Touka, and now that will probably apply for Hide as well. In my opinion I feel like Kaneki will continue killing more Investigators once he’s released, depending on how things go down. Not to mention Kaneki still has major beef towards Juuzou for what he did.