“A thousand years or more ago,
When I was newly sewn,
There lived four wizards of renown,
Whose name are still well-known:
Bold Gryffindor from wild moor,
Fair Ravlenclaw from glen,
Sweet Hufflepuff from valley broad,
Shrewd Slytherin from fen.
They share a wish, a hope, a dream,
They hatched a daring plan,
To educate young sorcerers,
Thus Hogwarts school began.
Now each of these four founders
Formed their own house, for each
Did value different virtues,
In the ones they had to teach.
By Gryffindor, the bravest were
Prized far beyond the rest;
For Ravenclaw, the cleverest
Would always be the best;
For Hufflepuff, hardworkers were
Most worthy of admission;
And power-hungry Slytherin
Loved those of great ambition.
While still alive they did divide
Their favourates from the throng,
Yet how to pick the worthy ones
When they were dead and gone?
‘Twas Gryffindor who found the way,
He whipped me off his head
The founders put some brains in me
So I could choose instead!
Now slip me snug around your ears,
I’ve never yet been wrong,
I’ll have alook inside your mind
And tell where you belong!”
― J.K. Rowling

Actual conversations in D&D: #01

(This was an early 3.5 game.)

DM: “You walk into a room filled with darkness–”

Wizard: “I cast ‘Magic Missile’ on 'the darkness’.”

*Rest of the part cracks up laughing*

Rogue: (out of character) “Y'know, he may have something there. I mean, magic missile is a guranteed hit. It can’t miss according to the PHB. Just check the spell list.”

Cleric: (out of character) “He’s right. *reads the spell description verbatim from the PHB*. See, it can’t miss under any circumstances.”

DM: *sigh* “Can we just forget this and move on?”

Wizard: (out of character) “No, I want to know what happens!”

Rogue: (out of character) “C'mon, tell us!”

Cleric: (out of character) “Might as well play it out. See what happens.”

Fighter: “I’m going to make sure that I’m as far away as possible 'before’ this crap goes on.”

DM: “The fighter smartly stays out of the way. The wizard fires off his 'Magic Missile’ at 'the darkness’. Your spell impacts what seems to be thin air but suddenly you see the very fabric of space and time being torn apart creating a miniature singularity that begins sucking in all matter around it.”

Wizard: (out of character) “Oh f***! Did I just create a black hole?!”

Cleric & Rogue: (out of character) “Oh shit!”

DM: “The singularity pulls you all into its crushing grasp and slowly consumes your whole planet, killing everyone and everything. You all die. The world dies. Everything dies. Game over.”

*The table is deathly silent for a long time.*

Fighter: (out of character) “Can I roll reflex?”

DM: “No.”

Wizard: (out of character) “Uh… Can I take that back and we forget this ever happened?”

DM: “Since I put all this work into the campaign already, sure. You all retain this terrifying memory but time rewinds itself to the point just seconds before you cast the spell.
"This time something is different though. You see a note pinned to the Wizard’s collar.”

Wizard: (out of character) “Can I read it?”

DM: “Yes, it says: 'This is your only warning. Do not f*** around or be stupid with magic. Next time, we erase you. Sincerely, the Inevitable Council.”

*Long silence again.*

Wizard: (out of character): “So… Dark room, right?”

DM: “Yep, dark room again.”

Rogue: (out of character) “I’ll search for traps.”

(To this day my players constantly make the 'I magic missile the darkness’ joke.)

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Hi, I love your wizarding schools series I really do but really? Ovens? for Germany?

“In germany they constructed a number of ovens or stakes were set up to put to death those found guilty or accused of witchcraft some as young as two were burned in ovens or placed on stakes. In 1589 in one town alone 133 witches were publicly burned in just one day.” -

“An executioner at Neisse built an oven where, from 1651 to 1660, he burned to death over a thousand people suspected of witchcraft.” - Witch Trials in Germany

Is there a problem?

I just pulled a Harry Potter and stayed up until midnight to say happy birthday to myself. Unfortunately no giant came into my room to tell me I’m a wizard, but I can now legally drink alcohol so I guess it evens out. 

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idk if your gonna like this book(or the two books in the series so far) but you should read Dorothy must die. It's literally a fanfic of wizard of Oz and I really liked the first two books

I’ve heard it’s super good!

