- Have one of the “Nature” aspirations [ ✓ ]
- Do not get a job. You are to live off the land. [ ✓ ]
- Grow a garden with every type of plant
- Collect every type of fish
- Get married to a sim with the trait “Loves the Outdoors”
- Have both a boy and girl, NO adoption [ ✓ ]
- Master Garden Skill
- Master Fishing Skill [ ✓ ]

Bad Apple Wars - Spoiler Free Mini Review

Everything is spoiler free except the last bullet point (which is marked as spoiler). I really wanted to talk about that part of the game though so I decided to include it

  • + The story is very emotional. Out of all the translated Otoge we’ve got so far I’d say that BAW is probably the most serious one. There are some funny moments, but overall the story’s biggest focus are emotions imo. Some of the main themes are death, despair and regret, but also how to overcome these obstacles and living life to the fullest. I very much enjoyed the mature tone and felt emotionally involved with the story (I almost cried a few times haha)
  • + Interesting and unique Main Cast. I liked all of the romance options since they had some very distinct characteristics. The expression “ we all have our own cross to bear” is pretty fitting for all the characters. Whether you can see it or not we all deal with hardships in our life and they displayed that well by giving everyone individual struggles. I don’t want to spoil anything so it’s best if you get to know them yourself ;)
  • + Great supporting characters. There are quite a few of them and they didn’t disappoint either. I found myself rooting for the side characters as much as the main cast
  • + Amazing visuals and atmosphere. They really did a great job here. The game is very stylish and the music simpy amazing (probably my favourite Otoge soundtrack so far). The colors are very strong and give the game a unique feeling, I’ll likely won’t forget that red sky looming above the school anytime soon
  • - Everything could have been a bit more fleshed out. I do think that some things about this game are supposed to be ambiguous which isn’t bad per se. But since I liked the characters and the story a lot I would have preferred a bit more context in some cases (like the world and side characters)
  • - The heroine is so-so. I think her personality heavily depended on which route she was on. She always came around in the end so it wasn’t too bad, but I felt like she had more development depending on the guy she was pursuing
  • - !SPOILER! I think one of the biggest flaws is that they tried to implement the characters coming from different points in time. In theory that would have been an interesting idea. But actually it just didn’t do anything for the plot because it rarely came up and didn’t play a role for the general story. The only time it mattered was for the endings and that’s exactly where things just felt off for me. I would have preferred if they simply left the varying time periods out to ensure that everyone gets a happy ending. Or to keep it in and be daring enough to make a bittersweet story in which our lovers don’t actually end up together since one of them is deceased

Overall I found Bad Apple Wars to be a very solid and enjoyable experience. I’d love to see some more stories like this!


We went apple picking today. This is the latest in the season we’ve ever gone apple picking, we usually go on my wife’s birthday. It was tough finding good apples this year, but the ones we did find were huge! I’m going to make an apple tart, and baked apple roses this year instead the traditional pie I always make. I’m excited to try out some new recipes! Also my wife is so cute.


i promise you this video on its own is absolutely funnier than anything jontron will ever make