When you’re trying to get your friend into something you’re into
In the anime community, theres

The video editors

The Fanfiction writers

The artists

The cosplayers

The character shippers

The theory makers

and then theres me who has no talent for any of these



Please check out the vine artist they worked hard on this, its amazing

anonymous asked:

How do you think the Links' hair be like when they grow up?

I’ve been meaning to draw different hairstyles for the Links (especially in my modern AU) for a while now, but when I actually sit down to draw older or AU versions of them I end up just defaulting to the normal look.  Oops ^^;;

I haven’t actually made up my mind yet, but here are a few doodles of the Links with different hairstyles!

When you haven’t finished a series and see a character that hasn’t shown up yet