Valentines Day with the suitors

Let’s say for my sake this is an AU

Sid - he’s a fun guy and likes excitement. You will probably do something competitive like go karts or put-put golf (he might let you win depending on how he feels). Followed by dinner out and quite a few drinks. You probably end the night making out in public and then heading back to his place.

Byron - if the weather is nice you will visit an outside market and look at all the shops. He doesn’t know much about emotions- but he does research (he watched Lady and the Tramp) …so he takes you out for Italian. And yes full on sharing spaghetti dinner complete with a make out session. After dinner you take a walk around the lake and lie in the grass to gaze at the stars (etc etc).

Alyn- he’s athletic so you’ll do something crazy. If it’s snowy he will take you snowboarding - if you don’t know he will teach you ;) later you guys go to his place where you help him make dinner, there’s candles and music. Since you’re both tired and achy from snowboarding you end this night with some time in the hot tub.

Louise - he’s a romantic. He is most likely to whisk you away to a romantic getaway (Paris?). There he will probably surprise you with something you’ve had your eye on for a while. And of course flowers (always with the flowers). You’ll spend more than just one day celebrating Valentines :D

Leo - he is cultured and wants to impress you. He is most likely going to take you to a museum or exhibit and try to show off a little. He will also take you out to your favorite restaurant followed by a bubble bath at his place so he can spoil you ;)

Nico - he’s sweet and charming. He is going to get you your favorite candy and he wants to have a fun date but also share some special time with you. He would most likely take you to the zoo or to see your favorite band. Then you would grab some take out and relax at home.

Robert - he is creative and mysterious so he got to you think he had totally missed it. He will surprise you with breakfast in bed and then he would put his pride aside and go to a couples painting class with you. Later you might hang out at his place and cuddle by the fire.

Albert- his lack of experience really makes him a fun date. He doesn’t know much about romance, so he just does what he knows. He teaches you fun things like sword fighting technique and archery too. He also wants to teach you some survival skills - so you go camping for night. You spend the evening sitting by the fire with s'mores and wine and the have some sexy time in the tent.

Giles - he just makes you take more lessons because he’s an ass.

Your Health Plan Will NOT Cover this 107-MPH Mobility Scooter

Mobility scooters are a crucial way for the elderly and injured to get around. Considering their small wheels and electric motor, speeds are kept purposefully down. But two insane individuals have tuned up a mobility scooter that put out a record-setting top speed.

David Anderson and Matthew Line both hail from the Isle of Mann, a place known for motorcyclists going faster than many would deem responsible on narrow back roads. The two men were inspired by watching Klaus Nissen Petersen on TV hit 82.67mph in a mobility scooter back in 2012. Anderson and Line wanted to beat that speed.

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According to Top Gear duo stated with a “Days Strider” mobility scooter, and dropped the engine, drivetrain and chassis out. They then installed a go-kart chassis, and fitted it with a 600cc engine from a Suzuki Bandit motorcycle. The rules stated that despite modification, the mobility scooter at least had to look like the original. The only area where this couldn’t work was the wheels, which were designed for a top speed of 8mph. They took the slicks from the go-kart and were still given the OK, and the result was quite impressive. Just look:

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The result? They broke the world record for top speed in a mobility scooter–and not by just a shade. The average (!) speed for the record-setting runs was 107.6mph. If that was the average, just imagine the outright top speed! If I ever get injured and the doctor sends me to these guys for a scooter, I’m limping away in the other direction!

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Valentines Day

With Valentine’s day right around the corner here are some fun ideas for the special day <3 

Mona Lisa’s Restaurant 

Located right on Water Street this is an Eau Claire classic for dates! Yummy food and it’s conveniently located close to campus. If you’re looking for somewhere fancier to take bae this is the perfect place.

Action City

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If you’re looking for a more laid back date head over to Action City. The have Go Karts, Laser Tag, Arcade, and a lot of other fun activities! What more could you want for a date:)

Putnam Rock

If it’s not too cold head over to the Putnam Trails and Rock. In every season these trails are beautiful to walk around!

Even if you don’t have a special someone, grab some friends this Valentine’s Day and surround yourself with the people you love.