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one for sorrow. two for joy. three for a girl. five for a boy. six for silver. seven for gold. eight for a secret never to be told

I know hun I lowkey say it every time I see one of those demon birds lmao

a tool for serenity

I have a quiet place
free of traffic and sounds
associated with civilization
there the frogs and crickets
sing praises of life
birds flutter about
the dirt gets beneath my feet
air so warm it cuddles me
sun light brilliantly disinfecting
my soul aches to thrive
here in this retreat
I am not alone in this solitude
my heart knows another’s love
pain sorrow joy pleasure
tandem beating of drums
our paths converge and part
as the days twist around us
growing closer, falling behind
dashing ahead to catch a sneak
what lies ahead
wooded zones, ocean spray
difficult days scattered in with ease
my purpose in this fall back
enjoy the service of living
embrace the totality of breathing
striving to be better than I was
until the limits have been reached
my strength I know falters
my wisdom is often lacking
my knowledge can be deceiving
yet forgiveness is graciously given
for there is no other place
where the puzzle has so clearly fit
my gratitude employed divinely

Mors De Lumine: Caput XIV

Sparrow Ravensdale

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The joy brought by this place rivals the disdain, but falls short when measured against the sorrow. But I come whenever I can to see the faces of my family…and I try with all my might to shut out the three heartbeat monitors, beeping one after another like a flock of damned birds.

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I dreamt I saw you walking up a hillside in the snow
Casting shadows on the winter sky as you stood there
counting crows
One for sorrow Two for joy
Three for girls and four for boys
Five for silver Six for gold and
Seven for a secret never to be told
There’s a bird that nests inside you
Sleeping underneath your skin
When you open up your wings to speak
I wish you’d let me in
All your life is such a shame
All your love is just a dream

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The Life of Paul Laurence Dunbar: Portrait of a Poet (Legendary African Americans) free ebook

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