I will begin with saying I’m sorry this is so short, but I didn’t have time to write much. Then I will proceed to let myself congratulate @macremme, for it is her birthday. And lastly I will add my birthday gift to this wonderful person: a very short drabble that I hope you’ll appreciate even it it’s quite poor state… (ao3

Harry was freaking out completely. Today was the fourth of June. That meant that tomorrow it was the fifth - Draco Malfoy’s birthday. Also, it was two minutes ’til midnight meaning that there was only two minutes left until the day in which Draco turned twenty begun. And even though that wasn’t a surprise - quite the opposite in fact, as Harry had been getting ready for it since the Christmas and New Year’s Celebrations - he still felt incredibly unprepared for this. Almsot half a year had gone by, yet Harry had found nothing to give the blond. So now, he paced back and fourth his empty flat (he hadn’t bothered making it very comfortable as it didn’t feel like the home he had found at Hogwarts anyway) in the middle of the night, too worried to be able to sleep.

A rush sounded through the room, letting Harry know that his Floo had been activated.

“I knew I would find you here still awake,” drawled Draco as Harry turned towards the sound and found the other man elegantly striding through the fireplace.

“What is that supposed to mean?” Harry asked defensively. He was way too nervous and worked up to bother speaking politely.

“That is supposed to mean that I know you well enough to know you’d be worried sick over my birthday and my birthday party, Potter,” Draco said, and even though the words would’ve worked well with a haughty and posh voice, Draco’s tone was just soft. “And so I came here to tell you to lay it off, take a breath. You needn’t worry about the party and my Slytherin friends. It’ll be fine.”

He came to touch Harry’s arm reassuringly and Harry let out a breath he hadn’t known he was holding.

“But I haven’t gotten you anything,” Harry muttered before he let himself be embraced by Draco’s strong arms. “I couldn’t find anything that was perfect enough.”

“Oh, Harry, haven’t you gotten it into that thick head of yours that your presence alone is more than I’ll ever ask for?” Draco smiled. Slowly, Harry rose his head to meet Draco’s gaze. Curiously, he searched those grey eyes for some sort of explanation of what was happening and why, but all he found was a softness he could lay down on and suddenly he felt safe and sure again. He felt loved. Without even realizing he was doing it, Harry leaned closer (though he had to tip up on his toes a bit to reach the right height) and placed a tentative yet loving kiss on the tip of Draco’s nose. Draco’s face cracked as a smile split it, creating small dimples in his cheeks and something sparkled in his eyes.

“I believe I’m proved wrong,” Draco mumbled, half closing his eyes, making him look all dazed. “There is something more I do ask for.”

Then they were one. There wasn’t much but the heat and love and security that Harry remembered the next morning when he woke up with Draco sleeping safely in his arms.

anonymous asked:

do you think "future" Fitz will find out about Jemma dying in the past eventually? I mean I know "future" Jemma wont die but just wondering if you think if that will come to light.

Hi Anon,

From where they are in time currently the entire team has been dead and gone for years.  Daisy and Mack didn’t make it to the Lighthouse.  They never revealed what happened to Coulson.  

If he somehow does learn the how it could upset him just as Jemma learning how Fitz died here could upset her.  But it doesn’t really matter.  From the Flashbacks Fitzsimmons and May lived for years after the earth was destroyed. Jemma didn’t die until well into that timeline.  The lives I can see the team being more concerned with will be Coulson’s as he was never so much as mentioned in the flashbacks and Daisy since she didn’t seem to survive going into that building.   

Also at this point the only way anyone will know their counterparts fates is if its in one of Robin’s drawings.  The Flashback Fitz said Robin told him, didn’t give him a picture.  

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Ok Mulder’s depression got worst so she leave him, I believe they have had sex a few times but only a few... but then she is like no more sex I need to get away I need Mulder to get better, this is no good for both of us, this is my personal opinion, This means that they haven’t have sex in 2 years? And plus one wast their first time after no sex in years? I’m lost... I would love to read you point of view (Sorry for my English)

Nothing in Plus One leads me to believe it HAS to be the first time since their breakup. Maybe they’ve been sleeping together on cases sometimes and Scully’s trying to put a stop to it?

I don’t think it’s implausible that they’ve gone years without, though. I mean they’ve done it before. I’m seeing it as their first time, but that’s just me.

Interpret it how you wish, I’d say!

Feb 13. Happy 1 Year Anniversary, Zombietale.

Who wants to hear a funny story about the US Post Office?

Well, you’re going to get TWO.  BECAUSE THIS WAS MY DAY.

Now, I keep my PO box year round, but most of the year, I check it like, once a month to clear out the grocery circulars.  I get a letter or two any month not immediately surrounding Christmas/my birthday.

