auroramusic Today is the 22. Of July. 🥀 six years have gone past us since the day you were taken away from us. You and 76 other people.
Even if time goes quicker sometimes we don’t forget about you. but we remember to treat ourselves kindly, and know that we can never feel guilt for being alive. I know you would all smile to see your friends and family enjoy the gift of life, and I promise you we will try to live our lives the best we can. And take with us everything we learn on our way, to make the world a better place to be alive in. I miss you, and I will keep with me what the little we had on the rest of my journey. Rest In Peace A. 🥀 my thoughts goes to everyone who was scarred that day. I think less and less that time will actually heal this scars, but makes us stronger so we can carry them as a part of ourselves - so the scars won’t become all that we are. Sometimes those scars can even be beautiful . Sending out love to all you beautiful people🥀

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I agreed the 100-years-quest do not last 100 years. But think about it: if it was there for 100 years that means it's a very difficult and long quest. Probably take several years to do so, not weeks, not months. Even Gildarts was out for more than two years before he returned to FT (he didn't know Lisanna was "dead") and reminder that he failed because of Acnologia otherwise he wouldn't have returned. So we can assume they won't be back after a (long) while

That’s true. It’s hard to say though, since we don’t know what the quest iiiiiiis (aghhhhh). They could be gone for years… (OF COURSE WE’RE ENDING ON A PLOT I ACTUALLY WANT TO SEE, OF COURSE)

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Sarah omg I can't believe you're having a baby I'm so excited for you congratulations!!! I've been gone like 84 years it seems. When are you due? Is it a boy or a girl? Ahh I haven't talked to you in forever hopefully you still remember me haha! -Cathy

Lmao, Cathy you goose, of course I remember you! Don’t worry, my forays onto tumblr this past year has been very few and far between myself, so we’ve both been gone 84 years ;) Hope you’ve been well, dude, and thanks so much for your message and congrats.

But yeah, sometimes I can’t believe I’m having a baby either! But the bump and the kicks that come with it are a pretty clear reminder that it’s legit (unless there’s a whole Alien situation going on in there, then…hmmm….).

We’re due late next month with a delivery gender surprise :)

@jeysiiiiii, hi! I saw your comment above on a Gruvia edit and would like to answer you. I want to do so apart from OP’s pretty edit so here’s an explanation below :D.

Depending on the severity of the details regarding a job, quests are ranked as I’m sure you know. S-class, SS-class, etc. Also, these high-level jobs can even be broken down further by being given an estimated time of completion. So basically, the harder the job, the longer it could take to finish the job.

Mira explains that a job Gildarts previously took was one that no one could complete – it was too severe so it received the designation of ‘Ten-Year Quest’. 

Mira then reveals that Gildarts is coming home, in three years’ time, after taking on a 100-Year Quest and Lucy ponders:

The task had not been going on for 100 years. He was only gone for three, but it stands to reason that due to its intensity, it could have taken that long which is why it was designated as a century quest. 

So to answer your question, Team Natsu could very well complete their quest in a week. The quest demands unparalleled power hence the name, but I guess that’s the adventure. Maybe they have gotten that strong. They did take on Zeref and Acnologia; the two scourges of the continent. 

It’s a nice touch for the most part given the fact that Natsu was once the guy stealing job requests outside of his rank because he was itching to prove himself. He may just be strong enough to not only complete a century quest, as part of a team of course, but complete it quickly.

EDIT: Comment added that completely obliterates my thoughts. I guess I’ve been misinterpreting the text so here’s this:

i think my biggest fear is reliving how i felt when i was with ryan, like i hate the person i was then, i was so like anxious and sad and it translated as bitter and angry and just blatantly unhappy a lot in day to day life and it was just… unpleasant. i dont ever wanna be like that again & i genuinely don’t know if i see myself being happy in a relationship again, the ability to trust anyone is completely gone after years of lies on lies, even if i was happy and comfortable by some miracle then ??? what is trust ??? every guy has let me down, relationship to fwb to whatever. all of them have lied and been shitty behind my back, what’s the actual point loool. the only difference is now i have no tolerance for shit. for instance i found out something that’d been said/done by FWB guy, and i just immediately lost interest and didnt want to see him anymore. like i had some sliver of hope he was a nice person. when i heard what he’d said about me, i just felt nothing. not even let down or sad. it’s almost funny actually. just whatevvvvvvvs. obvs he tried to apologise and justify it but it’s just BS and i’m glad i can see through peoples shit behaviour now instead of believing it ha. i’m sorry for banging on about this haha but me and tinder guy were talking about ‘dating’ and how he doesnt really date b/c he works away a lot and hasn’t had the time to meet someone properly and i agreed and said i wasnt keen on anything serious so wasnt looking for something with expectations either etc and he asked why obviously so i briefly said i’d had a bad experience and didnt really see myself as a relationship person anymore. he says he will change my mind but i highly doubt that

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God, leave Malia alone finally. U got your stydia and now you have a problem with Scalia then your lydia took stiles from her? seems like you dont wanna her to be happy. And if you watched the show you would know that Kira gone for years to skinwalkers because shes gonna live more than 500 years old just like her mom.

So because I got my endgame I shouldn’t complain about anything else??? And Lydia took Stiles from Malia??? Are you stupid??? Should Stiles stay with someone that he doesn’t love because you don’t want Malia to be sad, Stiles was in love with Lydia and let me remind you “junior year”. Stiles isn’t Malia property, MALIA DOESN’T FUCKING OWN STILES. he didn’t sign up to stay with her forever.

 and no, I want Malia to be happy and I just hate how they only put sc@lia together because they wanted someone for Malia and Scott. and I hate how fucking even the actors ignore scira and Kira. I have more reasons that I am sure a lot of people agree with. Arden and scira shippers don’t deserve this treatment. 

 and for the Kira thing, Lydia fucking said that Kira should be back to finish school. the writers are pulling shit out of their asses to justify sc@lia.

