Morning Prayer

This is it–this is all I have of my original morning prayer. It is also a short bit of a scene from my very first ever novel, Isendeni Station. I wrote IS for NaNoWriMo in 2002, and some folks have in fact read it, but not very many.

I’ve cleaned up the pronouns–this is the first thing I wrote in this universe and where I discovered that just assigning genders and pronouns wasn’t working for me. I’ve cleaned up one or two referent problems that fixing the pronouns created, but not all of them, so it still reads a bit sloppily.

Justice of Ente is, indeed, the Justice of Ente that was at Shis’urna–but this takes place during the outbreak of civil war, so it’s set 20 years later and Skaaiat is long gone and working at Omaugh Palace. 

Seimet is Translator Seimet Mianaai, Emissary to the Presger, and a character I so loved writing. One of my regrets on trunking this novel was packing her away. I hope I can use her for something in the future. 

This is from almost the end of the book. The two speaking characters in this scene, plus several units of soldiers off Justice of Ente, are waiting for the beginning of a pitched battle on the concourse of the station.

The shape she sensed beside her was silent. A whisper started at one far end of the concourse and came stuttering along its length. The flower of justice is peace. The flower of propriety is beauty in thought and action. In a series of lurches the prayer settled itself into a whispered unison. The flower of benefit is Amaat whole and entire. It was steadying, it anchored her to the spot where she knelt, her own lips were moving involuntarily along with the others as the wave passed over her. She began the next line, but suddenly had a vision of Niust saying I am the sword of justice properly wielded, wet with the blood of the wicked, as she surely had nearly every morning of her adult life, like any other soldier, and the words died in her throat. My armor is righteousness and my weapon is truth, continued the whisper. The flower of justice is peace

“She should have received treatment,” said Seimet’s voice beside her. “Niust ordered otherwise. That kind of self-interest is so easily manipulated. And no family, no house to take offense, no one to complain.”

Who should have received treatment? She frowned, bewildered for a few moments, not even sure how to frame a question. Then the words Niust and no house found purchase. She meant Erkard. Her throat tightened painfully, adding itself to the ache of her face. There is no beginning without an end, whispered the voices. “Why do you care? Why are you telling me this?”

“Niust had years to work on her,” Seimet’s low voice continued, as though she hadn’t spoken. “Captain Toross had only five, to undo what she had done, to do what should have been done in the first place, and do it so Niust would never find a trace of it. Toross did what she could. Lieutenant Erkard didn’t report anything when she arrived on Justice of Ente. She was sent to interrogation, and spent weeks in re-education. She has no memory of it." 

The flower of benefit is Amaat, whole and entire. There is no motion without stillness… "How do you know this?”

“The moment I saw her I knew there was something wrong. Niust, favor a self-absorbed, houseless nobody? It wasn’t possible. I watched, and drew my own conclusions, and I reported what I found, myself, to the Lord of the Radch. The rest, your administrator told me. She had it from Captain Toross.” The flower of justice is peace… “Re-education, you may know, isn’t just a question of a few procedures in Medical, especially for cases like this. The places, the people around her were carefully chosen.”

Twenty, on the docks, declaring We’ll stake our lives on it. Erkard’s face, like a mask, her voice asking What do you get? The muted, warm brown sparkle of the strand of chrysolites across her chest and Elaai’s tear-laden voice, How could she do that to you? She was in danger of coming unmoored again, she knew it, and tried to grab onto one coherent thought. “Why do you care? Why are you saying any of this?” There was no answer, just the last few susurrant phrases of prayer. Her face was hurting more than it had a few moments before, and she realized she was clenching her teeth. She forced them apart. “You’re just like Niust,” she whispered into the fresh silence. “You’re better than common, vulgar Citizens. Your agenda, your needs, matter more than theirs, more than even their lives.”

“Yes,” Seimet said, “I am, and they do. They matter more than my own life. More than yours. You understand this.”

