Last night was indeed an adventure.

1. Burger Records Spring Fling 2014 flyer

2. The Abigails

3. Me posing like a dork with Fletcher and Wyatt (The Garden)

4. Cobalt Cranes

5. Lovely Bad Things bass drum head

6. Lovely Bad Things ft. Blurry Tim

7. Lovely Bad Things (Happy Birthday Cameron!) lol

8. Summer Twins in all of their cute glory hehe.

9. The Garden summed up in 1 picture

10. All the goodies I got ft. Mr. Elevator & The Brain Hotel 7 in., Cherry Glazerr “Haxel Princess” cassette, Christian Death “Only Theatre of Pain” cassette, my now favorite Burger Records pin (which I traded a Bart Simpson pin for), Lovely Bad Things pin, and I snagged their setlist as well c:

I think I’m gonna start bringing my mom’s Canon camera to shows now. Last night was amazing and I just wanna document everything.

The Far-Out Art of Sigh V. Meltingstar

Sigh V. Meltingstar’s mixed-media collages give the impression of an awe-inspiring psychedelic simultaneity.  They offer an impression of the collective unconscious rioting up in an explosion of disturbing color and sparkle.  When asked, Meltingstar remarks that a major inspiration for his work is the scientific fact that “all the matter in the universe was created inside stars.  We were created inside stars.  They’re our parents.”

 The collages constellate a sense of urgent meaning which seems to envelop everything that comes within their presence.  Meltingstar’s artwork gathers up the sparkly throw-a-ways of consumer society: broken glass, Lisa Frank stickers, sequins, rhinestones, cheap plastic beads–  and out of them makes  something religiously grand.

Reclaiming discarded materials for the purpose of art isn’t a new move in the world of modern aesthetics.  What’s distinctive about Meltingstar’s work is the sense of sheer holy magnetism it achieves

Which is to say, the collages don’t look like “art” as we’ve come to know it—they look like talismans and catalysts.  They’re not decorations or entertainments.  They’re provocations with visionary energy, more like the hypnogogic prints of William Blake or the hyper-surreal canvases of Hieronymous Bosch than anything else. 

In Meltingstar’s work, there’s a force crying out “all that glitters is gold” and this force insists on the total worthiness of everything shiny and color-saturated to express the divine advent of what is both unbearably alien and dearly familiar.  

The layered and multi-dimensional collages capture with consistency and variety the intensity of life-altering night-time dreams. 

There’s an aura of fresh revelation surrounding everything Meltingstar creates. His works reference a variety of religious traditions (two collages are re-touched freak-out rainbow versions of portraits of the Virgin Mary; the Hindu monkey god, Hanuman, sits enshrined at the top of one collage, almost indistinguishable from the surrounding pantheon of Lisa Frank sticker deities around him).

Yet the mysticism imparted by the pieces speaks primarily in the emergent cosmogonic language of the grade school playground.  Specifically, in a grade school playground inflected and permeated by the demands of a primeval forest.  And really, isn’t that just what you’ve always wanted?

Sigh Meltingstar’s work can be seen during Unblurred, First Fridays at The Wherehouse, 4810 Penn Avenue.

Carolyn Elliott - Carolyn writes about dreams and other sundry magic on Love & Anarchy, teaches classes on consciousness expansion and throws rad events.  You can find her on twitter @carolynhoney.
Tracy Lee f/ Biggie - Keep Ya Hands High

I replied earlier to another Big post, about how I couldn’t find this track on YouTube, but here it is. Off of Philly emcee Tracy Lee’s debut album the Many Faces of… the homey Water had the tape, which I dubbed. It was one of many he boosted while he worked at The Wherehouse Music Store @ our local mall. That album had some cuts too.

Big rocked that second verse during a Wake Up Show free style in late 96. I have that tape in the garage sumwhere.

#hiphopcomeup 746: #KidCapri “The Tape” 1991 album off Cold Chillin’ Records - of all the times I seen this at The Wherehouse used bins in the early 2000’s for $0.95, oh how I regret not copping it. This is getting harder and harder to find. I think it’s time to break the bank on this one lol #CLASSIC #HipHop (at Rasputins)

theecholessnight asked:

5, 14, 24, 26, and 38!

5. Talk about the best birthday you’ve ever had: Ive only ever had ONE good birthday because my birthday is infamous for having HORRIBLE weather or family tragedies lol but last year was the best birthday I had cause I got to go to this Burger Records “festival” in this tiny bar that got shut down this year (RIP the wherehouse) before they got too hype and monotonous in sound. That night I got to hang out with the Garden Twins (who wished me a happy birthday on stage :3) and a bunch of other bands (the frontman for the Abigails wanted me to smoke with him and Cosmonauts but I don’t smoke cause it makes me paranoid but we still hung and they was chill) and I made out/made friends with some hot band people who invite me to shows when their in town now lmao 

14. Talk about a vacation: the one that sticks out the most is the last one I had when I went to mexico cause it made me realize how beautiful my culture is. We went to Irrapuato (sp??) which is not far where my dad’s side is from and we had to climb up a shit ton of stairs up this mountain on a small island in the middle of a lake (STAIRS AND HEIGHTS ARE TOO BIG PHOBIAS OF MINE AND NO I DID NOT GET OVER IT) and when we got to the top seeing the surrounding landscape, all the colors of the houses, the people, the boats took my breath away. That and the BEST fried charales ever were up there. I might try to do it again if we got this year. 

24. Talk about something someone told you that meant a lot: most of the things that I THOUGHT meant a lot where things my ex told me but I threw those out cause they’re worthless now but I think one of the best things anyone ever told me was something a friend of mine on here told me while she was going through a tough time and I wont say what it was but it made me realize that people don’t see me how I see myself, I’m actually as kind and loving as I try to be and it made me happy and lifted a weight off my shoulders. 

26. Talk about things you do when you’re sick: Oh god I sleep A LOT, I watch movies, am a 24/7 blanket burrito, and I write all day and all night and come up with like 60+ guitar melodies. Sometimes I even sing when I’m sick and I actually prefer it lol and more than anything I DRAW LIKE CRAZY I illustrate or do graphite portraits constantly when I’m sick. I actually spent a lot of my childhood sick and drawing which is where and how that talent grew lol 

38. Talk about songs that remind you of certain people: I think of my mother ALWAYS when I hear “This Must Be the Place” by Talking Heads because that song emobodies my mothers unconditional love for me and my sisters and my father. Wherever she is that is always going to be home. And “You are My Sister” makes me cry because it reminds me of my oldest sister, she put it on a mix for me during a rather terrible period of depression I was going through and it made me realize all the years she hated me were over and that she cared about me, and a lot of different songs by the horrors or like keaton henson reminds me of friends I have but this list would go on forever if I did this. 

Thanks Ray!!