You don’t like my opinion go fucking un follow or block, I don’t care, I fucking don’t care. 

I met Deborah Watling last year at a con. she was really sweet and soft-spoken. she told my friend, who was dressed as Jamie, to give her a little twirl in his kilt.

he also showed her the Second Doctor statue I’d bought there and she was v impressed w/ the likeness. she gently touched the box and said, ‘oh, yes, that’s Pat.’

she was so nice and friendly, I never thought that in less than a year she’d be gone. damn. :c

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I want to go to the New York City Comic Con, but my family doesn't have that much money so we have to be safe with it. The problem is, I don't know if my favorite people are going. They've gone every year so there's a large chance they'll be there again. I could either risk it and go or I could miss it including them possibly. What should I do?

Feb 13. Happy 1 Year Anniversary, Zombietale.

You can pry the idea that magic leaves physical trace on people in the form of glitter out of my cold dead hands

Wizards who are fond of wands mostly end up with finger tips so heavy with this magic that they appear as a solid metallic surface
Warlocks who speak with gods have drool that looks like the heavens are melting out of their mouths
Sorcerers who were born with eyes that resembles geode crystals

Then there are those who use magic as a second ability
Clerics seem to leave trails of glitter where ever they go, sometimes it subtle and sometimes the path remains for years after they’re gone as if the stars in the sky fell to the earth in the wake of the cleric’s journey
Bards who begin to shine from the inside, no matter their race, as if they too have molten cores

Give me magic that makes a mark!

The Hug that saved the World

Context: Our DM decided to test our characters on his final night as DM. He created a God Tier level Wizard that threatened the very world itself and challenged us to defeat him. After about an hour of fighting our party wasn’t looking too good. The wizard had recently launched a giant fire ball at the party and my character was unlucky and began to be on fire.

Me (OOC) Since I’m on fire could I run up to the wizard and give him a hug while I’m on fire.

DM (chuckling) You can defiantly try.

Me (OOC) Man, how much damage would that cause?

DM (sarcastic) it be 365 hug damage

Me in character “Who wants a hug?!”

My Barbarian ran up to the wizard as my party pleaded me to stop. I passed my grapple check and I gave the best bear hug that my barbarian could do. Surprisingly, the DM honored the said damage as my character delivered a 365 damage bear hug, but my character suffered the same amount of damage. When my party collected themselves, all there was were 2 piles of ash. My character that I have been playing for years was gone.

When the party returned to town, they used their reward money to have a statue made of their fallen Barbarian comrade. Thus reading, “Never Forget Tardgerd, Yippy Ki Yay Mother Hugger.”

So remember kids, if you’re ever faced with an enemy that can’t seem to be beaten, a very warm hug is always an option.

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Why is it a problem for kris to be the next doctor?

The problem isn’t with Kris Marshall as a bloke. I’m sure he’s a nice guy. From what I’ve seen of him, (and if you don’t think I went and watched some Death in Paradise or some My Family or…those…BT ads…to check him out the second his name popped up months ago, you’d be wrong), he’s an okay actor (emphasis on the okay, he’s neither exciting nor inspiring imo), but this is about what it says about the state of the show.

When Peter Capaldi was cast, it was a bold move. It might not have been the bold move people on here wanted at the time, (a man of colour/woman/woman of colour would have been…well..great), but this was a show making the choice to lose its dashing young lead and replace him with an older actor. What this said about the show is that it had confidence, it was willing to make bold creative choices, which I thnk was then reflected in the bolder, more psycologically complex series 8-9. 

Doctor Who has, since then, waned a tad in terms of its public perception. Not neccessarily a fault of it’s own! As years have gone by, it has, naturally, subsided from the public eye. At the brink of a new era, ushered in by a new showrunner, now is the time, more than ever, to capture the interest of a 2018, modern day audience. I don’t think it’s controversial to say that you do that by being new and forward-looking, bold and confident. 

Kris Marshall fits snugly into the David Tennant mould. He’s a mid-40′s, slightly quirky, slightly good-looking white man. He’s the definition of a no-confidence, safe choice. If he’s cast, we’ll be looking at a show trying desperately to recapture the storming mainstream populism of the Tennant years, which ended nearly a decade ago. We’ll be looking at a show intent on looking back instead of looking forward. We’ll be looking at a show, and a showrunner, who is more pre-occupied with finding a casual audience than it is with telling new, creative stories. And that’s something to be sad about, I think. Given what Doctor Who is. Given its optimism, its boldness, its dependance on change and renewal and moving on, I really, truly, do.

Also, he would be the 13th white man to play the doctor in a row and after 54 years and multiple seasons of increased diversity, representation, and set-up from Steven Moffat for a female Doctor (River Song, Clara’s arc, Missy, The General’s regeneration, literally the whole of World Enough and Time/The Doctor Falls), it would be not only thematically inconsistent, but an utter shame for Chibnall to throw that all away at the start of what he claims to be a “bold new era”. 

Dolphin and Shark of the multiverse

Got the idea from a friend and thought it would be a cute thing to do~ n.n

It’s not much, but I at least wanted to do something for @lyoth737′s and my anniversary. One year has gone by so fast! <3

Shouldn’t have used crayons when I have no clue how to use them but ehh. Especially because it’s so rushed, gaaah More practice is needed.