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June Favourites - Clothes!

Hey there!

So this is just some of the stuff that I have gotten over the month of June which I think are just lovely and wanted to share with you it’ll prob come in 2 posts, so let me know what your thoughts are! I’ll pop all links at the end X

SO.. First I came across this amazing little website called “The Fashion Bible” and its blooming brilliant, The clothes are so funky and are so affordable I got myself the white Jack Daniels vest and the Batgirl skater style skirt with braces (Pics below)

LUSH RIGHT! Love them! I have my eye on a few more items from this website that I will defo be getting! If it is your first time to buy with “The Fashion Bible” well lucky you because you get 10% OFF your first order YAY!! and they ship world wide, free UK delivery on anything over £35!! So check it out if you are looking for something funky to wear!

Website Link -

Twitter Link -

Next we have more clothes,

A shop called “Born” now I didn’t know that they had a website but they do so I can link it. Its an Irish store it says at the bottom of the website that only selected items are shown on the website and is not full range like they have in stores and to be honest they are only showing the utter crap on the website because I got some funky items in their store that I cant seem to find on their website, I got a black Jack Daniels vest same as the white I got from The Fashion Bible, I also picked up a converse vest and a back skater wet look skirt I cant seem to get the picture to upload so…… here is the link to the picture. sorry

and here is the link to the website if you wanted to have a look

Website Link -

Next on my June fav list is LONDON LOVES LA now when I say I love this website I mean I LOVE IT its awesome, Camden Market in London is one of my favourite places in the world and its full of vintage and awesome stores so when I came across London Loves LA website I could not buy from them. Its ran by the lovely sisters Sophie and Ella they don’t just sell vintage items they also have their own collection of London Loves LA brand clothes which are awesome this week I got my London Loves LA sweatshirt which I am madly in love with cause its proper baggy and cosy for £32 you cant go wrong 

I have bought from L<3LA a few times and as long as they keep adding shit cool stuff I will carry on buying from them! SO go have a look and check them out!

Boutique Link -

Tumblr Link -

Twitter Link -


Stay tuned for some more June Favourites!

Beccca xox


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Honestly I kinda hate how if a character thinks of anything sexual, they're basically smacked with a bible. I mean, sex is a stress reliever. It also shows how much you love your partner in a more physical and mental fashion. Throwing a bible at character for something like that and call it 'sinning' is kind of... insulting in a way.

I can see what you mean and it is.

-sailor s