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i. They either have the exact same taste in food or they couldn’t be more opposite. ( e.g. Prompto’s opinion on Thai is completely different than Kairi’s but they both have the exact same Chinese order It makes it difficult at times to decide on where to go on days where Prompto manages to successfully convince her to go eat out with him.

ii. Kairi made the mistake of introducing Prompto to her local multiplayer video games. Specifially games said to be where friendships went to die, revolving around back-stabbing, star theft and blue shells. Several heated rounds of Mario Kart/Party have driven these two together. And any weekend they have off, they try to meet up, take claim over a couch and gather a bunch of snacks to continue their ongoing battle. There may even be a score sheet on the fridge… Kairi is currently in the lead thanks to the strategic use of Yoshi and she won’t stop lording it over him with a vindictive sense of satisfaction.

iii. She pays attention to the tone of Prompto’s voice a lot. She uses it to gauge a situation and determine how much the other can tolerate. A good amount of the time, Kairi teases or pulls a fast one on him just because she’s bored or gleans amusement from it. It’s usually only when she’s sure that Prompto can deal with it without trying to retaliate. But sometimes she does it when he doesn’t seem to be doing well and is in need of a pickmeup.

iv. They haven’t been friends for the longest amount of time. But she feels really connected to him. Yes, he can be a jerk that constantly messes with her, drops innuendos to catch her off guard ( which almost always works ) or tries to get her to ‘sin’ as she calls it ) but she does care for him a lot. He’s her friend, which is why she tends to look out for him in subtle ways. She’ll stop by his place with food or clean up after him when he’s been busy doing whatever he does. He is something to her.

Bonus: Prompto makes so many fucking height jokes, I’m sorry. He just mocks Kairi whenever the opportunity shows up and it’s terrible and he’s got like only four inches on her. like chill before she punches you to bring you down to her level

Bonus Bonus (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ : she swears he is incapable of a normal kiss and will ward off anything that seems like an advance with a ten foot pole ( really prompto pie ? ). the day he manages a normal one she’ll question if she’s entered the damn twilight zone

I really need to vent...

I started off as a really happy kid, I had so many good people in my life I never knew a single “bad person” only the ones i’d ever see on tv. I guess the events that took place in my childhood made me grow up into a realist. I always just thought, “why me?”.
One time there was a family party, I don’t remember what the occasion was but I knew I was looking forward to it. My uncle had this huge piece of land out in Forest Grove. We could go from playing soccer, to jumping in the pool, or getting dirt all over our clothes while riding the quads. We could fly kites or race on the motorless go karts.
The first time it happened was in the house, I was 7 and I seemed to be very naive that day. Way back when even the extended family was still together. I really do have a big family, so I just wonder why nobody noticed my absence. I wondered why no one noticed his absence. I went to the bathroom and I could still hear the loud music coming from the garage, after that day I grew to hate Rihanna. When I came out, I was cornered into the room.
I used to have a close relationship with my entire family, but when your family looks like a dramatic telenovela, you get fed up and forget about them. I think a lot about other people’s actions, it was always the way I learned. I would put myself in their shoes and try to understand why. Why would they feel the need to join a gang?, why did you let drugs influence and take over your entire life? why would you marry your first cousin?, why did my sister die?. I always wanted to understand.
Another time there was a party going on again, same time same place. This time I didn’t dare to be alone. That day it was outside and it was the younger kids’ turn to ride the quads. Of course we couldn’t ride them alone so we had a cousin ride with us. When it was my turn to get on I was forced. He took me far away and said things that scared me to death. He did things that made me wish I was dead. And those are just some of the things that he did to me. I grew up in fear, I never knew what was happening or why it was happening, and I couldn’t put myself in his shoes, I didn’t want to.
For the past 4 years I’ve been going to Western Psychological and Counseling Services, there I have therapist named Alberta and a psychologist named Laurie. They’ve helped me in ways I could never repay them, it’s people like them that need to be recognized for their service to the younger and abused. Coming to peace and acceptance to my situation was something I could’ve never done on my own. And I know I want to change the way things work around here under to sexual abuse title. It can be hard to tell the stories over and over again to multiple investigators in multiple places. Here I went from therapy, to the FG police, to the investigators, to the Hillsboro police, to their investigators, to cares, and back and forth to therapy. I want to change that and create one building where all that would be available to the children or victims. They would be able to get therapy and talk to doctors and psychologists and have all the resources they need in one building. There all staff would be able to talk to patients and know the story by communicating with each other under the same roof, that way these kids won’t feel the pressure of having to tell their story over and over again. I know it gets exhausting. I know I have a solid plan.
Now I’m 18 and in the process of my situation being investigated, and it drains me knowing that sex crimes are the hardest to investigate and solve. I’m thankful for the little things like Erin’s Law, which requires that all public schools in each state implement a prevention-oriented child sexual abuse program. It was introduced in 2010, but I honestly don’t remember being taught this ever in my whole educational career. I think, that if I was taught this, I would have said something about it earlier. I won’t say this has made me stronger because it hasn’t, it’s made me paranoid. But I’m going to fight, fight for myself, fight for the weaker ones, fight for change.

I’m so lucky my Master gets it

After a particularly harrowing day of chasing down monsters, my Master brought out his new 2DS with mario kart, gave it to me, and told me to go take a quick break. When I came back, feeling refreshed after creaming the computer racers, and expressed how happy I was, he just said “I thought it would make you happy to have something little to do for a while”.

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If we where dating I would pull silly pranks on you all day, not going to lie. Also, I would fart under the covers and pull them over your head for fun. Expect fart cushions everywhere. But also, home-made meals, back rubs and constant challenges in mario kart. And lots of Hux and Phasma posters everywhere...

Oh my god, this sounds so much fun, actually! Normally I’m kind of a quiet person, so this would be a total change of pace for me, but it’s cute~

(Still taking ‘if I were dating you…’ anons, I’m just on mobile right now so yeah I can’t do a whole lot other than reblog and answer asks)

Top Christmas Gift replacing Work force A Few Ideas

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