Last night was indeed an adventure.

1. Burger Records Spring Fling 2014 flyer

2. The Abigails

3. Me posing like a dork with Fletcher and Wyatt (The Garden)

4. Cobalt Cranes

5. Lovely Bad Things bass drum head

6. Lovely Bad Things ft. Blurry Tim

7. Lovely Bad Things (Happy Birthday Cameron!) lol

8. Summer Twins in all of their cute glory hehe.

9. The Garden summed up in 1 picture

10. All the goodies I got ft. Mr. Elevator & The Brain Hotel 7 in., Cherry Glazerr “Haxel Princess” cassette, Christian Death “Only Theatre of Pain” cassette, my now favorite Burger Records pin (which I traded a Bart Simpson pin for), Lovely Bad Things pin, and I snagged their setlist as well c:

I think I’m gonna start bringing my mom’s Canon camera to shows now. Last night was amazing and I just wanna document everything.

The Far-Out Art of Sigh V. Meltingstar

Sigh V. Meltingstar’s mixed-media collages give the impression of an awe-inspiring psychedelic simultaneity.  They offer an impression of the collective unconscious rioting up in an explosion of disturbing color and sparkle.  When asked, Meltingstar remarks that a major inspiration for his work is the scientific fact that “all the matter in the universe was created inside stars.  We were created inside stars.  They’re our parents.”

 The collages constellate a sense of urgent meaning which seems to envelop everything that comes within their presence.  Meltingstar’s artwork gathers up the sparkly throw-a-ways of consumer society: broken glass, Lisa Frank stickers, sequins, rhinestones, cheap plastic beads–  and out of them makes  something religiously grand.

Reclaiming discarded materials for the purpose of art isn’t a new move in the world of modern aesthetics.  What’s distinctive about Meltingstar’s work is the sense of sheer holy magnetism it achieves

Which is to say, the collages don’t look like “art” as we’ve come to know it—they look like talismans and catalysts.  They’re not decorations or entertainments.  They’re provocations with visionary energy, more like the hypnogogic prints of William Blake or the hyper-surreal canvases of Hieronymous Bosch than anything else. 

In Meltingstar’s work, there’s a force crying out “all that glitters is gold” and this force insists on the total worthiness of everything shiny and color-saturated to express the divine advent of what is both unbearably alien and dearly familiar.  

The layered and multi-dimensional collages capture with consistency and variety the intensity of life-altering night-time dreams. 

There’s an aura of fresh revelation surrounding everything Meltingstar creates. His works reference a variety of religious traditions (two collages are re-touched freak-out rainbow versions of portraits of the Virgin Mary; the Hindu monkey god, Hanuman, sits enshrined at the top of one collage, almost indistinguishable from the surrounding pantheon of Lisa Frank sticker deities around him).

Yet the mysticism imparted by the pieces speaks primarily in the emergent cosmogonic language of the grade school playground.  Specifically, in a grade school playground inflected and permeated by the demands of a primeval forest.  And really, isn’t that just what you’ve always wanted?

Sigh Meltingstar’s work can be seen during Unblurred, First Fridays at The Wherehouse, 4810 Penn Avenue.

Carolyn Elliott - Carolyn writes about dreams and other sundry magic on Love & Anarchy, teaches classes on consciousness expansion and throws rad events.  You can find her on twitter @carolynhoney.


A stop at the #warpedtour Merch Wherehouse today. Loading up the trucks for Houston and the summer. Brand new Merch will be available at the official #warpedtour Merch tent all summer long

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 Here’s the 2nd photo to be added unto this almost dead blog. I suppose the first rewarding thing i could do is be appreciative and give thanks for a few things.

here’s a snapshot taken on my way to work. work is all i ever do now. that and sleep. the cost of living and possibly some other minor silly choices have led me here, to this spot. standing on a train platform somewhere north of the Los Angeles river, past the mountains of Griffith, somewhere closer to a strange city called Burbank. just recently i saw old footage shot on 16mm (could have been 35mm) depicting the town of Burbank in its mid stages.  i read it was filmed by a government recorder of some type, possibly somewhere in the early 30’s-40’s. i’ll tell you… there weren’t many things. mostly acres of lands, few houses. much much industrial wherehousing. the industrial machinery of a wherehouse still sitting here, well, lets just say… i know where its been. a long travel across from the Atlantic to the Pacific. 

now to add in appreciation of all things, but this time of people, I was given the pleasure of spending an evening with two wonderful individuals before the year had ended. Two people whom i know appreciate such same things about this silly funny place called California.

both very charming and talented folks pixandum and carmenalt and I spent a lovely evening at what is a local cafe to Sam and I, chatting it up around cups of coffee, taking in Carmen’s take as well as us all sharing stories of a first hand Los Angeles experience, i couldn’t ask for more. Sam and Carmen, you’re both magnificent people.

This photo is for you both.

Thank You.