The “Mythbook2″ is finally out and I can post the illustration I made for the the  artbook. So many amaizingly talented artists were involved and I can’t even start telling how thrilled I am to be part of this!

The birds of Padadise - Alkonost, Gamayun and Sirin are figures of Russian folklore, probably based on the sirens from Greek mythology. Each of those has a different story, but Sirin is considered to be a harbinger or despair. Its soings would lead mortals to sadness so deep they would eventually die. So I figured Sirin would be itself rather downhearted and refuse to sing while being teased by the other two - whose songs always bring joy to people. Birds of paradise can be bullies too!

I was most greatly inspired by  Viktor Vasnetsov ‘s Birds of Joy and Sorrow of course.

anonymous asked:

Hi Yves :) a little random, but - what's the name of the art piece(s) in your header? It's lovely.

Sirin and Alkonost: The Birds of Joy and Sorrow by the Russian painter Viktor Vasnetsov. 

I hope you like it as much as I do!