Planet Sandstone, by DaniloFaria

The incredible swirls and eroded hills of the White Pocket area of the Vermilion Cliffs National Monument. This region is mostly overlooked because it sits very close to the world famous “The Wave”. Its hoodoos and rock formations are strikingly beautiful. I totally recommend a visit to the park - 4x4 is recommended for deep patches of sand. Thanks for your visits and feedback!

The Weirdos “Destroy All Music” 1977. 45 rpm. Bomp Records. B-side “A Life of Crime” and “Why Do You Exist?” Joe (and some other friends) went to see The Weirdos last night at a small club in Cudahy, WI and from all reports the band, 40 years after its initial formation during California punk’s first wave, rocked it hard. Personnel has fluctuated somewhat over the years of breakups and reunions; this iteration included forming members John and Dix Denney as well as Circle Jerks bassist Zander Schloss.

Short, brutal and fast, the 3-track 45rpm EP reflects the spirit of The Ramones and other early punks. Here is a video of The Weirdos playing “Destroy All Music” live and either the person recording the video or someone nearby gives a running commentary which hilariously comments on the audience’s ages. He then says “I know what you’re thinking as you watch it, I know what I’m thinking as I watch it; just remember this: Hitler started out as a rock-n-roll lead singer. You didn’t know that was true.” No, no I didn’t. (Um, did rock-n-roll exist in 1920′s Germany???)