Arizona, USA

Hikers walk amongst the unique U-shaped troughs of The Wave rock formation at the Coyotes Buttes North wilderness area near Page

Photograph: Mark Ralston/AF

A knight’s home


Gabriel was sitting on the shore of the ocean once again admiring the view of the waves and the rock formations “siiiggghhhh.” The knight seems to be in deep thought with his left hand he reached into his satchel and pulled out a wetstone. With his right hand he unsheathed his longsword and looked at the blade (could use a sharpened) he said mentally he rest the weapon on his lap and started running the stone across the two edges relishing in the calming peace.

“Isn’t it lovely?” 
Aye, it is. And – treacherous.
“Don’t you like it?” 
No. I mean, yes, I do. I’m really fond of that view.” 
“Despite its treachery?” 
Look. Although the waters are troubled, whatever it turns into is just admirably beautiful.

Biri Island
Northern Samar
June 2016

Photo by Led Danganan