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This is the witch trying to get witchy again; I just found that dropbox of witchy texts and almost broke down in tears. I moved across country to escape an abusive homelife and had to leave 99% of my books. All I have left is The Grimoure to the Apprentice Wizard and Silver Raven Wolfs the Solitary Witch. I remember doing my year and day training and devouring book after book. I may not be able to do spell work in my current domicile but I can read again and still afford groceries. Thank you

I’m so glad I could help! If you’d like to contact me off anon, I have other references that I can arrange to send you via email or skype. :)


Had the best day EVER at Wizard World Comic Con in STL today! Girls and I cosplayed Marvel through the ages (and kicked ass tbh. Sooo many people asked for photos. It was rad). We had tickets to meet Hayley and get photos with her and I pretty much died. She and Lyndsy got lost and were like 45 minutes late (NOT EVEN EXAGGERATING) so we stood there a while. And when we took a selfie and sent it to Hayley she favorited it! We also met a rad as hell Coulson and Jemma on the way in and kept running into them and decided we probably needed a photo with them (which coincidentally came out super awesome and movie-poster-esque). Then Hayley FINALLY got there and everyone cheered and I was shaking so much when it was finally my turn I told her the complete wrong quote bc my tongue got all tangled and she kinda giggled and was like “do you mean this” and i super smoothly was like “YEAH THAT.”

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To me, the pacing of High Wizardry compared to the rest of the series seems really quick. Was this intentional?

Nope, that was just the way it came out.

ETA: Just for clarification’s sake: I don’t routinely make such creative decisions for a whole book as regards pacing. I do make them as regards the general way I’m going to treat a book’s subject matter, often (if working in a series) when considering its relationship to the book that came before and the one that will come after. (Because these days, in Young Wizards, I’m routinely working two books ahead in terms of general planning: mostly because longish intersecting character or plot arcs are being executed.) 

For me, pacing inside a given book is something born of the intersection between the character business (as it unfolds in composition) and the planned plot. I would never attempt to dictate the pacing of a whole given book in order for it to match others, or contrast against them. That would feel like both too invasive and too restrictive a way to compose – entirely too cynical and artificial a level of construction for my taste. (Not that I can’t be extremely hardnosed about what emotional reactions and other story results I intend to produce in a book, and making sure to the best of my abilities that they happen. But that kind of control is a different issue.)


Magic twins Scarla and Salgexicon!  

I have a killer headache and when I don’t feel good I generally play dress up games.  I made Scarla first, and assumed that the lack of coverage in clothing was a sexism type thing, then I realized that apparently dark wizards of any gender must be scantily clad because there weren’t many different options for Sal, either!

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Pulse Rifles are so amazing now with the damage buff, I just adore my Red Death now. But I still want Thorn, and it's REALLY fucking hard running the last strike for it by myself. I get to Phogoth and die before the needed Wizard pops. But I got The Last Word from the Prison of Elders, so, that's one hand cannon down.

I got thorn. It’s what I used to get through the trials :y and pulse rifles are just weird

Get to Know Me

I don’t always do the things I’m tagged in but I’ll for sure do this one because it’s quasi-economist who tagged me.

NAME: Snafu (it’s what I go by on the tumbles)
NICKNAMES: Snafu, Shenanigans
HEIGHT: 5′7′‘ (my mom claims I must be 5′8′‘ because I’m taller than her now but I think she’s shrunk and is now 5′6′‘. CONSPIRACY)
SEXUAL ORIENTATION: ace, so very ace
FAVOURITE COLOUR: orange, blue, yellow, green…
AVERAGE HOURS OF SLEEP: 5-7? sleep is a struggle currently
LAST THING GOOGLED: ‘man drives truck through own home‘
PLACE THAT MAKES ME HAPPY: The Wizarding World of Harry Potter
HOW MANY BLANKETS I SLEEP WITH: 1 sheet and 1 blanket, but it’s getting pretty warm for that nonsense
FAVOURITE FICTIONAL CHARACTERS: Minerva McGonagall, Mufasa, Dr. Delbert Doppler, Sherlock Holmes, the Doctor, Donna Noble…
FAVOURITE FAMOUS PERSON: Lupita Nyong’o. But also Peter Capaldi. But also Alfie Enoch. But also Dame Maggie Smith. But also Pat Troughton. But also Robin Williams. But also…
CELEBRITY CRUSH: James Corden?? I don’t really crush on people I don’t know. But I do adore the Craig who replaced my other much adored Craig. (High five if that made sense to someone.)
FAVOURITE BOOK: the HP series, the Mortal Engines Quartet (even though I’ve never reread them in adulthood), A Separate Peace, more I’m leaving out…
FAVOURITE ANIME: the original Pokemon series. my childhood.
FAVOURITE TV SHOWS: HTGAWM, Doctor Who, Arrow, Fargo, Accused, Community, Sherlock
FAVOURITE MUSICIANS/BANDS: Muse, Passenger, Josh Groban…
LAST MOVIE WATCHED: ummm… I can’t remember anything after rewatching Frozen a few weeks ago??
DREAM HOLIDAY: somewhere I don’t have to sweat involuntarily. but also somewhere I don’t have to learn how to snow.
DREAM JOB: creating/implementing programs that improve mental health awareness and access and that also destroy stigma. also also, writing fiction.
CURRENTLY WEARING: tank top and shorts and bed head
LAST BOOK READ: unfortunately for me, Some of Tim’s Stories

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