But can we talk about fetus Muke singing The Ballad Of Mona Lisa and how little shy Michael is making those girls weak in the knees with those notes he’s hitting

The Ballad Of Mona Lisa: Next Door
The Ballad Of Mona Lisa: Next Door

Imagine: You live in an apartment complex. Just next door lives Brendon Urie. Every day, when you’re home, Brendon plays his guitar, occasionally singing. You know he’s good, but you’ve never actually listened to him. One day, you decide to put your ear to the wall, and listen….

The Signs as ‘Vices & Virtues’ Songs

Aries: Let’s Kill Tonight

Taurus: The Ballad of Mona Lisa

Gemini: Turn Off the Lights

Cancer: Memories

Leo: Hurricane

Virgo: Ready to Go (Get Me Out of My Mind)

Libra: Always

Scorpio: Nearly Witches (Ever Since We Met…)

Sagittarius: The Calendar

Capricorn: Kaleidoscope Eyes

Aquarius: Sarah Smiles

Pisces: Trade Mistakes