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In all honesty with the whole Seungkwan thing, I think people are looking at the translation of "food source" as like a bad thing like I don't think us carats are viewing it as that. I don't know Korean so I don't really know the context of the phrase in this whole thing but how I took it from your post, maybe he was just saying that their fans existence is what fuels them everyday or something. I don't know, I want to know how you interpreted it :)))

I definitely did not interpret it badly either!! From the context of how the question was asked to the way he answered with a heart, I think he made it VERY clear it was nothing more than a joke. And even the translation of 밥줄, the literal translation is 밥 - “food” 줄 - “line”
“Line” as in “line/connection to survival” so that could be interpreted as in he can’t live without fans.
If the word were used in another context or said in an aggressive/hostile way of some sort, then yes, it’s something that could be interpreted to mean demeaning. BUT the point is that you can’t just look at the word, but rather the contextual situation of the action and the individual who initiated this action. From what I can see here, I agree with you that he meant absolutely no harm.
Contextually, it wasn’t a position to be demeaning. Looking at the individual - I mean, it’s Seungkwan. He playfully gets made fun of from members for crying easily, works his hardest to make sure all his members feel good about themselves, and makes sure the fans know they are appreciated - he’s just a softie.
He wouldn’t ever intentionally hurt his fans.

my freshman year when we were on a field trip to atlanta all the kids were in line for something and these two girls walked by holding hands so naturally everyone was like whispering and staring, and mr bush noticed and goes “all right will yall act like you’ve left eastman georgia at least once before in your lives”

i was tiny & closeted & it made me feel better. a couple years later when i came out he sent me the sweetest message on facebook