Is it weird one of my favorite things about Soulsborne is the boss names? They are always so grandiose. Like, it’s not “Lord Gwyn,” it’s “GWYN, LORD OF CINDER.” It’s not “Lady Maria,” it’s “LADY MARIA OF THE ASTRAL CLOCKTOWER.” It’s not “Queen Mytha” or even “Wicked Queen Mytha,” it’s “MYTHA, THE BANEFUL QUEEN.”

And then there’s motherfucking “Pinwheel.”


Today,Queen Elizabeth visited the Royal Manchester Children’s Hospitel, where survivors of the Manchester attack are being treated. She met a number of children who survived the traumatic incident and said to one of the girls ‘’It’s dreadful. Very wicked.’’ The Queen also admitted she thought Ariana Grande was a very good singer, saying ‘’She sounds very, very good.’’

She also thanked hospital staff who worked tirelessly to keep the children alive in the hours after the tragedy. Fourteen victims remain at the hospital, including five in critical care.