Obey/Shepard Fairey @ the Eiffel Tower, 2015

“Earth Crisis”, an environmentally themed giant sphere hung between the first and second floor of the  Eiffel Tower.
Visible from November 20 to 26, it is a strong artistic gesture to Paris which will be hosting the COP21 world conference on climate change. This was made possible with the help of Gallerie Itinerrance.
The Earth Crisis Globe is a mandala designed to provide a unified ornamental structure that evokes floral motifs and harmony with nature.  Housed within the mandala’s shields are images that symbolize both threats to nature and incitement to respect it.  The mandala images, composed of climate change and environmentally themed graphics, are positioned to raise awareness and provoke discussions about the Earth’s future.  The colors used in the globe design connect blue and green of air, water, and vegetation that allow the earth to sustain life.


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