There will have been at least four verses (the “flower of justice is peace” etc is a refrain) that will have gone “there is no light without darkness/motion without stillness/beginning without ending/existence without non existence” I honestly thought I wrote those out, but perhaps I didn’t. (Also, yes, those are in the wrong order, sorry.)

I was introduced to Substantial’s music when I heard his first album “To This Union…” That ultimately started my path down the “i wanna make beats” road.

Both producers who worked on that fateful album 15 years ago are now gone. Nujabes in 2010 and Monorisick (DJ Deckstream) last week. I don’t have much to say other than their absence will be noticed…is already noticed, and that their legacy will live on through those they impacted. I put together a mix of my favorite Deckstream tracks for those who aren’t familiar with his work. Play it loud enough for the heavens to hear it.

Rest in peace.

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What are some other great Batman animated films like Under the Red Hood?

Most of DC’s animated films are actually pretty good, with the exception of their more recent movies (unfortunately their quality has really gone downhill over the past few years). I highly recommend:

  •  Mask of the Phantasm (tie-in with B:TAS)
  • Under the Red Hood
  • The Dark Knight Returns Part II and Part II
  • Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker
  • Justice League: Doom (Batman plays a huge role in it)
  • Batman: Year One
  • Gotham Knights
  • Assault on Arkham

But I’d also like to suggest checking out some of their non-Batman animated works, like Green Lantern: Emerald Knights and Superman: Doomsday. :D


                                    Follow Forever Bundle

Yes I have finally reach a mile stone on all my girls so I have decided to make this bundle. I don’t follow all the same people on these account so there will be four more of these to come XD

Special thanks to:

Annalis ( vivat-dolohov ): For being the best friend a girl can have. We have been talking for years and it hardly seems like any time has gone past. I can tell you anything and it is great to know you feel the same. All started on BH and snowballed from there and I am so happy that Avi dragged my butt onto there. I love the Christmas cards I get every year and I have no idea what I would have done without you, One day I am gonna hop on a plane then you case and I will paint the whole of New York red…maybe take a trip to Canada XD. Thank you for always being there for me.

Casey ( deranged-lestrange ): No words can describe how much of a friend you are to me. It is insane how things came together and even when things got insane we still stuck together and produced our healthy Strangegrass (ok so not so healthy but brilliant all the same) but I am grateful everyday that we talk more than just about rp stuff but about stuff going on in our lives. You are one of the strongest people I know Case never forget that you can push through anything life throws at you and when you aren’t feeling so strong I am here to back you up.

Below are people I have rped with or admired from afar (stalked yep that is the correct term). Anyway follow these RPer they are very good at their craft <3

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Hey everyone!! Kylie here :) I have had a crazy lot going on lately with job transitions (including my new university teaching job!!) so I haven’t been on here as much as I wish I could be, but it would mean the world to me if ya’ll would be willing to help me out.

My 24th birthday is exactly one week from today (Wed Sept 9), and I’m seeing Taylor for the SIXTEENTH time exactly 8 days later in Columbus, OH (Thurs Sept 17). This will be my third and final time seeing the 1989 Tour!

Out of all these times I’ve gone, out of my nearly nine years of loyal fandom, I have still (like many of us) never met Taylor, or been noticed by her online. I can’t be as active on here as I’d like as I have mentioned before but I ALWAYS go all out for her shows (creep my blog to see haha). For example, in July, my friends and I drove 15 hours total to Gillette stadium and were so proud of our costumes but there wasn’t a loft that night (I think).

If anyone would be willing to reblog this, or any of my other posts leading up to my birthday or the show - that would be amazing. Obviously my ultimate goal is to meet Taylor one day (I’m bringing a flash drive again hoping I can find someone this time / it has a letter to Tay AND my master’s degree thesis which I wrote about her on it), but even a birthday wish would make my life.

Thanks for all that you do swifties, I hope to be in touch with you all more often soon when things (maybe) settle down! And taylorswift I’ll see you very soon!

