KARLIE KLOSS: SUPER MODEL: Conquering fashion and crushing tech - photography: Carter Smith - styling: Bill Mullen - hair: Harry Josh - makeup: Hung Vanngo - manicure: Casey Herman - text: Laura Brown - INStyle June 2017

“Almost 10 years in, her modeling career has encompassed more runways han JFK, more covers than a ….cover band, and more campaigns than some presidents. Kloss is two years into Kode with Klossy, her 10-city (and growing) program to inspire young girls to learn coding and enter the tech world.”

  • featured: Giambattista Valli Haute Couture silk gown. Manuel Albarran steel neck piece & arm pieces. Elie Top necklace & cuffs. Christian Louboutin leather sandals.

René Gruau was a fashion illustrator whose portrayal of design through painting and distinctive efficient line work has had a lasting effect on the fashion industry.

Born Renato Zavagli Ricciardelli delle Caminate in Rimini, Italy, on 4 February 1909, Gruau was the son of an Italian count but instead of following in his father’s footsteps as a royal military commander his passion and inclination for arts led him to a love and pursuance of fine arts. When René’s mother, Maria Gruau, a French aristocrat, and his father separated when he was three. He moved to Paris with her and then took his mother’s last name.  At 14, Gruau began to support his mother and himself by selling drawings to the Milanese fashion journal Lidel. Gruau became one of the best known artists of the haute couture world during the 1940s and 50s working with an assortment of high-style magazines.

and you know why this happens? Because we’re the rest of the world’s entertainment park and simultaneously their laughingstock. They come to our cities and lounge wherever they please, break our works of art, throw their garbage wherever they want, eat our food and then are like “hurr durr hamburgers are better”, salivate over and fetishize our men and women, but then dismiss our accomplishments, boil us down to mafia and regressive politics and imagery from the 60s (despite our successes in engineering, arts, literature, agriculture, architecture, astrophysics, the fact that we’re world leaders in the world of couture, etc) and refuse to help us when we’re dealing with problems THEY provoked.


René Gruau (1909 – 2004) was a French fashion illustrator of Italian origin whose exaggerated portrayal of fashion design through painting has had a lasting effect on the fashion industry.
He became one of the best known and favorite artists of the haute couture world during the 1940s and 50s.
Gruau’s artwork is recognized and commended internationally in some of Paris and Italy’s most prestigious art museums including the Louvre. In addition to his international fame and recognition, “Gruau’s artwork is known for its timeless and enduring style”


Ummmmmmmm so this happened!!! Can’t believe that they were so kind to use some of my pieces in the SCHIAPARELLI HAUTE COUTURE SHOW!!!!! Beyond even my wildest dreams, the collection was incredible. Two pieces were incorporated into the most incredible biker jackets deluxe by Bertrand Guyon, who masterfully walked a line between reverence and relevance and made me the happiest embroiderer in the world :)))))

Functions as Stuff I Like

Ne: Neon signs, trains at night, jumping off of high places, laughing too hard to finish a joke, waking up in the middle of the night to write something down

Fe: When someone you respect goes in for a hug, not being able to sleep from excitement, colorful sodas, smiles in passing, making instant connections

Se: Top-of-the-world views, making sweatpants look couture, 50 group text conversations, salty air at the beach, expensive meals

Te: Feeling the weight of a heavy watch, that one really nice blazer, the feeling of satisfaction in exhaustion 

Ni: Sitting on rooftops, daydreaming outside, being the only one entrusted with a secret, talking about big plans, realizing your strengths

Fi: Falling asleep on a skype call, puppies that instantly like you, finishing a great book and not knowing who you are anymore, 

Si: Finishing puzzles, blanket forts, telling stories around a fire, colorful notebooks, pearl necklaces

Ti: 100 tabs open, falling asleep on a book, driving at night, friends with common passions, acing a last minute project

The Reine Makéda necklace

Every Cartier creation begins with a stone. In this case, an elongated oval ruby from Mozambique weighing 15.29 carats. It’s a jewel that seems to have a beating heart, resplendent in every aspect of its substance, its rich color and its powerful, glittering fire.

The notion behind this necklace is that of a “second skin”, its sense of poise taken from the world of couture. In the great Cartier tradition of transformable jewellery, the ruby choker can be detached so that the necklace can be worn in a number of ways.


Hockey Imagines

Jonathan Toews: Apologize 

Michael Latta: Home

Brendan Gallagher: Sickness and Feelings

Jake Virtanen: Bad Game 

Jamie Benn: Surgery 

Jake Virtanen: Too Late Part 2 Part 3

Alex Galchenyuk: The Game

Reilly Smith: You’ll Never be Alone

Jonathan Quick: Next Year

Jamie Benn: Stress

Brendan Gallagher: Does He Still Love Me

Jamie Benn: Childhood Love

Brandon Sutter: Angry After a Loss

Jake Virtanen: World Juniors

Brendan Gallagher: Jealous

Logan Couture: Boxing Day

Tyler Seguin and Jamie Benn: Let Me Fix You

Jake Virtanen: Decorating the Christmas Tree

Sidney Crosby: Hot Cocoa

Alex Galchenyuk: Cheering Up

Brendan Gallagher: Fight

Jamie Benn: Stay the Night

Jamie Benn: Anniversary

Jamie Benn: Fight

Tyler Seguin: Jealous

Brendan Gallagher: Proposal

Jamie Benn: Haircut

Jonathan Toews

Jake Virtanen

Brandon Sutter: Halloween

Brendan Gallagher: Cuddles

Jamie Benn