For this reason, despite my tiny tiny mailbox, my Post office does not ever give me a box key.  They only have like, twelve parcel pickup slots, and they can’t waste one on me, if I’m never going to show up.  Instead, they put a yellow “You’ve got Big Mail!” card in my box, and when I come in, I bring it to the front counter, and they get my package from the back.

This…  Is important.

So, this is the time of year when I visit at least twice a week, and the last few weeks before Christmas, every other weekday to clear out anything in my box.  But this year, I’ve gone in to find maybe one or two cards waiting for me the entire season.  Which is way, WAY down from what I got last year.

So this week, I’d pretty much given up.  I hadn’t gone all week until today, choosing to drop my cards off before work rather than waste my lunch break driving over for no reason.  Today, I go in, I find the usual like, three cards waiting, and plod back out to the parking lot.

As I’m getting to my car, someone drives up next to me and rolls down the window.  It’s the guy who usually works mornings.  He’s been gone by the time I get home, but he knows me, at least a bit.  And he leans out of his car and says, “I don’t want to be rude, but you’ve got to pick up your stuff, it’s getting out of control.”

Me: (stares blankly at him) What stuff?

Him: The stuff in the back.

Me: (very slowly) There wasn’t a slip.

Him: (stares blankly at me)

Me: (stares blankly back)

Him: (puts car in reverse, rolls back into the employee lot, gets out of his car, and strides back into the post office)

At this point, I’m just confused, but I’m willing to roll with it.  I go inside after him, just in time to see him coming out of the back with a literal rolling bin of mail.

It’s all my mail.

Because they got a new sorter, who knew I didn’t come in often.  And she started stacking stuff up, with the assumption that there was ALREADY A SLIP IN MY BOX.  Because why wouldn’t there be?  I don’t come in.  Like.  At all.

So all this time, only the late deliveries have been making it into my box.  The main mail shipment, she’s been putting EVERYTHING INTO THE BIN.


Story 2, best told by a sequence of texts from Sam as he attempts to track his Christmas present which I mailed him two weeks ago.

And that was my day of FUN WITH THE US POSTAL SERVICE.

1. You have that one big goal in mind that seems pretty much unreachable from where you are right now? Set yourself small goals along the way. It’s satisfying to know you’ve taken another step towards your main goal, even if that step was a small one.
2. If you like someone, tell them. If you struggle to find the right words, show them instead. Make time for them. Listen to them. Choose them with everything you have. It’s the small gestures that mean so much.
3. Do more of what makes you happy - such a generic phrase, yet it holds so much truth. If there is something you are passionate about, something that makes your heart race, no matter what it is, pursue it. Don’t ever give up on your dreams.
4. Forgive yourself for mistakes you made in the past. Every decision that seems like a wrong one at the start could lead to something that changes your life for the better, never forget that.
5. The perfect time to start is right now. Not tomorrow, not in a month, not in a year. Procrastination is tempting but it’s also toxic. If there is something, anything in this world that makes your pulse race and you’ve been scared to pour your whole heart into it, start now. Don’t wait because the beginning seems scary. It is. It always is. Take the first step.
6. Take your time to heal. If you’re ready to move on in a month, it’s okay. If a year has gone by and you still can’t figure out how to let go of your past, it’s okay. Know that time is a vital factor when it comes to healing wounds - and every person needs a different amount of time.
7. Give yourself more credit. Think back to where you were years ago, recall your worries and fears from that time and acknowledge how far you’ve come. You are incredibly brave, never forget that.
8. Think of something you’ve always been too scared to do - then do it. There is nothing that makes you prouder than conquering your fears.
9. Being kind is a choice. Consciously decide to be a good person - it doesn’t mean you won’t have bad thoughts, that you won’t mess up or that you don’t get to be selfish sometimes. But you have the power to decide what kind of person you want to be today. Be the person that makes the world a little brighter, not the one who darkens someone else’s light to push themselves to the fore.
10. If someone wants to be a part of your life, they’ll fight for it. If they miss you, they’ll call. If they want to keep you at their side, they’ll show you. And if they don’t, if they keep messing up and take you for granted, you’re probably better off without them.
—  10 things to keep in mind for 2018 / n.j.

No one’s ever really gone… One year ago Carrie Fisher drowned in moonlight, strangled by her own bra. She was one of the strongest women ever, an inspiration to so many. She played one of the most iconic roles in movie history and became a real life role-model

You will always be in our hearts Carrie and we miss you every day. Thank you for all the wonderful memories, for teaching us so many important things, for being someone to look up to. May the force be with you. Always ♥️