Even if Richard's initial motive [In marrying Anne] was to acquire or control Anne’s property, he appears to have grown genuinely fond of her during their years together. They had gone through Anne’s kidnapping by Clarence and her rescue by Richard, the birth and death of their child, as well as many other triumphs and crises. They appeared to enjoy each other's company and were often together, much more so than most royal couples.

Royal Blood- Bertram Fields.

Or you know him laying the law down on all the Richard and Anne skeptics 

So ya girls probably moving back to Newcastle in five weeks. Mental. Dunno where the year has gone, but so glad I made the move to London - for so many reasons. I’ll be back in January. The work is here, it’s just a shame my friends from home are not. I’ve got the most supportive team in the world, and the friends I’ve made at work are stellar, but I’ve really struggled with not having a support system here.

Just gonna keep doin’ life at the moment. Hope you’re all well x

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She's not vegan. It's bullshit. 1.) paper mag was released 11 weeks ago stating miley had gone vegan the year before. 34 weeks ago on instagram, miley posts eating mcdonalds on new years day and had been photographed doing so since 2.) Miley is doing a collab with MAC, they are owned by Estee Lauder - they test on animals.

From what I’ve seen on her instagram, she’s eating plant-based, but yeah…working with animal-tested MAC products is so shitty. I hate that these celebrities make veganism look bad. 

IsraAID sending team to help refugees in Europe - ‘After what we suffered in the Holocaust 60 years ago, how can we not help tens of thousands seeking refuge from wars in the Middle East and Africa?’ - 3 September 2015

Streams of desperate refugees flooding Europe from the Middle East, Asia and Africa will soon get a helping hand from IsraAID , a non-profit, non-governmental organization founded in Israel in 2001 to bring lifesaving disaster relief and long-term support wherever needed.
“We are running a campaign with the goal of inspiring the Jewish people and Israel to help the hundreds of thousands of refugees washed up on the shores of Europe,” says IsraAID Director Shachar Zahavi.
The current refugee crisis in Europe is considered the largest since World War II. Vast numbers of displaced people fleeing war and economic chaos are attempting to reach southern European shores by boat, road and rail, with often fatal results.
According to the United Nations, more than 2,500 migrants and refugees have died or gone missing this year while crossing the Mediterranean Sea. The most recent tragedy occurred this week in Turkey, when the bodies of Syrian refugees Aylan Kurdi, 3, and his brother Galip, 5, washed ashore after their overcrowded dinghy capsized on its way to Greece. Their mother also perished.

The beginning of a tsunami

“What’s happening in Europe right now is the beginning of a tsunami,” said Professor Arnon Soffer, head of the Chaiklin Chair in Geostrategy at the University of Haifa, who claims that the Middle East is deteriorating as population growth, water scarcity and climate change take their toll. “It is not a short affair that will pass quickly – we are witnessing the beginning of a mass migration, such as the incursions of the peoples of the sea or the Huns.”
Zahavi is confident that enough funds will be forthcoming for him to send an initial four-person aid delegation in the next few days to Greece and possibly to Italy. Zahavi tells ISRAEL21c that he hopes enough donors will respond to the appeal in order to send additional volunteers to help manage the European migrant crisis currently overwhelming several countries.
Though some nations, most notably Germany, have been taking in tens of thousands of refugees, other countries are reluctant to admit them, and as a result there have been demonstrations and violent incidents.
“Last year we did a program with the Bulgarian Red Cross dealing with Syrian refugees who crossed over their border,” Zahavi says. “Now the situation is getting 10 times worse, if not more, and we believe that our experience in places such as Iraq, Jordan and North Africa gives us an advantage in helping them deal with this crisis. We understand the refugee mentality and that allows us to communicate how to reduce the level of violence on the part of the refugees on the one hand, and on the other to help the authorities in Italy, Bulgaria and Greece cope better with absorbing the refugees.”
Zahavi says IsraAID intends to work in partnership with three types of agencies on the ground in each country: the local NGO sector, local Red Cross and both national and regional government officials.

