New Assignment: Go see The Fault in Our Stars

We’re only sort of kidding.

No new assignment video this week, because, er, we want you to go see The Fault in Our Stars movie instead. 

And if that’s not your thing (or it’s not out where you live), watch an art documentary instead! There are tons of good ones, and luckily many of them are available through streaming services. I recommend The Woodmans (2010), Herb & Dorothy (2008), and if you haven’t seen it there is of course Exit Through the Gift Shop (2010), which is utterly fascinating and should probably be the subject of an entire video one of these days. 

We’ve been out and about traveling to film new episodes and will be releasing a fantastic new assignment next week that will be great to do during summer travels (or summer lolling about the house). 

Sometimes the best way to generate new ideas for art is to do nothing art related at all. So take the week to relax, read a book, watch a movie, catch up on previous assignments, or whatever it is you do to replenish the creative stores.