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Non kpop related, did u guys see the news with Bow wow and how he's unable to identify with Black issues because he's mixed? He legit said he feels no connection with Black issues because the Moss side of his family is white and native American.

Yes lol. I’m just like the rest of the people on my dash, WHO ASKING BOW WOW QUESTIONS??

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I wanna clarify, the reason I spoke out is not because of whether shipping any ship is right or wrong, but the fact that people are getting harassed and got death threats over them. Like I said, it’s not a black and white issue. I give no fucks about the ships and some I don’t even understand why people ship them… but no one should be getting death threats just because of something they ship.

Someone pointed out about the smut week thing and I totally have no words… I’m not defending /any ship/, I’m defending the fact that real life people are getting threats over something that happens in fiction.

i dont OWE anyone an education there’s a reason exists. its pretty fucking clear why black people have an issue with the use of the word nigga. im not sugar coating anything

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How do you feel when mixed people talk about black problems and use black culture even if they aren't fully black? I speak about it but people say it shouldn't affect me and my light skin privilege.

those people who said it shouldn’t matter or affect you are very wrong. you have every right to speak about black issues. the black community needs all the voices it can get lol. people do forget that you can be mixed and not look as racially ambiguous as the next mixed person so i think biracial people have every right.

Fact about me:

Tupac has had the biggest influence on my life more than my mother , more than any other artist , more than any teacher , any friend .. Anyone.
From knowledge about black issues and becoming self aware of who I am as a black woman but helping me understand the potentially in my talents and what I want to achieve.

I was told as a baby when my uncle Lionel used to watch me for my mother everyday while she went to work he would play Tupac albums because that was the only thing that kept me from crying or kept me from moving (being a busy body ) being that sometimes babies are hard to contain to one area 🙄😂 . But he told me that and it all makes sense . Since birth basically I’ve been listening to this man and as a kid the environment I was in fit the life style he spoke of .

I’m not from the suburbs , I’m from the hood , I’m from poverty ..growing up I didn’t have anything and I barely had what I needed .. But you don’t see me parading that around or bragging about where I’m from. Or how hard my life was and how fucked up its been because for what ? Why dwell on what has brought me down for so long .

I’ve learned a lot from this man just by music and interviews and movies and his poetry as well. If it wasn’t for him I would never have made the goal at 13 to become a well known poet , this man introduced me to Shakespeare and Nikki Giovanni . As a kid I started writing poetry at 5 but it was more therapeutic but my teachers took notice and told me I had a talent so they’d enter my work into the school magazine or hung it up in class and that made me feel good. Now my poetry is to tell my story. I’m someone who wants to document everything . I think every thing should be anyway. Document your life , we’ve all got a story. Tupac just help me better understand mine.

Is the blm movement and fight against systematic oppression not a clear black and white issue in terms of morality? Is there really a grey area? I’m so fucking tired of people saying “people will never see eye to eye” as a means of discrediting the movement, sympathy for the disenfranchised, or as a response for getting mad at people who are obviously against helping people out, and leaving them to fend for themselves, it’s bullshit. It’s not a conservative or liberal, democratic or republican issue matter at this point, our own humanity is at stake, our willingness to help others in need is at stake. I’m so tired.


july 20th, 1993 //  With any sort of minority, issues of ostracization or misrepresentation are clearly rampant. It’s just so deeply rooted in our culture and there are so many levels that it trickles down from. It becomes an issue of diversity and equality and race and gender. In a parallel sense as well, there’s the issue of black characters being killed off first. I know that’s been a topic of conversation over the last couple of years. So these are huge-scale cultural and social barriers that we’ve established—and I guess now it’s time to start breaking them down.