Greece and Italy first

“Our main focal point right now is Greece and Italy. We’re also looking secondarily at Bulgaria, where the crisis is growing again, and at Hungary, a stopover for many refugees trying to reach Germany,” says Zahavi.
“First we’ll tend to psychosocial needs and then we’ll do an assessment of physical needs, and purchase food or non-food items in the areas where we’re working. We need to buy locally to make sure efforts are coordinated and we don’t bring stuff from Israel that we’d just have to bring back afterward.”
As far as he knows, no other Israeli NGO is currently operating in Europe to help the migrants. However, Zahavi is in touch with the Israeli Foreign Ministry’s European department in an effort to enlist the help of Israeli ambassadors to European countries in reaching out to Jewish communities for donations.
“We’d like to motivate European Jews to take part in a Jewish-Israeli humanitarian aid mission,” he says. “We’re talking about Yazidis, Christians, Muslims, Africans — a massive amount of people crossing the borders seeking refuge from countries in a state of war.
“I think Jews have a responsibility, after the Holocaust in Europe only 60 years ago, to get involved and actually become leaders in this. We know, more than others, what happened when countries wouldn’t accept Jewish refugees of atrocities,” says Zahavi, who has been involved in disaster relief for more than 25 years.
Contributions can be given online at IsraAID’s website. Tax receipts are available for donors from the US and UK.

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For indecisive name anon: I've been out as trans/nb for about a year and have gone through... 5 names, and am now trying out a 6th one. It can take a loooong time. And hell, it's okay to change your name on a daily basis just because you feel like it. Try out all the names you want. I find it's good to try them out on social media first, then ask your closest friends to change the name they call you by. So yeah!

Thanks for the advice!



Images from when I hit a school bus two years ago. I don’t know why I’m sharing it and I didn’t feel like putting it on freedomamericanale and I don’t even know what to say here.

I guess if your just starting out driving be real careful and pay attention, you don’t ever need to be in a rush and almost lose your life because your worried about missing a test and being late to school. Always stay safe and clean your mirrors and windshield and take extra care of your engine and its fluids.

It really and truly seems so long ago and not two years back. It was funny that i was gone for three months and no one other than my two buddies really knew i was gone or really cared at all. Some people made jokes about the crash and others were blown away and said i had balls for going through it all…well one person said that, no one else said much. Try your hardest not to dwell on things and just enjoy life and make good decisions, when people say stay off drugs just listen and try not to end up in jail and neglect a daughter like my cousin. Try your hardest in school and go to college or the military because even though you may have a lot of plans in your head, once you step out into the real world things change quickly. You may lose a lot of friends or even hurt people along the way even if your don’t mean it but don’t dwell on the past and try and find good honest trust worthy friends you can depend upon because you never know when you’ll really need them. If you want to learn to drawn or play an instrument you should set some time aside each day and try your heart out because you might actually enjoy it and make something of it.

I hope someone reading this can stand my rambling and find something to gain from this, just try not to get bored or lonely at night like i don’t, but you know just take care of yourself and I’ll have pictures back running Friday morning.

     ( cough, cough clears my throat ) ! a) the connections can be with old or new members,. b) it has to be a new connection, it can be with someone that your muses have plotted / connected with at one point or the other ( although i highly encourage reaching out with people your muse has yet to connect with ), BUT it has to be on a different spectrum of a connection i.e if you’ve plotted that your muses are friends, you can’t just make a connection that they’re going to become best friends in the future …. that’s not a go ! and c) by past, present, or future, that means your connection can be at any given moment. something that happened before prove; something that’s going to start soon, or something that won’t happen until years down the road when everyone’s moved out & gone on about their life ! i hope that this cleared up some confusion, if not, just shoot me a message, and i’ll try my best to explain better !

i just realized that on august 21st, i hit two months clean. it’s so weird to say that because ever since i relapsed, i stopped counting my days of sobriety. prior to the relapse, i had gone five years without drugs and so when i went down the rabbit hole again, i was so disappointed in myself that even the thought about having to restart the count of sober days seemed pointless. but i should be proud. i should be proud of myself for standing back up and taking control of my recovery.