dan: i’m wearing yellow to raise awareness for world mental health day tomorrow!

me: i love u so much!!! wow!!! the only man ever!!!!

also me: dan doesn’t own any yellow shirts…. phil recently bought a yellow tshirt…… hm……..

5 a.m. [Lin-Manuel Miranda x Reader]

Summary: Inspired by the one time me and some friends went to McDonald’s at 5 a.m. The reader, craving junk food, drags a sleepy Lin out of bed, way too early in the morning. The breakfast menu isn’t up yet. Chaos and shenanigans ensue.

Word counter: 4,474

Warnings: None, just a really sleepy and grumpy Lin. 

Authors Notes: @sunshinemiranda - i cannot believe i got to the chance to collab with ren again??? you guys, this honestly all stemmed from this really cute story she told me and then me (being pushy and annoying as per usual) needed to get in and then this came into being!! we got so attached, we made headcanons for this, unbelievable. i still want to make a prequel. enjoy.

@alexanderhamllton - i got to collab with my girl again, can you guys BELIEVE??? I am so happy with how this turned out, we made a whole lot of headcanons (hence the mixtapes) and we really hope you guys like it! If you want more from this universe PLEASE let us know, because we would love to wirte that! 

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Lin wasn’t expecting his phone to ring at 5 in the morning. He wasn’t expecting anything but a solid sleep that he desperately needed after too many late nights full of work. Funny thing was, life had a screwed up talent at ruining expectations.

His phone lit up in the dark, vibrating against the wooden bedside table with a vicious energy. With a groan, he stabbed a button blindly and brought it to his ear without even bothering to emit a greeting. It was too early for that.

“Lin. Listen, it’s 5 am. You wanna go to McDonald’s with me?”

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Pocket Change | 1 | (M)

word count: 7.5k

genre: smut; supernatural AU + demon!yoongi

pairing: reader/yoongi

warning(s): mentions of domestic abuse

special thanks to: @honeyheonie for being a wonderful beta  ♡


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I was feeling nostalgic and remembering all the good stories I’ve read about my beautiful OTP. I re-read some and decided to share them with all my awesome fellow shippers. Most of them are canon-versed/post-canon and M-rated, because those are my favorites, hehehe. Enjoy!!



Drabble/one-shot series



“We bloom until we ache.”
- BTS, Serendipity

This spread was heavily inspired by Serendipity as you can see with the use of all these bright warm and yellow colors~ I’m simply in love with Jimin’s voice and the whole aesthetic and I can only say with conviction that this comeback will be the death of me. THEY WILL SLAY ME SO HARD ISTG

  • Peridot: You idiot! You signed the order to destroy Earth!
  • Yellow Diamond: I did?
  • Steven: She did?
  • Peridot: “Love and kisses, Yellow”? You didn’t even read it, did you?
  • Yellow Diamond: Well, I’m a Diamond, I don’t have a lot of time for reading.
  • Peridot: That whole planet is going to be destroyed because you thought someone wanted your autograph!